Enron-like claim $3.6B NG utilities linked scheme drove consumer pricing up with falsely inflated scarcity


Those gasholes that “reserved more natural gas than they needed, especially during the cold winter months, and then dumped the gas too late in the day for power plants to buy it up” are defending themselves claiming those offended by this don’t understand the business……could it be instead that Eversource Energy and Avangrid understand the business enough to legally cheat ratepayers?

Screen shot 2015-12-22 at 9.24.18 AM


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Hurricane Harvey Hits Big Oil & Gas with #WhoPaysForHarvey BILLBOARDS SLAY

Billboards paid for by Center for Climate Integrity and Public Citizen may not stay there long if the oiled up politicians get their way to figure out how to remove them?

Here is the reach for this particular billboard….

clear channel houston billboard

Clear Channel link

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Our taxes pay for this so…Email NCTCOG for CURRENT DFW Fracking Airshed Info

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: “openrecords@nctcog.org” <openrecords@nctcog.org>
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 9:16 AM
Subject: Request for updated info from these 2009 numbers for Barnett Shale
PA State Rep “Bud” presented this testimony back in 2009? http://moshannon.pasierra.org/…/HB1489PublicHearingRepo… 
Because Marcellus Shale gas extraction is still in its infancy, there is little data available to examine
the effects of large-scale natural gas drilling on surrounding air quality. However, numerous studies
have been completed on the effects of natural gas extraction in the Barnett Shale region in Texas.
Barnett Shale gas extraction has already expanded rapidly, and as of March 3, 2009, there were a
total of 10,539 gas wells and 5,037 permitted wells in the Shale field.xvi
In comparing the two
geologic formations, Barnett Shale covers approximately 5,000 square miles,
xvii while Marcellus Shale
covers approximately 54,000 square miles.
The potential for drilling in Marcellus Shale far exceeds 
that of Barnett Shale, and this should be taken into account when the air quality studies in the Barnett
Shale are examined. By sheer size difference alone, the speculative emissions from Marcellus
drilling could dwarf the measured emissions from Barnett within a decade.
A study conducted in the Barnett Shale area divided emissions sources from the oil and gas sector
into several point sources, including compressor engine exhausts and oil/condensate tanks, fugitive
and intermittent sources, including production equipment fugitives, well drilling, and fracing engines,
well completions, gas processing, and transmission fugitives. The pollutants fell into several
categories, including greenhouse gases, air toxic chemicals, and smog-forming compounds, such as
nitrogen oxide (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
Based on the study, emissions of smog-forming compounds for 2009 from all oil and gas sources
were estimated at 191 tons per day (tpd) on an annual average, with peak summer emissions at 307
tpd. Of those total emissions during the summer, 165 tpd came from the 5-counties in the Dallas-Fort
Worth metropolitan area that have significant oil and gas production.
In comparison, state and federal regulators estimated emission inventories for 2009 from all airports
in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to be 16 tpd, and the emission estimates for the 9-county Dallas-Fort
Worth metropolitan area for on-road motor vehicles was 273 tpd. In the five counties of that area with
significant oil and gas production, the total on-road vehicle emissions was 121 tpd, meaning that the
oil and gas sector was providing greater emissions than cars and trucks in those counties.
Air toxic compounds, including benzene and formaldehyde, were predicted at 6 tpd on average, with
17 tpd during summer months, and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane were
predicted at 33,000 tpd of CO2 equivalent, as much as two 750 MW coal-fired power plants.xix
Although the high emissions in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area in part come from a large
number of vehicles and other smog- and greenhouse-producing gases in the area, it should be noted
that beginning in 2002, the rural Denton County air testing site has maintained the highest
concentrations of total non-methane organic carbon concentrations every year.xx
A study conducted in the town of DISH, Texas (located in Denton County) tested for volatile organic
compounds, hazardous air pollutants, and Tentatively Identified Compounds on multiple locations.
The results confirmed the presence of multiple “Recognized and Suspected Human Carcinogens in
fugitive air emissions” at several locations throughout the town. As the study states, the chemicals
identified are known ingredients used within natural gas industrial processes, such as exploration,
drilling, flaring, and compression. Laboratory results confirmed levels of toxins in excess of the Texas
Commission on Environmental Quality’s Short Term and Long Term Effects Screening Levels.
Several locations confirmed high levels of a chemical that is categorized with the capability for
“disaster potential.”xxi
As numerous studies have already confirmed, drilling activity in the Barnett Shale has increased the
emissions levels of several known carcinogens, volatile organic compounds, greenhouse gases, and
smog-producing components. Various practices involved with hydraulic fracturing, as well as
emissions from the machinery used, have been the source for rapid degradation of air quality in areas
where gas drilling is occurring”.
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Trump Appointing Climate Denier “CO2=Life” Humanities Scholar Kathleen Harnett White to White House Environmental Advisor


link to youtube video to Kathleen Harnett White…click here for youtube video where she says fracking is quite safe  http://bit.ly/2xJrgaT

