Video of distressed bird & reported other dead birds near Denton County drill site 2011

Back in 2011 I sent our city water keepers a link to a video on a blog called ABC Alliance where they note viewer discretion on a bird in distress near a Gulftex drill site in Denton county….I wanted them to see how life is affected near drilling….I am still waiting for answers to my drink water concerns and questions…
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Buzz Pishkur <>; Darryl Westbrook <>
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2015 1:32 AM
Subject: 2011 email Ms Hunt/Westbrook did not respond on this email….still waiting on assurances-how can CH2m Hill help if the city can’t?
“It’s interesting to also note that on both sides of I-35E at FM 934 (just across the Ellis County line into Hill County), and on 934 between 35E and 35W, large amounts of drilling wastewater was dumped into mud farms, several of which dump into Richland Creek which flows into Richland Chambers Reservoir, which is pumped up to Waxahachie, which continues on to supply water to Ft Worth. Several residents said that some landowners were being paid to let their land be used for the mud farms.  I still see some go across 35E on 934 but when they get to 77 I don’t know if they go north or south.”
I realize Ms Hunt has been on vacation, but we really need assurances that we are testing for drilling effluents…..ya know like fracking chemicals, heavy metals, methanol, surfactants, barium, NORM, drilling mud, diesel..etc.
Traditional testing for chlorides, PH, TDS, & ammonia won’t cut it …lets spend some Tomorrow Funds to prove the public’s drinking water is not poisoning us.
It is bad enough that in Denton county birds are dying near drilling (see video).
Kim Feil
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City of Arlington employee, Jim Parajon, still silent on Arlington tremors being reported as far back as 2011

I asked our city gas well employee who is now our assistant city manager

“Did U ever get additional input from fire/police on other reports on windows and homes rattling a couple of weeks ago?

Screen shot 2015-02-28 at 12.56.48 AM

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April 11, 2011 TWO padsites spewed on Arlington residents

DURANGO blogger posted the contents of an email I sent him ….

Monday, April 11, 2011

Residents Gassed During Last Night’s Storm In Southeast Arlington Texas

I got a surprising “URGENT” email message a few minutes ago. I did not know we had a Chesapeake Energy natural gas drilling site incident last night……

“Jane Lynn has asked me to contact the media (she has no electricity) about last night’s events at this site so that they will be present to over this story tomorrow night when council will be in the hot seat while deciding to permit another six wells tomorrow night at this site.  Anybody else reading this that can attend this meeting is urged to ask council NOT to permit anymore wells until we have a handle on how to prevent such releases in close proximity to people.

She called me this morning to tell me that she was treated by 911. Around 2 am last night, during the storm with lighting and winds, there was this transformer sound just prior to losing electricity. After opening her windows, an extremely loud “rocketship/high compression sound” was heard.  911 was already aware of the problem and said Chesapeake was in route to the Fulson site.  The husband drove by the site and confirmed that gas was escaping. He described the smell as the innertube smell from a bicycle.

Raw, unprocessed, natural gas contains benzene (a known carcinogen). Fumes from the uncontrolled site quickly filled her home by the time she ran to close all the windows.

Limiting the public’s exposure to drilling (storm/wildfire/human) accidents is within our city council’s control by enforcing adequate setback, however, Jane Lynn lives at least two blocks north of the site and suffered dizziness and heart pounding.

Paramedics arrived and tried to calm her (assessing that she was having a panic attack). The paramedic commented that this was a highly regulated industry and that west Texas always has that “smell” and that she was “safe”.  Someone needs to tell the uninformed paramedic that this is mostly a self regulated industry (TCEQ’s Permit By Rule) and that toxic BTEX is present in those raw gases.

After the paramedics left, she had uncontrolled coughing. This morning she tells me she is suffering with heart palpitations and is missing work from the trauma of the exposure.

Based on the details I’ve gathered, the proposed one mile setback from schools by the Ft Worth League of Neighborhood to FISD should also be applied to drilling in all businesses and neighborhoods in urban AND rural areas.  Certainly 600 feet is not adequate and council has been allowing variances even to that distance!

