Fracking Underneath Arctic Methane Hydrate Sediments to tap off surface releases hopeful to prevent global warming threat

I never thought I’d say this but…….. “DRILL BABY DRILL” ….

that is Professor Wadhams suggests that we use the fracturing technology to target underneath the methane hydrate sediments to “tap off” that which would risk being released as uncontrolled surface methane releases.

Big oil & gas companies got us into this global warming mess and we’ll need them to help try and get us out of this fracking mess.

…so now I predict we see pro-fracking climate deniers get dollar signs in their heads of the newest methane hydrates shale gas play and become “believers” of manmade climate change…..

Video Published on Jun 20, 2015

“Exclusive interview with Professor Peter Wadhams, leading Arctic scientist Cambridge University – Filmed by Judy Sole, the University of Earth –”;

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Urban Drill First – access safety manuel 7 years later

Screen shot 2015-06-30 at 2.24.20 PMScreen shot 2015-06-30 at 3.46.13 PMDiagram by Mike Norton/geologist page 25 of manuel.

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We SHALE Overcome Some Day: Arlington’s anti solar + pro fracking gas agenda

The city of Arlington TX now has a Unified Development Code that isn’t friendly to rooftop solar energy access. To make things worse, our city promotes the use of natural gas so Chesapeake can come finish fracking us and our airshed….how do we find equity in this injustice?

 But don’t don’t U fret

            lets make A bet

              that we can set

frack free goals 2 B met


First right here, right now let us sing….

“We shale over come

We shale over come

We shale over come some day…eh eh eh-aye

Oh deep in my lungs – I struggle to *breathe

We shale over come TODAY”!

Invest in solar roof top panels  T O D A Y. 

Switch your energy provider that offers 100% wind (not gas)  T O D A Y.

Type in your zip code here  T O D A Y  to see your solar options….

For those whose home has a home positioned such that the panels would be have to be seen from the street (which could be in violation of their local development codes), and if you are a south Texan whose utility provider is Nueces Electric Cooperative, then watch this video and take action for a roofless solar panel option….

Screen shot 2015-06-30 at 9.59.26 AM….my disclaimer is that I am not getting any kickback for this blog promo…I just want to have a Liveable Arlington !!!

*(not 2 B confused with) “I can’t breathe” by PussyRiot

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O Benzene Benzene wherefore art thou Benzene? Guess how near U!

Benzene is in ALL the phases of Natural Gas Extraction.  And so its no surprise that babies are found to have higher birth defects near drilling too.

  • Click here to see that the City of Arlington has MSDS sheets for Benzene that Chesapeake uses during the DRILLING STAGE …
  • Click here to read how they use Benzene during FRACKING STAGE
  • Click here to see how Benzene amounts are dangerous to the workers exposed to the waste during the FLOWBACK STAGE.
  • Click here to read coverage of FLARING in the Eagleford and its Benzene exposures during that process.
  • Click here to learn how that waste driven to INJECTION WELLS have Phenol (a major metabolite of Benzene) had 93 million pounds injected in TX in 2011.


Keep in mind that one teaspoon of Benzene contaminates about 261,000 gallons of water

And so through cracks in the casing they are finding how the methane races up into the water wells. Unknown is if the other toxins like Benzene will later take the same route.

So click here for an interactive site where you can pick your poison or name your ailment and back into what chemicals can cause the health effect.

Screen shot 2015-05-23 at 10.09.31 AM

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Baby Sitting Idle Rigs – new fracking job creation …hahahahaha

CNBC reported “There are a lot of rigs being parked. Someone’s got to sit on them 24 hours a day.”Charles Clifton, Security consultant, Knightsbridge Risk Management

Is your town in a fracking BUST phase? Look out for those unemployed frack worker vandals. “Workers and subcontractors who have suddenly been left with no income have sometimes retaliated by stealing or damaging equipment, from well caps to bulldozers, he (Clifton) said.”1551483_609673085772899_1186037459_nPic of Texas drill site with “Smokey Joe Barton” sign strategically placed….article link HERE on (laid off) worker retaliation/theft…the new ecoterrorists.

In Texas, I covered the story when the Perryman Group back pedaled on fracking and its importance in Texas job creation…..hahaha

Per the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the US average that the mining industry contributes to the overall economy is 2.2% in 2014, but that “Contributions from mining in Oklahoma and Texas led growth in the Southwest region (4.3 percent)—the fastest growing BEA region.”  HOWEVER North Dakota would be hit harder than Texas because of the slow down in drilling from the low oil pricing.