No surprise that Trump is appointing a grand witch of a Climate Denier, Kathleen Harnett White, as White House Environmental Advisor.  It is the lay of land where our current secretary of state, Perry, has had his hand in so much incestuous job hopping enabling.

For example another affluent Kathleen was (then Texas Governor) Perry appointed. Kathleen Jackson (former Exxon PR executive…go fracking figure) was appointed to the Texas Water Development Board.

Elizabeth Ames Jones (her daddy was bigly rich in cattle and oil) was added to the Railroad Commission to oversee the Oil & Gas industry. She earned a bachelors degree in Journalism…..imagine that?

Former TCEQ Chairman & Commissioner non-scientist, Kathleen Hartnett White, was Perry appointed in 2001 to serve & protect (the oil and gas industry?).

Prior to that she “served on the Texas Water Development Board, the Texas Economic Development Commission and the Environmental Flows Study Commission. Kathleen (was also) an officer and a director of the Lower Colorado River Authority – which was her fifth gubernatorial appointment”.

Here are Kathleen White’s *NON-SCIENTIST comments below in italics on CO2 = Life  ….

Back in 2013 on the Mark Davis Show, Kathleen White commented on the EPA setting rules to reduce CO2 on existing power plants. Right out of the gate they both agreed that CO2 = Life (*why regulate it?) and so I decided to find out why “she” was chosen to be interviewed on the Mark Davis Show regarding this EPA hearing. I was NOT surprised to find out she did NOT have a background in Environmental Science.

It turns out that her expertise is in cows, religion, law, and I quote…”White received her bachelor cum laude and master degrees from Stanford University where for three years she held the Elizabeth Wheeler Lyman Scholarship for an Outstanding Woman in the Humanities”.

Non-scientist Harnett White goes after two actual scientists in her article… http://www.statesman.com/news/news/white-a-fog-around-smog/nStMJ/ . I highly encourage you to read the comments on this too. She boldly states…

“Emissions of VOCs from Barnett Shale production are increasingly a non-problem. Most of the natural gas in the Barnett Shale formation is what geologists call “dry gas.” With little to zero associated liquids, VOCs are unlikely to be emitted from most dry gas wells.” 

But I laugh with a hearty “HA HA HA” as I myself who also have no degree in environmental science challenge her to tell me what is coming off of these storage -stanks-  in this TCEQ generated video of infrared captured emissions at the Lake Arlington Pipeline Compressor Station. BTW this video is the same facility that she bashes the work of one of the scientists in this article.

I also challenge Harnett White who says our Barnett Shale gas is unlikely to have (harmful?) liquids when a citizen funded air test failed for Benzene and Napthlene here in nearby Colleyville TX.

In addition to bashing scientists, she proudly displays her Manmade Climate Change Denialism in yet another article of her own nonscientific work explaining how CO2 isn’t DIRECTLY harmful to breathe and how laws aren’t important if they don’t pertain to the “here and now”. She wrote …

“Ambient refers to the air humans breathe—what surrounds us now at ground levels, not atmospheric accumulations 30 to 50 years in the future as predicted by the official science of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

In this same article, http://www.texaspolicy.com/center/energy-environment/opinions/are-texas-power-plants-cleanest-or-dirtiest, she trys to paint the picture that Texas’ huge share of the United States overall pollution is cleaner relative to the jobs this pollution creates……..

“Natural processes create about 200 billion tons of CO2 per year. Man-made CO2 emissions may generate about 7 billion tons. Have we forgotten that CO2 is a ubiquitous component of the natural process photosynthesis, on which all life depends?”