  1. Our fire departments need to be equipped with suma canisters. Spectrometers so can take air samples upon dispatch so we do not have to wait up to 12 hours later when TCEQ arrives.
  2. Our paramedics should have the opportunity to draw blood and or urine when they respond to drilling effluent exposures to test for BTEX exposure.
  3. Our city should have a gas drilling official on duty on weekends and in the middle of the night to receive calls from citizens needing to report events.

The public needs to have a way to know what their exposure has been after one of these “incidents” so that they and our city council members can make informed decisions about living/permitting drilling in our towns.

How ironic that yesterday Jane Lynn spoke with a neighbor suffering unexplained health issues since this site has come into their neighborhood.

This is only one of many neighbors that are having health (heart/nosebleeds) and evacuation issues.  A 70 year old woman goes to Walmart and walks around for the day when there is activity/fumes coming off that site…FYI.

Living in fear and with the unknown here in the Barnett Shale is what the Arlington TX experience has become for many.”


The other spewing drill site we would learn later was in Dalworthington Gardens (DWG) at an XTO drillsite at Pappy Elkins Lake….

The Arlington dispatch operators started receiving 911 calls from the DWG site first…..there was confusion for the dispatch operators; they were telling folks that the fire department was on the scene, but folks at the Sublett location near hwy 360 were saying that they could see the padsite and there was no fire trucks there. For both gas release events, it was the storm that cause a power loss to electric compressor stations and then pressure supposedly backed into both drill sites and safety features to release pressure (and spew gas and poison the neighborhoods) were activated. Click here to listen to a 911 call from the Fulson gas release. I have yet to be released 911 tapes of residents calling from that Pappy Elkins drill site in Dalworthington Gardens where the apartment complex close to that drill site is on the Arlington side near Veterans Park. They complained of noise; you can hear it in the background. One man “vented” that he has complained about that Pappy Elkins drill site before, but his claims have fallen on deaf ears.

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Red Light Camera Co’s atty Threatens City Lawsuit Parallels O&G Response to Denton’s Fracking Ban

In last nights vote (2/24/2015) to hold a special election for the red light camera citizen driven ballot initiative, an attorney named Andy Taylor spoke against it around 9:39 into the video. Faith Bussey told me he represents the Red Light Camera company and that they intend to sue the city.

He said the expense leading up to the vote and the time spent thus far is for naught…he said that TxDOT transportation code 707 gives the cities the right to enact red light cameras and that it is not a guaranteed right for a citizen’s initiative to force the red light cameras away. He said that he successfully litigated a similar case in Houston and won…he said Arlington would likely be sued…sounds like a fracker threat to me.

Should the city or state countersue the red light company for using Transportation Code 707 to force the continuation of their contract when maybe they should just be suing us for breach of contract?

Regarding a fracking ban, would the department of health have a similar rule to the Tx State Transportation Code 707 referenced? It would be nice to know that our council has an option to create an ordinance to protect citizen’s health from the industrialized activities in urban drilling….um wouldn’t that be called Home Rule? If so, the City of Arlington abused Home Rule authority by allowing Special Use Permits and Drilling Zones near people and violated their own Arlington TX City Charter on Article 7, Section 5.

Denton was successful in forcing a citizen initiative ballot to ban fracking. Maybe they should see if the Denton City Council violated their own rules to protect public health like Arlington did.

Click here to see video of Councilman Parker commenting that he abstained from the vote to allow the special election on the red light cameras citing Article &, Section 5 for reasons of public health….what a shame he is confused about what risks public health when money is to be made…..

