Pic of huge flare behind MISD Performing Arts Center Barnett Shale Texas !

Eagle Ridge has just set up this flare (that black telescoping looking thing)…imagine when they haven’t used a flare in the past & what you didn’t see or smell was latent cancer risk harming you!!!!! And that red tank in the pic is a vent source too…some are called open top tanks and others are called open hatch tanks…either way they vent too! At the least Urban Drillers should be mandated to use Ventless Pressurized Flowback Tanks…oh our ordinances do ask that they use Best Avail Control Technolgies…we just don’t enforce them.. Home Rule = FAIL in the Barnett Shale!

I’m told that this is the same location as has occurred last October…heres the vid…


I’m also told that this weekend that there is to be a Methodist Hospital gig over there…well at least medical personnel will be handy?


Click here to see aerial pics of this site!


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Subject: pic of MISD Perform Art Cnter has HUGE flare set up please comment!

I ask that those from AISD receiving this Powell, Cavazos and Hogg please forward on to other school board and AISD appropriate personnel to be aware of this apparatus and NOT schedule any AISD/MISD activities at the Performing Arts Center when this activity is going on..it is bad enough that storage tanks vent invisibly 24/7 in all the schools airsheds….we must work to end and plug all these wells as its only a matter of time before the cancer clusters are showing themselves and by then it will be too late.

Here is a TCEQ infrared video of hydrocarbons coming from the storage tanks at Lake Arlington Compressor Station.

Kim Feil


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Subject: TCEQ vid when MISD Perform Art Cnter did not flare please comment!


to flare or not to flare?

to flare equals combustion and ozone precursers, & fomaldehyde for starters..
not to flare equals unseen BTEX ladened hydrocarbons, methane leaks GHG’s etc

both are carcinogenic risks for our airshed

How do we protect public health?
Kim Feil

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Da Plane Da Plane info missing from NCTCOG Frackademia presentation

Here in the DFW/Barnett Shale area, we have to reach the new federal OZONE reduction goal by 2018. The plan needs to be turned in by 2015 so we have 3 years to implement it to reach 75 ppb, but the last five years ave of 87 ppb…we’ve made no progress. If you have suggestions for how we can reduce ozone please send them ASAP to email jnarvaez@nctcog.org or call 817 608 2342.

In the past SIP neither the TCEQ or the NCTCOG Air Quality Comittee as a whole, felt that natural gas extraction activity in the Barnett Shale doesn’t need to be targeted for reductions because methane is low on the list of those chemicals highly reactive to ozone formation like NOX.

But this is TexASS and we have Frackademia money galore risking tainting real science, and it is extremely unlikely that will we ever reach a level of ozone attainment protective to public health.


Benzene at NCTCOG Sept 2012

Dr Allen, a chemistry professor from UT Austin Cockrell School of Engineering (who Rex Tillerson of Exxon just pledged $5 million to the school), gave a Barnett Shale related air quality presentation at the North Central Texas Council Of Governments to TCEQ on April 17, 2014.

Allen was appointed by our former EPA Chief to lead The Science Advisory Board back in 2012…really?…

Dr Allen started his presentation with disclosing the funding of the study which EDF was the only environmental group named. The other names I jotted down were…




Pioneer Resources,



Talisman, &


He divided the emissions into three catagories (omitting the drilling & fracking phases’ emissions)…

1) Well Completion

2) Rountine

3) Liquid Unloading

He talked about how the new EPA NSPS rules for green completions would offset the Methane emissions found from the pneumatic leaks. “Completion emissions are lower than previously estimated; Data show emissions from pneumatic controllers and equipment leaks are higher than EPA national emission projections; Estimates of total emissions are similar to the most recent EPA national inventory of methane emissions from natural gas production.”

My hand written notes show he said that these “routine type emissions” were found to be substantially understated especially for the midcontinent/Barnett Shale region when compared to other areas such as the Rocky Mountains, & Appalachians. Our Barnett Shale emissions came in second to the Gulf Coast’s unmitigated emissions.

There was mention of Chlorinated Emissions still mystifying the researchers in the quest for identifying constituents contributing to ozone creation.

As predicted, Dr Allen did NOT recommend that TCEQ adjust the State Implementation Plan (SIP) on Ozone attainment to restrict emissions from the Barnett Shale; so get ready to breathe the same o same o zone levels that are not healthy for us.

Years ago a study using air plane flyovers was undertaken, and I’m not surprised that it was (spoiler alert) a waste of money. After the meeting I had to ask Dr Allen (twice before I got an answer) if his presentation included information from the flyovers and as it turns out, it did not. He merely directed me to the study (that I still cannot find the flyover data) on the internet. Someone knowledgeable in this study commented on the flyover findings (that we thought were going to be presented) as ….

“stuff is pretty inconclusive…and old. They admit they didn’t fly on the best, most representative days, and the data they got was mostly useless.”

Allen touted that they had 20 months of data that showed no episodic huge emission events (like liquid loading) here in the Barnett Shale, but later engineer, Dick Guldi, of the Sierra Club questioned Dr Allen and found that if any emission anomalies (like this or this?)  did occur, that it is stastically buried. Here is the video of that exchange…


Rep. Lon Burnam questioned why it was reported that the state froze the funding of an agency who found a link with a recent ozone surge and fracking. Here is a quote from that link…“TCEQ-funded study, performed by the Alamo Area Council of Governments, a San Antonio-area regional planning agency, suggested a link between oil and gas drilling and a recent surge in the region’s ozone levels.”  Dr Allen deferred that (bullying?) to the state, but did offer this explanation….he said that the NOX combining with the area’s higher natural VOC’s from vegetation was why the ozone spiked. Oh pleaze give me a frackademian break!

I sat through many a NCTCOG air quality meetings, and it is and will always probably continue to be a joke as long as the city coffers are lined with gas drillers money.

Some of the people that used to sit on those committees were not chosen by the tax payers, and yet our taxes support the NCTCOG.