If indeed man contributes less than 4% of CO2, shouldn’t we give up on regulating CO2 and instead focus on all the fracking related Methane losses since CH4 speeds up global warming?*  Oh wait…TCEQ doesn’t even test for Methane on their ambient monitors and suma canisters.
So how much Methane is in our URBAN DRILLING CESSPOOL AIRSHED?….
Well when Ft Worth had ERG do that one million dollar air test, they said our ambient Methane levels were at  5-10 ppm methane when the world wide background average is 2 ppm……nice work Perry…your NON-SCIENTIST appointees are apparently adept at wasting away our natural resources “and” our health & environment for …jobs….
*We have to remove Trump and his appointees because we cannot give up on controlling the manmade portion of CO2 because THAT amount is what nature cannot handle. Per https://www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/education/faq_cat-1.html#23,”The Earth has a natural CO2 cycle that moves massive amounts of CO2 into and out of the atmosphere. The oceans and land vegetation release and absorb over 200 billion metric tons of carbon into and out of the atmosphere each year. When the cycle is balanced, atmospheric levels of CO2 remain relatively stable. Human activities are now adding about 7 billion metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year, which is only about 3-4% of the amount exchanged naturally. But that’s enough to knock the system out of balance, surpassing nature’s ability to take our CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere. The oceans and land vegetation are absorbing about half of our emissions; the other half remains airborne for 100 years or longer. This is what is causing the rapid buildup of CO2, a buildup that dwarfs natural fluctuations.”
5 fast facts and more from desmogblog on NON-SCIENTIST Kathleen Harnett White…..“received her bachelor cum laude
and master degrees from Stanford University where she held the E. W. Lyman
Academic Scholarship. Her many academic awards include a national Danforth
National Fellowship for doctoral work at Princeton University, Princeton’s
Jonathan Edwards Award for Academic Excellence, and a Lineberry Foundation
Fellowship at Texas Tech University School of law.
White is also a partner with her husband in a 125 year-old ranching operation in
Jeff Davis and Presidio counties, Texas”.
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Handley Fossil Plant at Lake Arlington next to close? nah! See maps of 3 coal plants closing in TX

handley polluter

Handley  Fossil Power Plant at Lake Arlington on a frigid cold day showing it’s steam

Jim Schermbeck wrote
October 13 at 11:29am ·
“Great, great news today. On the heels of announcing the retirement of the old lignite-burning Monticello plant, TXU/Vistra is also retiring its largest lignite-burning Flagship plant – Big Brown – and its Sandow plant further South. These closings will instantly improve air quality in DFW. Congratulations to Public Citizen, the Sierra Club and everyone else who contributed to this result – that took more than 25 years to bring about. Take that Trump….”big brown coalsandow coalmontecello coal
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Firefighter’s Workmans Compensation Woes w/ Latent Cancers From Work Related Emissions Exposures


Fractivist Feil in support of Arlington Fire Fighters’ benefits at risk-protest in front of Arlington City Hall on 10/10/2017

In defense of Arlington Fire Fighter’s benefits at risk due to Civil Service status for promotions, we stood in protest. Some had posters against Councilman Charlie Parker’s strong views against our hard working fireman being in Civil Service protection, so I posted the lovely pic of him here on my blog with a link to a prior story on him….

charlie parker blowfish face

Charlie Parker all blowfish hot air!

Here is Zack Maxwell’s coverage on the Arlington Voice of today’s AFD benefits risk protest event.

Of course I was able to tie in the fractivist piece on the heels of last night’s CBSDFW channel 5 piece on the firefighter’s workmans compensation woes with latent cancers associated with work related emissions exposures…

http://bit.ly/2y7u2Lg 60% fallen firefighters = work related exposures cancer & denied workman’s compensation #CityOfArlington #fracking
Allow me to direct you to a previous blog on firefighter’s fracking risks at this link…https://barnettshalehell.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/arlington-tx-firefighters-face-added-cancer-risks-in-urban-drilling/
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Particulates Matter!

Here is a link to the largest collection I’ve ever seen of health studies……don’t forget to use your Cntrl F feature to type in keywords of interest should they appear in the titles.

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Human Homeostasis at Tipping Point like Runaway Global Warming

WFAA is reporting that there is a UNTHSC study looking into the prevalence of Alzheimer’s among Mexican-Americans and how some are more prone to earlier onset of Alzheimer’s as much as by a decade.