THIS IS obviously my councilman’s logic on public health risk……

fracking/money = no public risk

removing red light cameras/losing money = public risk

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Videos of my nosebleeds in City of Arlington aka Barnett Shale HELL – I never had these prior to Urban Drilling

2/28/15 Another one-I have an EENT appt on 3/6
2/25/15  I’m really concerned for my health here in the shale!
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; Robert Cluck <>; Robert Rivera <>; Robert Shepard <>; Cynthia Simmons <>; Lana Wolff <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Jimmy Bennett <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Charlie Parker <>; Brett Shipp <>; Susan Schrock <>; TXsharon <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 11:00 AM
Subject: BLOOD – I live close to the ATT Stadium gaswells-here is a video of what I have been having since the wells came in…..
As I type this I am literally choking on my own blood dripping down my throat!!!!!!!   video still processing-but do come back and view my blood!!!!!!!
Kim Feil

TEX LG. CODE ANN. A§ 253.005 : Texas Statutes – Section 253.005: LEASE OF OIL, GAS, OR MINERAL LAND
“(c) A well may not be drilled in the thickly settled part of the municipality..”

Texas Administrative Code, Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 101, Subchapter A,
Rule 101.4, Environmental Quality, Nuisance

No person shall discharge from any source whatsoever one or more
air contaminants or combinations thereof, in such concentration and
of such duration as are or may tend to be injurious to or to adversely
affect human health or welfare, animal life, vegetation, or property, or
as to interfere with the normal use and enjoyment of animal life, vegetation,
or property.

From: kim feil <>
To: “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 12:33 AM
Subject: if fracking bans are banned-your ordinance needs to be tight-please do so

I live two block from Cowboy’s Stadium in Arlington and when they were finishing one of the wells, the odor came into my home and I interviewed those employees impacted in the entertainment district….here is my video…
Denton City Council will soon vote on proposed gas ordinance amendments. Denton’s gas ordinance offers our only protection during traditional drilling and will provide our only protection from fracking if the ban is ever overturned.

1. Mandatory vapor recovery units
2. 1500 ft. REVERSE setback and setback, no exceptions
3. Mandatory 24/7 air and water third-party monitoring paid for by the industry. Daily monitoring results posted on a city link. TCEQ and city do not monitor nights and weekends.
4. Require electric motors on rigs and line compressors
5. Mandatory pressurized flowback tanks
6. Prohibit flaring except in an emergency as defined by the Texas Railroad Commission
7. Prohibit waste pits
8. ZBA should not be allowed to grant variances/exceptions. Only council should be allowed to do that since it is directly responsible to the voters.
9. Limit hours of operation to 9-5 on weekdays. No operations on weekends.
10. Mandatory mail notice by operator to anyone living or working within 1500 feet of the well. Notice required before any stage of the process begins and must outline a timeline for the entire process.
11. Immediate notification of city and TCEQ of any mishap/accident…Fine or shut down operation for a period if not notified immediately. Shut down would probably be more likely to gain compliance.
12. Require the use of desiccant dehydrators that will greatly reduce fugitive methane emissions.

TEX LG. CODE ANN. A§ 253.005 : Texas Statutes – Section 253.005: LEASE OF OIL, GAS, OR MINERAL LAND
“(c) A well may not be drilled in the thickly settled part of the municipality..”

Texas Administrative Code, Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 101, Subchapter A,
Rule 101.4, Environmental Quality, Nuisance

No person shall discharge from any source whatsoever one or more
air contaminants or combinations thereof, in such concentration and
of such duration as are or may tend to be injurious to or to adversely
affect human health or welfare, animal life, vegetation, or property, or
as to interfere with the normal use and enjoyment of animal life, vegetation,
or property.

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Drought response=Waterless laundry & dyeing, reuse, reclaim, vacuum sewers & toilets

Texas Government Insider reports…..

Current drought in Texas now worst on record in state

“Alternative water sources are also being explored, according to BlueTech’s report, including rainwater harvesting, capturing and treating storm water and seawater toilet flushing. Some innovative solutions are also being studied that avoid the use of water altogether, such as vacuum sewers and toilets, waterless cooling and waterless laundry and dyeing.  Water reclamation and re-use projects are getting attention.”