Some of these city council members and mayors that used to sit on these committees also vote for gas well permits “and” get to manage/dispense the revenues and participate is prior years SIP planning….what a FAIL!

It all makes for a conflict of interest at the risk and expense of our lungs to take the brutal beatings…. sadly we have no say so in this.

However the good news was that UNT presented next on how drilling is linked as a persistent factor in our DFW smog. It was a thorough explanation by Dr Kuruvilla John who mentioned NObody paid for the study and that it was student driven.


UNT’s Dr Kuruvilla John presents “An Evaluation of the Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of meterologically-Adjusted Ozone Trends in North Texas”

My camera focused on the TCEQ guy and so in the above pic, I don’t have a great pic of Dr John whose presentation was thorough in the who, what, when, where, & how the data was processed including why they teased out meterological conditions to unveil the manmade portions of ozone contributors.

He divided the info into two time frames, pre 2007 and post 2007 data, and he divided the areas studied from the fracking and nonfracking air monitored sites in North Texas. The charts clearly showed a departure from the drilling verses the nondrilling areas where the ozone was higher in drilling areas.

The Star Telegram reported of Dr John’s study…“Based on the raw ozone data, the area without natural gas production, dubbed the “non-fracking region,” reduced the number of times it exceeded federal ozone standards about 4 percent more than the “fracking region.”

Fracking refers to hydraulic fracturing, a method of completing oil and gas wells, although the majority of emissions from oil and gas production take place after a well is completed.

John said a more worrisome finding came after adjusting the readings to eliminate weather-related factors such as temperature and wind, and looking at just the period after 2008, when ozone levels rose.

Ozone concentrations increased 12 percent during the summer in the fracking region, compared with 4 percent outside it, the study found. And during winter months, ozone levels rose 21 percent in the fracking region, compared with 5 percent outside it.”


Next TCEQ gave their presentation….

I am sad to report that after the TCEQ gave their lameo presentation,

appropriately Lon Burnam had to vent on how there still are

no real NEW plans to tackle ozone precursors

delt by the huge build out of our

Barnett Shale.

Fearless Jim Schermbeck grilling the TCEQ who also addressed Dr John asking if  the 2008 success in closing the cement kilns made the data less competitive to be able to see a better correlation of Barnett Shale related emissions on ozone verses the stuff historically coming off the cement plants.

Next, an Arlington democratic candidate “COZAD”, who is running against Representative (smokey) Joe Barton, spoke about how the price of NG may play a part in how sloppy drillers can be depending in emissions releases…. Here is the COZAD video link….


Gary Stuard made a remark on teasing out meteorologically important info when the reality of global warming (methanes indirect role in ozone) that goes back to drilling’s fingerprint with their methane leaks.

Lastly, although I did not get to officially speak, here are some points that I gave to the TCEQ folks in a hand-out as citizen participation was very limited…

  • Barnett Shale created NOX especially with diesel drilling rigs have done damage in the last 7-10 years that is comparable to 1,479 years of Arlington’s General Motor’s plant NOX.
  • Our Barnett Shale 18,000 gas wells’ VOC’s also are comparable to the VOC’s GM has created over a six and half year period (before the GM plant expansion)….so I will put pressure on the TCEQ to have an ozone monitor in the Entertainment District which is downwind to the GM plant and and the Chesapeake padsites (gaswells, compressors, etc) located on GM property.
  • Methane’s warming effect (speeds up global warming) affects our ground level temps to become hotter which indirectly creates ozone. Warmer weather IS one of the factors in ozone formation…but we have a bunch of Perry appointed global warming deniers that are in leadership positions at the TCEQ…so they won’t put much stock in how methane losses are important to the SIP.
  • I also learned that fracking and other seismic rock cracking events directly create ozone. “In research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health in 2011, Grant and a research team found that tectonic stresses in the Earth’s crust send “massive amounts of primarily positive air ions into the lower atmosphere.

I did get to speak OUT at the end of the meeting on our “unknown and unregulated” synergistic pollution risk (1+1=5) to our airshed with

combinations of drill sites and compressor stations

being near other major emission sources in Arlington to include…

General Motors, 


water treatment plants, and

power plants

and I asked for an ozone monitor in our Entertainment District

…then came the crickets… and the meeting abruptly adjourned. Thats when the WFAA reporter asked me to stay for a sound bite interview which aired hours later.

After the meeting I spoke to Dr Allen because pollution levels being monitored from the sky by “da plane” are of interest lately as these “upper-end measurement” readings show how off base the EPA was at seven padsites that had emission readings taken by “da plane” in Pennsylvania. Those readings were found to have 100 up to 1,000 times more methane leaks than the EPA knew about. This was published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  Dr Allen that those readings were high because they drilled into a coalbed methane seam. The LATimes reported... “Much of the natural gas drilling in southwestern Pennsylvania goes through coal beds, which contain methane that might be leaking out, according to the study.”

I also asked Dr David Allen about how they measured what was coming off the tanks that vent..his slide show picture showed that they covered the open top tank with plastic and routed a vent hose to the ground where they point source tested it….I asked him why can’t they add a “gas buster” to that exhaust pipe? He said it would still vent, and so I said so why don’t they use the closed vent, pressurized tanks when they do this in our back yards?…he had no answer and so I said….your Cockrell school jus rec’d a $5 million Rex Tillerson pledge a few days ago!…I told him when schools take that kind of money their science is not credible”….he stared straight ahead emotionless…so I got more in his face and said the public relys on the scientists like you to protect “us” cause the politicions are bought off”…he said all they did was take the measurements and its up to us….I jumped in and said “we are busy working…we cannot compete with that kind of money influence to make changes that protect us”.…then I told him I now live less than 1/2 mile from the Chesapeake drillsite by the Cowboys Stadium but have been down wind to the gaswells at GM & UT Arlington for the last 7 years. I told him about my husband’s cancer, my nose bleeds, & my son’s endocrine disruption. I told him about the lady at the Autozone that now is on the fenceline to those storage tanks who worked there for 13 years with no migraines and itchiness until last year which was how long our drill site has been in production. Folks…I’ve come to the sad conclusion that Dr Allen isn’t human… he’s an alien that doesn’t have to live on this planet?