This is not breaking news as this 2008 New York Times article,  More Alzheimer’s Risk for Hispanics, Studies Find, says “people with diabetes or obesity (are) more likely to have Alzheimer’s. Researchers theorize that high insulin levels and poor cerebral blood flow can cause brain changes that accompany Alzheimer’s, said Dr…”

Environmentalists have been warning on social media that our brains (and endocrine systems) were NOT wired to tolerate particulate pollution. We see how social INjustice plays out where minorities and low income people have disparate pollution exposures. Those people living in low income areas may be too close to roadside vehicle emissions or too close to fence line industrial processes like refineries, lead smelters and other chemical companies.

And a new kind of social INjustice is playing out where people in apartments or other once safe areas had Urban Drilling move in next to them like here in Arlington Gasland Texas.

I have blogged about how these vulnerable populations can suffer at higher rates of depression, violence, crime, suicide (aka shaleacide?) and lower IQ’s as well as lower sperm counts…

fracking sperm count

link here

I reported from a Mother Jones article,

Autopsy on children’s Brain from Mexico revealed brain damage from air pollution

Just Google it for yourself….


So it is is no a no brainer that brain diseases are made or made worse by smog.

I have ALSO blogged on breast cancer and the fracking connection in the past. Here is the link, https://barnettshalehell.wordpress.com/?s=breast+cancer.

Breastcancer.org says…(I boldfaced fore emphasis)

  • About 1 in 8 United States women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.

If you are tuned in, you already know we have an autism spike over the decades. You already know then about our diabetes and obesity epidemic.

Our air, food, soil, and water should be the nourishing healer as our bodies were designed so wonderfully to overcome and self-repair…but like our planet in distress under global warming from all this fossil fuel burning and methane leaking, I believe humans too have reached a tipping point.

How to get back to our homeostasis?

Have an internal reprogramming garage sale and lose the junk in our habits for starters.

Elect the correct lawmakers and toss out those that chose to Tump and tip the delicate balance of our biosphere, and harm our human homeostasis for a short sighted, capitalistic goal.

Just Stop Denying


Let Love Trump All.




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Eddie Bernice Johnson & Marc Veasey cc’d on Russians Funding Fractivism Claim by Republicans

letter head russiansrussian letter eddiebernice marc veasey
Republican Reps. Lamar Smith and Randy Weber on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee thinks the Russians have been funding fractivism through a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) private foundation shell company. They did copy two ranking minority members (democrats) on the letter which I found interesting that no democrats signed off on this letter.
Sea Change Foundation is registered in Bermuda as Klein LTD. (Klein). The claim is that they have funneled tens of millions of dollars to non profits at which Klein’s attorney has denied merit to this claim.
Newsweek said in January of 2017 that “The Foundation is heavily funded by a Bermuda-based shell corporation with direct ties to Putin and Russian oil interests. The shady firm is currently under indictment for offshore money laundering”.
Here is the link to the June 2017 letter urging Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, to investigate this claim,
Here are some of the pages of that letter that I found most interesting…
russia hillary frackingklein fracking wakefield russiansseachange russians
To put this REPUBLICAN allegation in perspective, the DailyBeast wrote, “Like many conspiracy theories, this one has a small grain of truth, surrounded by layers upon layers of circumstantial connect-the-dots, hearsay and repetition”.
So I enlisted the help of one of California’s best donors groups from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation…..
—- Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: “communications@moore.org” <communications@moore.org>
Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2017 8:59 AM
Subject: Doc of recent request to investigate Russian meddling in fractivism thru nonprofts
Reference, https://science.house.gov/sites/republicans.science.house.gov/files/documents/06_29_2017%20CLS%20%26%20Weber%20-%20Mnuchin.pdf, and my request for Moore’s assistance in understanding, having an awareness, or even assisting in debunking this.
It is a double standard to brush off Russian collusion for our PONTUS’ election but crying foul thinking Russia is supporting US fractivism. Russia is said to have a vested interest to stop Europe from fracking so Russia can keep supplying them with natural gas as one of their biggest customers.
As a volunteer research analyst, I blog about all of the Urban Drilling risks and am alarmed to have even a request that federal money be wasted investigating Russian interference that works against pure intentions like mine and the Moores to save our planet from fossil fuel’s destructive path.
I believe that the fossil fuel interests to keep the status quo with Americans addicted to oil goes so deep and this Russian thing is smokescreen? 
Kim Feil
Fractivism has its friends even IF the Russians are indeed playing dirty. In addition to the Moore Foundation I emailed above, we need to keep the pressure to fight fracking.
Those of us, like you as a reader who are genuinely interested in environmental causes, should frown upon other not so sincere writers who mislead with headlines for example, in this title….