BlueTech has been busy writing papers about the hydraulic fracking industry.  Interesting tweet chart here. It shows that globally extracting shale gas has produced waste water (not including flowback waste) representing 22% of all gas production related produced water waste requiring proper treatment or disposal. Contrast that to how only 6.3% of gas production globally is from shale gas…hmmmn

Drilling for Conventional Gas (like the Arabs do) has a definite advantage over fracking’s Unconventional Shale Gas in that Conventional Gas has 13 times more production at half the waste generated from Shale Gas.

Conventional drilling has an even more advantage over Coal Bed Methane in that it has 35 times more production at a tenth of the waste.

Tight Gas produces no water waste per this chart and I read that these fromations have little water and the gas is so tightly held that acidizing techniques are used.

Like Bubba Gump and his shrimp varieties, RigZone says.“Right now, there are six main types of unconventional gas, including deep gas, gas-containing shales, coalbed methane, geopressurized zones, Arctic and subsea hydrates, and tight gas.”

With gas extraction comes produced water waste…the wrong kind of water needed in a drought! Water that once is injected into the earth needs to stay gone forever and not find its way into our drinking water sources that are dwindling and threatened with contamination.

What if we could use a desalination cell technique to clean up frack water? Here is a white paper that says you can…but still we have the whole air pollution & earth quake thing to contend with…..still renewables are looking better with time and drought!

So what does our new short sighted Governor Abbott consider an emergency as of February 20 2015?…..NOT THE DROUGHT!~

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Only the monster gathering compressor stations have to detect, fix, & report?

After the UT study on sources of methane leaks revealed two major sources from wells as liquid unloadings and pneumatic controller equipment, ANOTHER study found where again the majority of the leaks (“likely due to a faulty valve”) were found at 2 out of 45 sites tested at gas transmission and storage operations. These offenders fell into the category of being unmanned and smaller sized compressor stations (like the ones littered all through our Barnett Shale airshed).

If it is only those gas processing plants that keep people on staff who detect and correct leaks, and if it is those “bigger” compressor station/gathering facilities (that have emissions of 25,000-tonne CO2e) who are required by federal law to fix any found leaks within 5 days and then mandated to submit emissions data to EPA, then hells bells that has to change!

Most gathering stations are NOT subject to those federal regulations!

Well by golly gee lets start manning, fixing, and reporting on these smaller ones due to the aggregate number of these compressor stations!

Sounds like an expensive fix to me…even more of a reason to get off of antiquated, expensive fossil fuels hurdling us towards global warming extinction of the human race.

Here is a video of the Lake Arlington Compressor Station storage tank emissions…

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Robert Cluck <>; Robert Rivera <>; Robert Shepard <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Charlie Parker <>; Lana Wolff <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Jimmy Bennett <>; Cynthia Simmons <>; Don Crowson <>; Buzz Pishkur <>; Jim Parajon <>; Bridgett White <>; Susan Schrock <>; Tony Rutigliano <>; Collin Gregory <>; “” <>; Cindy Powell <>; Brett Shipp <>; Stuart Young <>; Roger Venables <>; Jay W. White <>
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 12:57 PM
Subject: Compressor station Blowdown caught on video
Attn: Arlington leaders, there is no difference in blowdown emissions on electric verses diesel or gas fired compressors. A blowdown is a blow down period. Blowdowns can be planned or emergency in nature.
Tiffany Phu, age 13, died of an Asthma attack at an MISD school and may have been downwind and subjected to a blowdown if there was a meteorological inversion when she was running track that day…but because they don’t keep blowdown or upset records (when they were SUPPOSED to)…we will never know.
Here is some info on what compressor stations based on their size are mandated to do…basically, if it is a mega facility, it is more inclined to be manned (the gas plants are manned), they have to find & fix leaks within 5 days and report emissions.  This is NOT the case with the majority of our compressor stations in the Barnett Shale, yet their aggregate numbers are staggering…to our lungs.
Regardless of their size, if they have a reportable emissions event, they are on the honor system to report events that go over an amount. These amounts vary, of course pure Benzene releases have lower threshold numbers (100 lbs), but the bottom line is the majority of effluents can be emitted up to 5,000 lbs and they don’t have to be reported…imagine that in our residential areas. The two Arlington rice drill site emission events where in one event, a fire truck was said to have followed a white plume for a three neighborhood block area was said to not meet the 5,000 lb reportable amount. Collin Gregory responded to the event when his shift started and he never called the TCEQ…I had to. I was almost six months after I accidentally found out about the event when I asked TCEQ to investigate
The rules for these high impact industrial sites were written for rural areas or industrial zones and Urban Drilling did not get that benefit to have the rules be tightened in releases near schools, homes, churches and businesses.
I’m being very logical here in these statements. What will you do about this problem?
From: XX
To: XX 
Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2015 10:16 PM
Subject: Compressor station Blowdown caught on video
Please visit this youtube site and view what is called a “blowdown” of a vent stack at the Mansfield compressor station that happened to us a couple of weeks ago. A blowdown happens from either a planned or unplanned shut down of the compressor. This is a release of what is in the pipes, valves and other areas within the system and it releases into the atmosphere. On the MGWA website, we have added the documents recieved from TCEQ for approved emissions for this compressor station. It has been approved for 52 planned blowdowns per engine per year or 104 blowdowns per year!. This equates to about 2 blowdowns a week. No emission estimates for unplanned events due to faulty equipment or poweroutages-that will be additional.  Now also remember- the Debbie lane Lease? Edge is wanting to build a compressor station there. Blowdowns will happen there with homes and schools much closer.
If you have problems viewing the video, let me know. Remember- this is a FLIR video so not taken by a regular camera. If you were watching with naked eye–you would not be seeing the emissions.
Mansfield Gas Well Awareness
Dont be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone-