He can go fly (not) da plane but a kite…just like that TCEQ guy who doesn’t think ozone and fracking are a problem….


From: Chris Klaus <CKlaus@nctcog.org>
To: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 9:41 AM
Subject: RE: [BarnettShale_GassedNGastly] Methane Emissions From Gas Wells Up To 1,000 Times Higher Than Federal Estimate: Study

Should be presented tomorrow, specifically #2…


From: kim feil [mailto:kimfeil@sbcglobal.net]
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 10:13 PM
To: Chris Klaus
Subject: Re: [BarnettShale_GassedNGastly] Methane Emissions From Gas Wells Up To 1,000 Times Higher Than Federal Estimate: Study

I recall there was to be some planes fly over the Barnett Shale a few years ago and were to measure emissions and map them.

What ever became of those results?



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Free Speech a physical feat in Arlington heatwave TX.. KEEP MOVING !!

Here is link if you wish to help me file a police complaint on an outrageous request of Arlington protestors..below is my letter/complaint.

“I want to voice the complaint that in protesting on a side-walk and having to be continuously moving is unreasonable when no one is approaching. This makes for a hardship and health hazard for those handicapped and for those with asthma or COPD. It is also a health hazard  for “any” able bodied person during hot summer days.

The “Keep Moving” rule needs to be exercised only when someone is trying to pass…protesting need not be some physical feat.
Free speech shouldn’t be just for those who can withstand high temperatures and are able to keep moving…that is discrimination.

Here is a video taken of Arlington police harassing an older gentleman who was clearly not blocking the sidewalk, and yet was yelled at through a loud speaker to “KEEP MOVING YOU CAN NOT STAND STILL” at the end of this video…this is wrong.


PERSONALLY I’d protest everyday about Urban Fracking but don’t want chronic car exhaust exposures…what we need is a safe way to protest in a city sponsored forum where people do not have to be outside…if we could televise Citizen Input again, this would be a venue that would be allowing Arlington’s residents to voice opinions on record and on the internet so that other Arlington residents can be informed.

Freedom of speech in Arlington is very much on the radar of alot of concerned citizens.”

Kim Feil

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L-3 Communications = more jobs & more OZONE risk / Formaldehyde equipment flaw found

This two-fold post is about “corrosive to lungs” OZONE and about a “flaw” found in Formaldehyde testing device(s).

Our DFW area received a failing “F” grade last year by the American lung Associaton. But in particular I am worried about those multitudes of people at risk in our Arlington Entertainment District as our City Council embraces each new construction/emission ladened business with open arms while we choke on the fumes.

In learning that rocks cracking (like in fracking and seismic events) creates Ozone, I was trying to see what the animals were fleeing from in Yellowstone the other day (which turned out to be normal migration) but another national park’s Ozone reading caught my eye at 135 ppb ….


and so I called the Parks Service to see if that was gaswell emissions/ozone related, but was told that was an instrument calibration problem…then we started talking more about air testing near gas and oil extraction sites which Mr Sive has had experience in air monitoring in the Marcellus and Baken shales…I mentioned how we failed a formaldehyde test near Lake Arlington…what he told me next really troubles me…here is the first set of notes I took…

“spectromic measurements (for) absorption band of Formaldehyde frequency (looking for) base peak of water, but instrument can’t discern Formaldehyde peak from (ambient) water vapor peak”.

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Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 10:59 AM
Subject: about Formaldehyde testing (equipment flaw) at Lake Arlington/validation

I spoke with an environmental tester named Mr. Sive who is going to Houston to retrieve a useless formaldehyde tester “a $50,000 dust collector” he called it-later he said it works in a lab setting only and can be useful in teaching applications.
He said that while formadehyde is a simple molecule, it is one of the most difficult ones to take measurements on.

The reason “his/not personal property though” instrument doesn’t work in the field is that it looks for the formaldehyde water absorption feature but that is hampered in the field by such a wide backgound of ambient water vapor/humidity. Using that instrument in the field is like trying to see the impact of ten dollars worth (of water absorption?) in ten million dollars (worth of humidity?). My notes I took say “water absorption feature…pick a band of frequency of vibration of formaldehyde…the band of water continuim…can’t see the water absorption feature…trying to subtract too small an amount from a big background..that the instrument was developed using humidity independent using dry air but we have to account for water vapor which is why it only works in a lab setting”. He mentioned the Kelvin algorithm 25c verses 0c.

He was to email me a doc he worked on “Air Mass Composition & Ozone Production in Denver” which I haven’t received yet.

He was in agreement with me about the padsites near other emission sources that could be (ozone) problematic when I mentioned how our urban gaswells are near GM (and on the GM property) & near our airport.

I told him about the high formaldehyde found at Lake Arlington (that was at Houston shipyard channel levels-126 ppb)  which he said was really high. I was wondering if TCEQ used a faulty formaldehyde monitoring device like he described when they retested and did not find a formaldehyde problem. He said having padsites and compressor stations near a power plant is very subject to (unknown and untested) synergistic emissions (ozone and formaldehyde).

I mentioned how we may have a cancer cluster near Lake Arlington…someone living in the area thought that I posted a sign with a phone number to call to report cancers in that area…but it wasn’t me and they didn’t take down the phone number and the sign has since been removed…
I’m worried about the Entertainment District’s ozone I live near GM/the new GM expansion, the GM gaswells, the padsite by my house, and now I’m learning about the new L3 Communications expansion…. all of this added pollution to an already urban vehicle pollution high traffic area will build up during low wind days and mostly blow to our Entertainment District and to north Arlington/Viridian etc breathers…my kid may be working at Six Flags this summer….he already has high vanilla mandelic acid levels (abnormal adrenal response that could be symptomatic of tumor growth)…my husband just fought cancer in his lymph nodes (couldn’t find the primary)..I’ve been having blood in my nose blows regularly for months now (our gas well two blocks away has been in production one year now)…I work a part time job too exposed to dyes and formaldehydes from the garment/shoes being shipped from overseas cheapo stuff at DD’s Discounts…the lady on the fenceline to the Cowboy Stadium drillsite has worked for Autozone for 13 or 14 years now and since the new drill site, she has been itchy and has these headaches…on bad migraine days she gets visible swelling at the back of her neck, and sleep disorders. She is now seeing a doctor and never thought to tell him about the new gaswells and storage tanks…I have some of her testimony on audio tape.