Soros Gave $20.7 Million to Alleged Russia-Funded Climate Groups in US

Once you read the article, you see that Soros donates legitimately to mainstream environmental groups…period.
Frack lovers and climate deniers are quick to say “follow the GREEN money” to be made by going to renewables, and if you were ever curious about that ….(cause heavens knows I MAKE NO MONEY BLOGGING ABOUT THE FRACK HAZARDS) just click here and read on…https://townhall.com/columnists/pauldriessen/2016/10/29/billionaire-crony-corporatist-schemes-n2237950
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GoodNews/BadNews on North TX Induced FrackQuake by Injection Risks

A study will be released relating to the Barnett Shale induced seismicity and how north Texans should prepare for a possible 6.5 earthquake. So I emailed one of the scientists of the study, Peter Hennings, who is the Principal Investigator for The Center for Integrated Seismicity Research at The University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology and questioned if the large fault line near the Viridian (new Arlington upscale home development across from the dump and south of highly explosive petroleum storage tanks) was included in the study and he responded, “Yes, there is a large fault in the subsurface of that area and it is included in our study”. He went on to explain (which should have been good news) that the big faults aren’t the problem. So I have asked for clarification as I have rephrased his statement to more easily read…. (I have also boldfaced for emphasis)…”

“In fact, in almost all of the areas where induced seismicity has occurred in the last decade in the southern midcontinent of the US, these induced seismic events have NOT occurred on ‘known’ larger fault lines, but rather has been occurring on previously unrecognized faults”

His response was, What you wrote is accurate in my opinion. Regards – Peter.”

So then in my opinion the broad bad news is in the unknown smaller (therefore more numerous?) fault lines which to me could be an induced-insitu-nightmare-in-wait-of a-whack-a-mole situation with ALL the injection wells in Texas.

To add to the bad news, Texas Sharon of https://www.earthworksaction.org/, had some email input to Mr Hennings’ (now in doubt) good news email…..

Mr Hennings wrote:

“…but given that the rate of injection is quickly decreasing in the DFW area means we should be ultimately headed for less risk overall. Thanks – Peter”

TX Sharon responded….

“Hello, I was copied on this email so I would like to find out how we know that the injection is decreasing? People who live by the injection well at the airport report that activity has picked up quite a bit with many trucks coming and going.

Sharon Wilson, Senior Organizer

EARTHWORKS’ Oil and Gas Accountability Project

Mr Hennings responded to TX Sharon….
“In our research we typically do not track individual wells  – we mainly work regional trends.  Like everybody, we get our data from the TX-RRC and, by their reporting and rules and operational lag times, means that injection data is always about 14 months out of date.  As a region I can say with confidence that injection rates have declined year-on-year for the past 5 years but I don’t know anything about the most recent 14 months.
Regards – Peter”
In closing and opening up the can of worms for what I feel can be the worst possible news, this study may not even speak to the induced seismic risk with sub-earth flooding, (aka hydraulic fracturing) which can number in the tens of thousands of gas & oil wells just in Texas.
The focus on induced seismicity has been on injection wells which violate Mother Nature over a longer duration which equates to cumulative, higher wastewater quantities.
Enter Dale Henry:
FYI a retired, decades experienced, well plugger named Dale Henry begs to differ on what can induce seismicity. Being a former Petroleum Engineer (who had interesting stories of assisting Kings in the Middle East) and a repeat candidate for a seat regulating the oil & gas industry in Texas, Mr. Henry has the respected opinions that:
  • fracking is of more intense pressures; 
  • that even short violations of Mother Nature can set into motion seismic responses years later.

Here is his video testimony…

Here are my notes I took ….

Contrast the insane aggregate number of gas wells to the number of injection wells, and all that energy has to burp somewhere, sometimes.

Henry provided stats:
barrels per minute of injection wells = 2-3 bbl verses
barrels per minute during fracking = about 200 bbls
PSI for injection wells = 1,000-3,000 PSI verses
PSI during fracking = 10,000-20,000 PSI.
Time frame of energy storage before seismicity = 18-30 months or less.

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