From Environmental Defense Fund’s Energy Exchange Blog

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Find GM & Bulk Petroleum responsible & make them clean up their MSD14-2 groundwater mess!

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Robert Rivera <>; Robert Shepard <>; Robert Cluck <>; Lana Wolff <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Jimmy Bennett <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Charlie Parker <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Jyl Miller <>
Cc: Liveable Arlington <>; NCTCA Group <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 3:09 PM
Subject: ATTN: JYL MILLER MSD14-2 Bulk Petroleum & GM /…table vote until Attny Genrl rules
JYL, please make sure this goes into public record of my opposition, thanks.
The staff report shows that Terracon themselves say “Based on assessment activities, contaminants affecting the proposed MSD site appear to originate from on-site and/or offsite sources.”
So lets try to see who is responsible and make them clean it up. No more MSD’s in Arlington! One day we will be desperate for water and will have to filter our shallow and our deep water sources. By not finding and making those responsible pay to clean it up adds to the problem for all tax payers later on to foot the bill!
Kim Feil
Liveable Arlington member
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: City of Arlington – Open Records <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 2:34 PM
Subject: Open Records Request :: W019629-021015

— Please respond above this line —

Ms. Feil,

Please see attached letters in connection with your open records request W019629-021015.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Christina Weber
Assistant City Attorney

Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 2.56.43 PM Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 2.56.51 PM Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 2.57.16 PM

Here is my PIR request…”Regarding MSD14-2, was East Division St Partners asked by the city, state, or federal government to have the soil/ground water sampled?  I can’t imagine a company just doing it for the sake of spending money.  Did East Divison Street Partners apply & receive any Brownsfield monies to fund this Terracon study?  Obviously Terracon is the choice of companies for MSD studies and not coincidental that they were chosen to do the work.”

The plot thickens on who paid for the environmental testing….so now the test results are NOT public property, yet the city council can make decisions off of information that is not public property?
—- Forwarded Message —–
From: Christina Weber <>
To: “‘'” <>
Cc: Jyl Miller <>; Nancy McDowell <>
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2015 3:29 PM
Subject: RE: Request for CAO direction: Open Records Request :: W019629-021015 (MSD14-2)

Ms. Feil,

Jyl Miller forwarded your email to me.  The report states that it was prepared for East Division Street Partners, LP of Carlsbad, California not the City of Arlington.  You are correct that generally when the City of Arlington has a study prepared for its own use the City asks to own the rights of the documents.  However, here the records indicate that the study was prepared for East Division Street Partners, LP not the City of Arlington.