How can we get ozone monitoring? I have no money to pay you but need your advice, thanks.

I think all the new emissions and the smelly stuff I have to work with have put me into yet another level of hypersensitivy to chemicals.

At what point do I just give up and find a real job and move away and forget about what I know about the risks in living in Arlington’s airshed?



From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: “don.jakeway@arlingtontx.gov” <don.jakeway@arlingtontx.gov>; “trey.yelverton@arlingtontx.gov” <trey.yelverton@arlingtontx.gov>; “cynthia.simmons@arlingtontx.gov” <cynthia.simmons@arlingtontx.gov>; “robert.cluck@arlingtontx.gov” <robert.cluck@arlingtontx.gov>; Robert Rivera <robert.rivera@arlingtontx.gov>; “robert.shepard@arlingtontx.gov” <robert.shepard@arlingtontx.gov>; “jimmy.bennett@arlingtontx.gov” <jimmy.bennett@arlingtontx.gov>; “charlie.parker@arlingtontx.gov” <charlie.parker@arlingtontx.gov>; “michael.glaspie@arlingtontx.gov” <michael.glaspie@arlingtontx.gov>; “lana.wolff@arlingtontx.gov” <lana.wolff@arlingtontx.gov>; “kathryn.wilemon@arlingtontx.gov” <kathryn.wilemon@arlingtontx.gov>; “sheri.capehart@arlingtontx.gov” <sheri.capehart@arlingtontx.gov>; “jim.parajon@arlingtontx.gov” <jim.parajon@arlingtontx.gov>
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 9:23 AM
Subject: about the L3 Communication expansion…

again our City Council approves more industry without caring about the already overtaxed airshed blowing to the Entertainment District…its bad enough that GM and its gaswells and the new GM expansion will be making ozone on crack with the added VOC’s to the already crazed out GM’s NOX of 557 tpy (before the GM expansion)…someone please get an ozone monitor in the breathing zone of the Entertainment District…thats what I thought ….crickets

———————————- break in email string—-

From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: “cklaus@nctcog.org” <cklaus@nctcog.org>
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 11:01 AM
Subject: Fw: about Formaldehyde testing(equipment flaw) at Lake Arlington/validation

Chris how can we get ozone monitoring in the Entertainment District where YOU breathe?

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: MyArlingtonTX.com <webmaster@arlingtontx.gov>
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Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 9:02 AM
Subject: MyArlingtonTX.com Daily Digest

MyArlingtonTX.com Daily Digest

AmeriCorps VISTAS Recognized for Dedicated Service
UTA Spotlight: Episode 8 is Now Available
NFL Player, Arlington Standout Helps Hometown Kids Realize Their Dreams
A Show of Support for Vandergriff Skatepark
L-3 Communications Moving to Arlington
AmeriCorps VISTAS Recognized for Dedicated Service
Posted: 10 Apr 2014 06:27 AM PDT
Members of the AmeriCorps VISTA team serving with the Arlington Reads program at the Arlington Public Library were recognized for their dedication to community service during the April 8 City Council…
UTA Spotlight: Episode 8 is Now Available
Posted: 10 Apr 2014 06:27 AM PDT
Don’t miss this week’s episode of UTA Spotlight, a weekly news update featuring broadcasting students reporting on events, projects, announcements and other key news. Here are this week’s top…
NFL Player, Arlington Standout Helps Hometown Kids Realize Their Dreams
Posted: 09 Apr 2014 11:51 AM PDT
Luke Joeckel, standout left tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has donated $125,000 to his former high school, Arlington High School. Joeckel, 22, is a 2010 graduate of the school. Arlington helped…
A Show of Support for Vandergriff Skatepark
Posted: 09 Apr 2014 09:29 AM PDT
The weekend of April 4-6 was a busy one for the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department. Multiple events were held around the City such as the Naturally Fit Exposition and River Legacy Kite…
This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now
L-3 Communications Moving to Arlington
Posted: 09 Apr 2014 08:00 AM PDT
One of the leading companies in the aircraft simulation and training industry is expanding its current operations in Arlington. Link Simulation & Training (L-3 Link), a division of L-3…


Below is a break in this above email string. Here is one response from an environmental tester I also sent this info to and then my response for TCEQ to tell me what kind of Formaldehyde “re-test” they did at Lake Arlington…


To: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>;
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 11:04 AM
Subject: RE: about the formaldehyde monitor


I sympathize with you tremendously. As for HCHO monitoring, the PTR-MS technique we use also has a similar problem with water, since it has a very similar proton affinity as HCHO. However, we are using a Nafion drying technique to purge air samples of humidity. We need to get the word out about these new capabilities so we can get funding to do a study in the Barnett Shale. We are re-submitting our proposal to NIH for the Denton study, and hope it will fly the next time around.

Regards, XX

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: “chris.kite@tceq.texas.gov” <chris.kite@tceq.texas.gov>; “openrecs@tceq.texas.gov” <openrecs@tceq.texas.gov>
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 1:48 PM
Subject: about OZONE & the formaldehyde monitor/ PIR
Chris, who can help me see about getting an ozone monitor installed in the Entertainment District in Arlington?

Also the air monitor at 5504 S Collins in Arlington upwind at the airport is only good if the wind isn’t blowing…how bout moving it downwind from the airport and all the gaswells like at 4500 S Collins? That way you are only picking up I20’s vehicle NOX if the wind isn’t blowing.

Also who can tell me what the name of your Formaldehyde monitor was used to retest the formaldehyde found at Lake Arlington years ago…I wanna know cause it may have gotten an false negative.

Here is the link/TCEQ letter re: BSEEC/Titan air study where TCEQ suggests more state formaldehyde air monitoring…


which brings me to my open records request via this email for info ( please provide internet link if handy) on info regarding the TCEQ retest for formaldehyde as mentioned in that letter…
what was the name and method used in Formaldehyde testing done by the state at Lake Arlington’s Compressor Station(s)?
The reason I am doing a PIR is because if the state used faulty equipment (see below)…then it needs to be retested using newer technology that drys out the ambient humidity that interferes with some testing devices.



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Hey Mayor/Dr Cluck, Parr Family Suing Frackers! Remember U turned off my mic?

IMG_4249Doctor, Mayor Cluck turned off my mic when I asked him not to interrupt me during my speaking time addressing City Council. He interrupted saying I was off topic (as he had done numerous times before). I was speaking about Lisa Parr’s health effects and how the lower elevation of her home where heavy hydrocarbon fall out could be similar to the elevation of some homes near the proposed drill site being voted that night (Arlington Horse Farm drill site). The Parr family is in Dallas today suing over harm done to them...took a few years…but at some point all shale survivors may get their time in court. This blog and my back up files have all the evidence of my trying to warn our officials not to embrace urban drilling without first doing a health and environmental impact study.

About a year later when council was deciding on the fate of the drill site by my home by the ATT/Cowboys Stadium, I was escorted out.  Earlier that evening in addressing City Council, I did not have enough time (we only get two min.) to tell them about the “Lipsky flaming Weatherford TX water/EPA stepping in” breaking story that happened just before the meeting started. I had to blurt it out because Councilman Meth Mel Leblanc was doing a gas drilling commercial during the deliberation.

Drug Use and the Natural Gas Industry

Mel wasn’t playing fairly (I heard that he even had a link or mentioned his website from the city internet site on his council profile page to his own personal site called Shale Play Advisors, LLC), so I was justified in blurting out.  The mayor was seen on video instructing to have me arrested if I stepped foot on city property.

Mayor Cluck also recklessly hit me with his temperamental outburst in raging through a glass door (shown in above picture) that swung back and hit me in the shoulder. This was just after a council meeting ended and he was going after someone who spoke out against him.

The other time I was escorted out of council chambers was after the Superbowl snow storm. I took a sample/show-n-tell of some mysterious white taffy looking stuff/residue from Elzie Odom crystal mountain where a burst pipe was leaking water for several days after the freeze behind some apartments. The water left this residue all the way down into the Trinity River. I held up the bag asking for a fracking investigation of what this stuff was because around the same time frame another family on the other side of town near the Fulson Drill Site complained about some white stuff turning up in their city water tap. But the unknown contents (from our own city tap?) was deemed a “threat” to council??? and I was escorted out.

Mayor Cluck is in my opinion a public enemy especially having a medical background and shutting off my mic during relevent medical testimony when I was detailing Lisa Parr’s health effects and how her pathology reports matched air testing pollutants found.






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TCEQ Chris Kite can go fly one cause Fracking = OZONE

Does the TCEQ/RRC have any documents that show the direct or indirect creation of NOX from cradle to grave related to oil and gas extraction? DOUBT IT!

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: “chris.kite@tceq.texas.gov” <chris.kite@tceq.texas.gov>
Sent: Sunday, April 6, 2014 1:52 PM
Subject: where is SIP on addressing ozone created at all phases of drilling for oil/gas?

Regarding ozone…
I noticed your name on a TCEQ document (letter) regarding what constituents are more reactive than others in the creation of ozone.. (Kite sited in the letter “..ozone will be reduced when NOx is reduced….reducing relatively low reactive VOC from human activity is usually not very effective for reducing ozone….ozone reactivity of methane is so low that it is not even on the list….) 

As much as Perry doesn’t want the RRC & TCEQ employees to go after the oil and gas industry using the excuse that “methane isn’t highly reactive to generate ozone” is not addressing that ozone is created when...

1) All of the Barnett Shale onroad vehicle (combustion related) emissions in extracting methane has direct NOX creation..

2) All phases of natural gas cradle to grave methane losses to our atmosphere eats our stratospheric protective ozone which is warming to our troposphere. This indirectly creates ground level ozone due to higher temperatures playing a part in reactivity…ie high noon/warmer temps is when ozone spikes.

a) Drilling phase with diesel engines’ combustion creates NOX…

b) Fracking phase using diesel fuel creates NOX..

c) Fracking using hybrid engines where they burn natural gas (nasty field gas) and switch back to diesel fuel during idling also directly creates NOX..


d) Fracking/rock cracking creates direct ozone effects** ..

e) Flowback phase has methane losses (indirect ozone creation) before green completion equipment are employed- they need to use pressurized, closed, ventless flowback tanks for the top flowback phase…

f) Methane losses on emptying storage tanks in production phase indirectly creates ozone

g) **Injection wells and any fracturing that causes seismic events where rocks crack also creates direct ozone effects.


Any Questions?

Please let me know the status of where the TCEQ puts drilling in the threat to our ozone with the SIP, thanks.