We will seek a ruling from the Attorney General on this request and notify Terracon and East Division Street Partners.  I expect this letter to go out Monday and we will send you a copy as well.

Christina Weber
Assistant City Attorney

City Attorney’s Office, City of Arlington

UPDATE on PIR…oh so the city pays for a service (ground water/soil sampling) and the results are copyright protected? WTF?….


Feil Kim
Old Town Neighborhood Association
Arlington, TX 76011

RE: Public Records Request for a copy of the MSD14-2: Terracon Solutions soil and water testing report – Community Development and Planning (CD& P) records

Dear Feil Kim,

The information responsive to your request has copyright protection. As a custodian of public records, the City of Arlington must comply with copyright laws and is not required to furnish records that are copyrighted.

If you wish to review and make copies of the materials, you must do so unassisted. In making copies, you assume the duty of compliance with copyright laws and the risk of infringement.

You may visit our office during business hours to inspect the documents. If you wish to proceed, please contact me at your convenience to set up a time for inspection.
You may also directly contact Terracon Consultants, Inc. to request a copy of the above referenced reports from the following contact information:

Terracon Consultants, Inc.
8901 John W. Carpenter Freeway, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75247
Terracon Project No. 94137236B
(214) 630-1010 (phone)
(214) 630-7070 (fax)


Jyl Miller, Office Manager
Community Development and Planning
(817) 459-6667

Post meeting UPDATE, the Tarracon Solutions representative, who does the soil and water testing, presented the MSD case. Funny how like the gas drilling hearings, those making money from the business directly or indirectly present the cases to council. In the past I’ve seen for the drilling hearings…either the landscapers, or the engineers, or in this case the Tarracon rep gets paid to the testing, so of course they’ll present the case.

The Terracon rep was from Frisco. He was rather soft spoken and the mayor  asked him to repeat who was on that property before the current storage space owner.  I asked council to continue this hearing. That somebody needs to track down who is responsible for this mess needs to CLEAN IT UP.

As I left the council chambers after a unanimous vote, a guy grabbed me and said that he works for GM and said that the GM site is one nasty, nasty place…that I couldn’t begin to fathom how polluted that place really is. Based on the staff report* it is probably a shared mess. 

The staff report on this case is here. Read below how probably GM & Bulk Petroleum should be paying for the clean up…..

*“The MSD applicant and current property owner is StorageLand I, a General Partnership in place East Division Street Partners, LLC. The properties have historical uses (prior to 1985) including bulk petroleum, chemical, and automotive accessory storage. A public drinking water supply system exists that satisfies the requirements of Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 341. The City of Arlington’s public water supply system meets the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s (TCEQ) requirement to supply or be capable of supplying drinking water to the above referenced proposed MSD properties and all properties within one-half mile. This requirement does not include those properties located outside the city limits. Groundwater at the proposed MSD site has been affected by chemicals of concern (COCs) at concentrations exceeding TCEQ Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) Action Levels. COCs detected in the designated groundwater included

tetrachloroethene (PCE),

trichloroethene (TCE),

cis-1, 2-dichloroethene (cis-1,2-DCE),

trans-1,2-dichloroethene (trans-1,2-DCE),

vinyl chloride (VC), and

methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE).

Based on assessment activities, contaminants affecting the proposed MSD site appear to originate from on-site and/or offsite sources.

Terracon reviewed the available groundwater analytical data and based on their submitted application, it is likely that COCs detected in the groundwater at the proposed MSD site also exceed assessment levels off-site. Assessment activities to evaluate the extent of the detected COCs in groundwater on- and off-site at the proposed MSD site have not been conducted. On-site groundwater monitor wells were installed to a maximum depth of 23 feet below ground surface (bgs); thus, the vertical extent of the affected groundwater is unknown. Based on the characteristics of the site, it is anticipated that the vertical extent of impacted groundwater is restricted to the upper 50 feet of shallow groundwater beneath the site. With approval of MSD14-2, the designated groundwater under these properties will be prohibited from use as a potable water source.”