Kim Feil

—–end (revised) letter to Mr Kite—- below is the attachments he received…

From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: “chris.kite@tceq.texas.gov” <chris.kite@tceq.texas.gov>
Sent: Sunday, April 6, 2014 12:11 PM
Subject: Fw: video of fracking waste truck spilling busy road/ health effects did it originate in Arlington?
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: “lclark@nctcog.org” <lclark@nctcog.org>; “cklaus@nctcog.org” <cklaus@nctcog.org>; “sstevenson@nctcog.org” <sstevenson@nctcog.org>
Sent: Sunday, April 6, 2014 12:07 PM
Subject: Fw: video of fracking waste truck spilling busy road/ health effects did it originate in Arlington?
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
Cc: “betsy.price@fortworthtexas.gov” <betsy.price@fortworthtexas.gov>; “robert.cluck@arlingtontx.gov” <robert.cluck@arlingtontx.gov>; “cynthia.simmons@arlingtontx.gov” <cynthia.simmons@arlingtontx.gov>; “mayor.paradise@townofpantego.com” <mayor.paradise@townofpantego.com>; Mike Rawlings <mike.rawlings@dallascityhall.com>
Sent: Sunday, April 6, 2014 11:20 AM
Subject: video / Did this fracking waste truck spilling on the road causing health effects originate in Arlington?


“This video was recorded today in Ft. Worth Texas. These cigar shaped tankers are used to haul frack flowback and are commonly known as “dragon trucks” after the manufacturer. This fella seems to have forgotten to close the valve on his load of 130 BBLs (5,460 gallons) of frack waste.
Or maybe he left it open on purpose? You know, trucking to those disposal wells is SO expensive, and there’s just so much of thistoxic radioactive frack goo that it’s hard to know what to do with it all. Dump it in the creek when no one is looking? Dump it in the woods?
Or just open up the valve and drive around the DFW Metroplex until the tank is dry. Take the tipping fees intended for the disposal well and split ‘em with your boss. Repeat.
And this doesn’t only happen in Texas folks. It happens in Pennsylvania and New York and North Dakota, too.”
I warned about this the other day I blogged on this picture NCTCOG to study frackswarms / injection well disposal trucks MIA risk


From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: Brenda (DSHS) Mokry <Brenda.Mokry@dshs.state.tx.us>
Cc: “betsy.price@fortworthtexas.gov” <betsy.price@fortworthtexas.gov>; “robert.cluck@arlingtontx.gov” <robert.cluck@arlingtontx.gov>; “cynthia.simmons@arlingtontx.gov” <cynthia.simmons@arlingtontx.gov>; “mayor.paradise@townofpantego.com” <mayor.paradise@townofpantego.com>; Mike Rawlings <mike.rawlings@dallascityhall.com>
Sent: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 11:10 AM
Subject: Please update me on the states plan to debunk the UT study cancer cluster Flower mound


Please keep me on the contact list of the states plan of action since this study has been released, thanks.

Here are the recent media links…




FYI on electric drillings use and nonuse pro and con http://barnettshalehell.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/mansfield-xto-drillers-fracking-comments-on-proposed-ordinance-amends/
FYI on http://barnettshalehell.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/did-you-know-that-fracking-rocks-releases-lung-killing-ozone/


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$7,000 Violation Fine in Hispanic 2010 Arlington Drilling Death

Star Telegram reported that 34-year-old Nabor Alvarado of Alvarado was an employee of Trinidad Drilling, a Canadian company working for Chesapeake Energy.

Here is the OSHA report….


“On July 13, 2010, a floor crew was assembling and installing the track system for an overhead top drive electric drilling rig….The employee was operating a remote control hoist and was inching it horizontally toward the other track that was vertical. Coworker #1 was assisting in the task. When the employee thought the parts were interlocked sufficiently, Coworker #2 in the dog house was given the signal to raise the block. As the assembly was raised about 12 inches above the floor, the sling holding the cart failed. The employee, who was near the load watching the links interlock, was struck in the head and shoulder by the falling cart. The employee was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Emphasis: S:Hispanic,S:Struck-By

Close Case: 07/21/2011

Trinidad Drilling L.P.

5700 U.S. 287 Highway

Arlington, TX 76010

Accident Investigation Summary

Summary Nr: 200713915 Event: 07/13/2010 Employee Is Struck And Killed By Falling Equipment

Violation Summary: Serious 

Current & Inital Penalty: $7,000


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HAZMAT Residential Radon leak in area previously mined reveals similar risk for urban drilling?


Truman Chesapeake Drillsite in Texas spitting distance from ATT Cowboys Stadium and Downtown Arlington’s 1893 Mineral Water Well at Main and Center Street

FRANCE…“A family have been evacuated…..had since 2000 been used as a home-care facility for 20 children from six families in the area. The regional health agency said in a statement that the area is rich in uranium ore and has been mined for decades…”

So is it logical to ponder that shale gas leaks can cause toxic and or explosive levels in Arlington TX downtown where urban drilling has taken place near our old historic mineral water well?  Migration happens and we do have such a conduit like our old artesian famous mineral water well. We also have about 300 private water wells within a 3-5 mile radius of my home by the Cowboy’s Stadium. But in the France story below, there is no mention of a water well, only that Radon was detected “..in the basement and other areas of the property”.  And in the Germany Benzene cancer cluster story, the gas was coming up through the soil.

The fracking craze here in the last 7 years (and 350 urban gas wells later) could be the opening of Pandoras box to go BOOM at the most inopportune time in our busy downtown, college, and Entertainment District..or in the homes of unsuspecting, innocent Arlington residents or AISD students and staff. “Oh the humanity of it all”-note sarcasm.

My pleas thus far have fallen on the deaf ears of our city leadership…hope deaf doesn’t = death one day…this is the reason I copy my emails to the internet…E V I D E N C E of forewarning those in charge of our safety and well being to use home rule to stop the drill sites and plug the gas wells that do not belong in residential or business or light industrial areas P E R I O D !