I did a quick query and found some cases where GM is accused of being a not so nice neighbor to our environment check it out…

end update

Tonight Arlington City Council will forever forgive known groundwater contamination (from Brownsfields clean up) with the blessings of the TCEQ.  They’ve been granting MSD’s by old gasoline stations and I’ve seen some of the drill sites be on the “list“….

“identifies a past use that had the potential to cause contamination or

it is making available to the public an

environmental assessment report that the

City conducted (by Terracon Solutions) on the site.”

The agenda item is MSD14-2.  Geneal Motors is 1200-1500 feet of the proposed MSD address…Terracon Solutions probably has the plume mapped and can provide insight on its origination!

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 12.53.55 PMScreen shot 2015-02-10 at 12.56.06 PMAre we really that ignorant of a species to let those like GM that if found guilty can at least afford to clean up their own messes rather than go scott free?…even when the government hands us out the money/grants to clean some of it up?

In the past I petitioned the FBI to investigate our City Council in this matter because this is criminal for our leaders to forgive environmental clean up in my book.

Here is what the city of Arlington says about the assessment funds the government gave them.

Here is where I covered other MSD info in Arlington and Pantego…..

Here is my letter asking them NOT to approve this tonight….

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Robert Cluck <>; Robert Rivera <>; Robert Shepard <>; Charlie Parker <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Jimmy Bennett <>; Lana Wolff <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Don Crowson <>; Susan Schrock <>; “” <>; Cynthia Simmons <>; Buzz Pishkur <>; Bridgett White <>; “” <>; Jim Parajon <>; Tony Rutigliano <>; “” <>; Cindy Powell <>; Collin Gregory <>; Brett Shipp <>; Stuart Young <>; Roger Venables <>; “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 1:37 PM
Subject: Tonights MSD14-2 find GM at fault and make them clean it up
Arlington City Council I am asking you to NOT approve MSD14-2.
Here are the details….General Motors is within 1200-1500 feet of GM the contaminated ground water. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know who did it.
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HEY DFW Scanner! ….Sad that Science & Facts R somehow Political?

When DFW Scanner was just coming into being, I recall 3-4 years ago some emails passed between John Burgdorf and I. In recalling that he was in tune with the dispatch activities, he went to the scene of the XTO Pappy Elkins drill site where they lost control of one of the new wells being drilled and it was described as a “sand blow out” …his active Republican stance explains his denial and argumentative stance in defense of fracking ….that sand is radioactive.

Here is the SMU analysis link.

One of the comments read……..

Carissa Stark Macgillacoody-Hopenwasser Sad that science and facts are somehow political”.

Here is Texas Sharon’s blog post on the SMU study that includes a map… “Irving only has the two gas wells. They were drilled and fracked from the same pad site near University of Dallas campus. According to records obtained by Texas Public Information Act, there was a casing rupture on one of those wells during fracking. The operator, Trinity East/Expro Energy was unable to fix the rupture. That well was shut in but not capped. If you ask about what happened, you might get a cease and desist letter.  The other well has produced very little and has produced nothing since October 2012.”

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EID’s Everley’s Essay Errors Exposed Easily by schErmbEck…

Energy industry association paid shrill, Steve Everley, spoke at a recent EPA SMOG hearing.


In following up on his EID blog, he has charts that are misleading .