—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: “cynthia.simmons@arlingtontx.gov” <cynthia.simmons@arlingtontx.gov>; “don.crowson@arlingtontx.gov” <don.crowson@arlingtontx.gov>; “jay.white@arlingtontx.gov” <jay.white@arlingtontx.gov>; “steve.hendrix@arlingtontx.gov” <steve.hendrix@arlingtontx.gov>; “joe.morris@arlingtontx.gov” <joe.morris@arlingtontx.gov>; “Stuart.Young@arlingtontx.gov” <Stuart.Young@arlingtontx.gov>; Roger Venables <roger.venables@arlingtontx.gov>; “jim.parajon@arlingtontx.gov” <jim.parajon@arlingtontx.gov>; “collin.gregory@arlingtontx.gov” <collin.gregory@arlingtontx.gov>
Cc: “robert.cluck@arlingtontx.gov” <robert.cluck@arlingtontx.gov>; “robert.shepard@arlingtontx.gov” <robert.shepard@arlingtontx.gov>; Robert Rivera <robert.rivera@arlingtontx.gov>; “jimmy.bennett@arlingtontx.gov” <jimmy.bennett@arlingtontx.gov>; “charlie.parker@arlingtontx.gov” <charlie.parker@arlingtontx.gov>; “michael.glaspie@arlingtontx.gov” <michael.glaspie@arlingtontx.gov>; “lana.wolff@arlingtontx.gov” <lana.wolff@arlingtontx.gov>; “sheri.capehart@arlingtontx.gov” <sheri.capehart@arlingtontx.gov>; “kathryn.wilemon@arlingtontx.gov” <kathryn.wilemon@arlingtontx.gov>; “trey.yelverton@arlingtontx.gov” <trey.yelverton@arlingtontx.gov>; “don.jakeway@arlingtontx.gov” <don.jakeway@arlingtontx.gov>; Buzz Pishkur <buzz.pishkur@arlingtontx.gov>
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 1:58 PM
Subject: Radon leaks in France where previously mined from…is Arlington shale leaks next?
HAZMAT – Europe – France
Posted: 27 Mar 2014 06:06 AM PDT

EDIS Number: HZ-20140327-43154-FRA
Date / time: 27/03/2014 13:04:33 [UTC]
Area: Europe
Country: France

“A family have been evacuated from their Limousin home after it was discovered large doses of the radioactive gas radon were present in the property. The property, in Bessines-sur-Gartempe (Haute Vienne), north of Limoges had since 2000 been used as a home-care facility for 20 children from six families in the area. The regional health agency said in a statement that the area is rich in uranium ore and has been mined for decades, and added that government departments had been informed, France 3 revealed in a local news report. A check discovered the presence of “abnormal amount” of radon gas in the basement and other areas of the property. Radon is easily diluted in outdoor air but “may present risks to health”. The level of radon gas has not been revealed, but it is said to have been “significantly higher than the maximum values” detected elsewhere in the region.”


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Gulfcoast Kindra story terrifys me of our predicament in Arlington TX

Gulfcoast warrior Kinda Arnesen’s mom is fighting cancer – please help – let the BP disaster be an example of how Arlington residents are risking toxic exposures with Urban Drill sites.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: “cynthia.simmons@arlingtontx.gov” <cynthia.simmons@arlingtontx.gov>
Cc: “robert.cluck@arlingtontx.gov” <robert.cluck@arlingtontx.gov>; “robert.shepard@arlingtontx.gov” <robert.shepard@arlingtontx.gov>; Robert Rivera <robert.rivera@arlingtontx.gov>; “jimmy.bennett@arlingtontx.gov” <jimmy.bennett@arlingtontx.gov>; “charlie.parker@arlingtontx.gov” <charlie.parker@arlingtontx.gov>; “michael.glaspie@arlingtontx.gov” <michael.glaspie@arlingtontx.gov>; “lana.wolff@arlingtontx.gov” <lana.wolff@arlingtontx.gov>; “sheri.capehart@arlingtontx.gov” <sheri.capehart@arlingtontx.gov>; “kathryn.wilemon@arlingtontx.gov” <kathryn.wilemon@arlingtontx.gov>; “trey.yelverton@arlingtontx.gov” <trey.yelverton@arlingtontx.gov>; “don.jakeway@arlingtontx.gov” <don.jakeway@arlingtontx.gov>; Buzz Pishkur <buzz.pishkur@arlingtontx.gov>
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 10:19 AM
Subject: why Gulfcoast Kindra story terrifys me of our predicament in Arlington TX

Kindra Arnesen is a local hero in her vocalness about the BP harm done to her Gulfcoast home and the people…shes see’n the early deaths and how the fishing jobs were impacted (her family’s livelihood ) and now her mom is in the cancer fight…please all copied on this email help financially if you are able…I was blessed when my husband had cancer that we did not have to do a fund raiser. Here is Kindra’s crowdfund link if you feel blessed enough to donate … http://www.gofundme.com/7xlepk Below is her email string from last week.

I pray for protection from Barnett Shale urban drilling related cancers of our masses here.
Those more vulnerable are at…
the fenceline,
those downwind,
those within 1/2 mile when there is low to no wind (as I’ve found at the UTA Air Monitoring site near their gaswells),
and for those at the fallout zone (link for Arlington vid).

Exposures may take take years before cancer symptoms appear.

I saved an email from Mr Hofmeister a retired Shell executive who told me not to wait for laws to protect my family (see my comment on this link to view that letter) – that fenceliners need to remove themselves from harms way.

The immediate shale related “irritation” symptoms have already appeared….. lung, eye, nasal, headache, stomach, itchiness, rashes ….I know first hand…I myself have some of those symptoms too. I have a discreetly taped audio of a worker at the Autozone that backs up to the Truman/Cowboy’s Stadium padsite telling me of health issues that have popped up going on a year now which is how long our drill site has been in production…this employee has been there 14 years and never had these issues before the drill site came in.. she is seeing a doctor now…but most aren’t trained in toxicology to be looking for and treating shale illnesses. I also have an audio of an Arlington doctor saying he was “terrified” of what the urban drilling could mean to our health….and I’m saving that secretly taped audio (I have many copies backed up on different internet databases) for the litigation that I’m sure “is” to come…..

Here is the Kindra cut and paste of select responses on FB…I boldfaced for a faster read….no apologies here for sharing the identities of her friends on this FB string as I did this to validate that these are real people and I can’t make this shit up.