brought the goods to debunk his junk……

“Steve, you should really stick to stuff you know something about. First, the nature of what’s causing ozone in DFW is changing, from primarily NOx to more VOCs – something even the TCEQ folks admit with their latest modeling. This is why when they, at the last minute, decreased their O&G emission estimates for the 2018 SIP based on 2013 RRC data, the Denton and other monitors’ ozone levels fell as well. If there wasn’t a causal link between the two, there would be no response from the monitors in the modeling. Whether that decease in estimated future emissions was appropriate or not is another question. The point is that TCEQ itself established a clear relationship between O&G pollution and DFW ozone levels. Then there’s the UNT study that shows monitors in the Fracking Region of DFW have higher ozone readings and more exceedences of the 75 ppb std than monitors in the Non-Fracking regions of DFW. The claims your industry makes that there’s absolutely no connection between O&G pollution and ozone levels defy credibility given the volumes of both NOx and VOCs produced – you still release more smog-forming pollution than all the cement plants and local power plants combined, sources we know impact the ozone levels in DFW. So please explain why the same kind of pollution in greater amounts from the O&G industry wouldn’t have an impact? The fact that, for the first time in probably a decade, the TCEQ is estimating that the O&G industry will emit slightly less VOC pollution than all the cars and trucks on the road in 2018 , is I suppose, reason for celebration, but this estimate is based on market and technical assumptions that may or may not exist in real life – and BTW, rest on assumptions about lower Barnett Shale production over the next four years that your own spokespeople disagree with. Kind of a dilemma from y’alls’s POV – either you agree that the Shale is being exhausted faster than you’ve admitted to Wall Street, or you’re causing more air pollution than you want to admit to EPA. Finally after coming down over a number of years in fits and starts , ozone levels in DFW began stagnating in 2008 – not 2011. 2011 was the first year severe drought conditions were felt. It won’t be the last. But the trend was started before that year and continued until this last summer’s wetter and cooler weather gave us a break. Combine this five year trend of stagnation with the UNT results that show the Fracking Region monitors separating themselves out from the rest of the region beginning in 2008, and you have some pretty convincing circumstantial evidence pointing to the one source of pollution that wasn’t decreasing, but actually increasing in volume – again according to the TCEQ numbers. The Commission really wants to help you guys out, it’s true, but when they have to submit hard data to the EPA, it gets much harder to hide the truth. You should really make it to more of those regional air quality meetings.”

And I said “sizzle-burn”!  Yet of course Mr Everley insists on Nox being more reactive to ozone formation. Sounds like Everley is just parroting what I heard our NCTCOG transportation air quality guy, Kris, try to tell me years ago when I first started attending the air quality regional meetings.

YOU WANT NOX I’LL GIVE YOU FRACKING NOX…….just look at all the diesel NOX spewing drilling rig emissions the industry so kindly proved here…

what follows is “MY” comment on the EID site…

“ewe…ewe…ewe…Mr Kotter….. I have some information on fracking NOX!!!

Lets compare how GM needs 1,479 yrs to = 10 yrs of NOX from Barnett Shale JUST with the use Diesel Drilling Rigs.

The TCEQ emissions inventory Phase 1 and 2 did not include preproduction emissions such as drilling, fracking and flowback….go figure. Arlington’s major gas producer, Chesapeake, presented a NOMAC (contracted driller) presentation at the 2012 AADE Technical Symposium on how much money and emissions they could save using electricity during the drilling phase. FINALLY I can verify one of the PRE-PRODUCTION emissions figures.

  1. I will concentrate on the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Nitrogen Of oXide/dioxide (NOX) figures that have eluded me over the last seven years that I’ve been studying urban drilling.

    The Nomac presentation touted the electric drilling rig to eliminate emissions per well as follows…

    63 tons of CO2 per well (4.2 tons of CO2 per rig per day x ave 15 days to drill each well) plus

    4.6 tons of NOX per well


    .2 tons of VOC per well

    = 67.8 tons per well (of which 93% is CO2 which is bad for Climate Change).

    Multiply 67.8 tons x about 18,000 Barnett Shale gas wells estimated at the end of 2013 thus far, and we have added about 1.2 million tons of pollution from diesel emissions just during the drilling phase.

    The Barnett Shale breakdown of these 1.2 million tons is….

    1,134,000 tons CO2

    82,800 tons NOX (big time ozone reactor)

    3,600 tons VOC’s

  2. Kim Feil

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    GM as in General Motors and their emissions that I get PIR’s on just so we can compare industry to industry…..oh and that doesn’t include their ON-site gas well emissions…they don’t claim those. Happy Entertainment District breathing in Arlington GAsland/Ozone hell Texas.”

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