Kindra Arnesen
March 26
2 more friends in the obituaries makes me sad. 46 & 50 is to young.
G B Same here ,Kindra ,almost weekly now. Sadness for all of us

March 26 (2014) at 7:24pm

N W is this because of exposure to toxic substances from all the oil/gas disasters?
March 26 at 7:30pm

Kindra Arnesen Robert Blanchard & David Galmiche so sad I’ve known both of these guys my whole life
March 26 at 8:22pm ·

L E How many do you think are BP disaster related?

March 26 at 10:24pm

LW 3 on our street in 9 months.

March 26 at 10:44pm ·

LE Lots on Grand Isle from what i heard.

March 26 at 10:48pm ·

LW It’s going on in Mississippi to.

March 26 at 10:48pm

DD It is sad ,they die pretty young . I have compassion for you all who have to live through all this ;(

March 27 at 1:23am · “
Kindra Arnesen This place has exploded with cancer. I’ve lived here almost my entire life and I’ve never seen anything like this. I have come to the conclusion our immune systems have been compromised. People here are dying.
March 27 at 8:19am ·

CT Toxins increase our body burden – it becomes too great and sets us up for illness!

March 27 at 10:03am ·


Kim Feil


TEX LG. CODE ANN. A§ 253.005 : Texas Statutes – Section 253.005: LEASE OF OIL, GAS, OR MINERAL LAND
“(c) A well may not be drilled in the thickly settled part of the municipality..”

Texas Administrative Code, Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 101, Subchapter A,
Rule 101.4, Environmental Quality, Nuisance

No person shall discharge from any source whatsoever one or more
air contaminants or combinations thereof, in such concentration and
of such duration as are or may tend to be injurious to or to adversely
affect human health or welfare, animal life, vegetation, or property, or
as to interfere with the normal use and enjoyment of animal life, vegetation,
or property.
To op-out from blind copied emails, hit the reply button and request on the subject line or in the subject text. Feedback is encouraged.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: GoFundMe <messages@gofundme.com>
To: kimfeil
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 8:08 AM
Subject: A thank-you note from Kindra…
Kindra says…
Hi Kim,
Thank you for your donation. She is having a good morning. The support people are showing seems to be lifting her spirits.

Thank you,
Kindra Arnesen



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GM needs 1,479 yrs to = 10 yrs of NOX from Barnett Shale Diesel Drilling Rigs

The TCEQ emissions inventory Phase 1 and 2 did not include preproduction emissions such as drilling, fracking and flowback….go figure. Arlington’s major gas producer, Chesapeake, presented a NOMAC (contracted driller) presentation at the 2012 AADE Technical Symposium on how much money and emissions they could save using electricity during the drilling phase. FINALLY I can verify one of the PRE-PRODUCTION emissions figures.

In this blog post I will concentrate on the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Nitrogen Of oXide/dioxide (NOX) figures that have eluded me over the last seven years that I’ve been studying urban drilling.

The Nomac presentation touted the electric drilling rig to eliminate emissions per well as follows…

63 tons of CO2 per well (4.2 tons of CO2 per rig per day x ave 15 days to drill each well) plus

4.6 tons of NOX per well


.2 tons of VOC per well

= 67.8 tons per well (of which 93% is CO2 which is bad for Climate Change).

The response I received from our Arlington gas drilling department was that we have always used electric rigs (info does not include state owned UTA leased padsite which our good city doesn’t inspect and our university doesn’t claim any carbon footprint on)…

—- Forwarded Message —–
From: Bridgett White <Bridgett.White@arlingtontx.gov>
To: ‘kim feil’ <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2014 3:27 PM
Subject: RE: how many gas well in Arlington and how many were drilled w/ electricity?

Ms. Feil,
There are 291 wells; which were drilled with electric rigs. No operators have previously used that (hybrid diesel/NG) technology.

Bridgett White, AICP


Aside from Arlington who does not mandate electric rigs but claims the use of them, multiply 67.8 tons x  about 18,000 Barnett Shale gas wells estimated at the end of 2013 thus far, and we have added  about 1.2 million tons of pollution from diesel emissions just during the drilling phase.

The Barnett Shale breakdown of these 1.2 million tons is….

1,134,000 tons CO2

82,800 tons NOX (big time ozone reactor)

3,600 tons VOC’s

Now it took the last seven to ten years to drill about 18,000 wells here and if you look at the Barnett Shale 3,600 tons of VOC’s (just from the drilling phase), it seems low compared to what the Arlington General Motors plant reported to the TCEQ in 2011 at  557 VOC tons per year (tpy).

FYI GM’s VOC’s 557 tpy  = 4,447 pounds per day (ppd) of Ozone before their painting expansion operation!

Sadly for our Entertainment District (downwind from GM), six & half  years worth of GM’s VOC’s = all of the Barnett Shale drilling related VOC’s! 

GM reported to have also emitted…

37 tpy of Carbon Monoxide equal to 271 ppd ozone and

56 tpy of NOX or 436 ppd ozone

GM also reported alot of particulates and some SO2…..

BUT but but but in contrast it would take GM 1,479 years to make the NOX our drilling phase made in the Barnett Shale thus far over the last decade!

Now this doesn’t even touch the other preproduction phases of natural gas (or oil) extraction such as fracking and flowback/production….and this doesn’t even touch the emissions of “post” production where the storage tanks sit venting 24/7… and also doesn’t include the workovers AND the daily losses during the waste water truck unloading at each site.

TCEQ must not really be serious about controlling OZONE and Climate Change or they would have been trying to better regulate the spewing drilling rig’s NOX and CO2 back in 2003 by mandating electric rigs. But Eagle Ridge says electric drilling rigs are dangerous for well controll issues in the event of rolling black outs.


FYI GM has about 22 gaswells and compressors on the plant property and the emissions reported to TCEQ do not include (nor do they have to report) the Chesapeake gas well emissions on their property being leased….but what about those emissions on our youth’s lungs and reproductive organs each time they are exposed when they breathe the Arlington air or when they are directly downwind while at Six Flags, Ranger Stadium, or the ATT Cowboys Stadium?


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