You can see (per the BEA) the mining related decrease in GDP by industry for Q4 of 2014….“Mining increased 16.0 percent in the fourth quarter, after increasing 25.6 percent.”

BEA also reported that “Professional, scientific, and technical services real value added rose 4.2 percent in 2014, after increasing 0.7 percent in 2013. This was the largest increase since 2008 and the fifth consecutive increase for real value added.’

I bold faced “technical” because solar and wind energy applications are on the energy sector funds as a “technology”. Renewable energy funds are NOT on the stock exchange market category of the traditional fossil fuel energy companies like Exxon & Chevron.

It is important to note that…Clean Energy Collective Brings Roofless Community-Shared Solar Solution to Texas…..and the money making opportunities have never looked brighter!

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Autopsy on children’s Brain from Mexico revealed brain damage from air pollution

MotherJones reported…”In one autopsy study comparing children raised in Mexico City with their counterparts in less polluted parts of the country, half the Mexico City children had notable aggregations of a protein called amyloid beta—which is strongly associated with Alzheimer’s—grouped in clumps across their brains. In the children from less polluted areas, there were none.”….”Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that those who study brain disease and air pollution are taking matters into their own hands. Every time she moves to a new place, Weuve says she aims to live “at least 50 meters away from an interstate expressway, state highway, or truck route.” When USC’s Finch moved to Los Angeles, he “chose to live at as high an altitude as possible” in order to escape the pollution that clusters around the city’s low-lying highways.”

After seeing my (damaged brain) post on FB days later I fixed the title…

Screen shot 2015-06-29 at 9.26.21 PM

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Oil field storage tank w/ hydrogen cyanide residue burned in Waco / Terrorist Fracking Targets R US / Acrolein

6/26/15 RSOE reports in Waco TX that 14 workers were taken to a hospital upon being exposed to residue of hydrogen cyanide from an oil field tank that was being dismantled at a recycling plant. This on the heels of an intentional attack on an American gas plant in France as a terrorist target makes for all our fossil fuel numerous oil & gas infrastructures near people as yet another risk of Urban Drilling…lovely.

“Fourteen workers were taken to local hospitals as a precaution as firefighters and a hazmat crew worked Thursday to contain and extinguish a fire that was burning inside a storage tank at a recycling center containing the residue of a toxic chemical. The fire appeared to be out late Thursday morning. “The business has been evacuated and Waco Fire is monitoring the air quality around the neighborhood. Air quality outside the immediate business area has been determined to be safe. There is not an immediate danger to the surrounding homes or businesses,” Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said late Thursday morning. Firefighters were sent at around 9 a.m. to the CMC Recycling Company, on East League Street, after a crew there reported a fire inside a steel tank they were cutting into scrap, Swanton said. The tank, similar to one farmers use to spread anhydrous ammonia, had been scrapped from an oil field and was being dismantled, Swanton said. Workers began cutting the tank Wednesday afternoon and noticed some residue inside the tank caught fire and began smoking. The workers left the tank over-night and when they started cutting it with torches again Thursday morning, another fire started. The workers were concerned about the smoke and fumes so they called the fire department, which dispatched a hazmat team, and learned the residue inside the tank was from hydrogen cyanide. The business was evacuated, but the fire didn’t threaten the surrounding area, authorities said. Crews were on scene Thursday morning trying to determine the best way to extinguish the fire without damaging the environment, Swanton said. The area is safe and while residents may smell a strange odor, the fumes are dissipated and in small enough quantities that there is no danger, Swanton said. Hydrogen cyanide is a systemic chemical asphyxiant that in significant quantities interferes with the normal use of oxygen by nearly every organ of the body, according to the U.S. Centers For Disease Control website. Exposure to hydrogen cyanide can be rapidly fatal, the website says. It has whole-body (systemic) effects, particularly affecting those organ systems most sensitive to low oxygen levels: the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the pulmonary system. Hydrogen cyanide also is a chemical warfare agent.”

The (failed) $1 million dollar air study that Ft Worth did  years ago* (read my 2011 response to TCEQ of the Ft Worth Air Study below) found a toxic aldehyde that could be used as a biocide, acrolein, in exceedance amounts. The executive summary read…. “For the relatively few sites with multiple, large line compressor engines, the modeling analysis found some areas beyond Fort Worth Natural Gas Air Quality Study Final Report July 13, 2011 xiv the setbacks to have estimated acrolein and formaldehyde concentrations greater than protective health-based screening levels published by TCEQ…”

Ever try to blow up a wind mill or solar panel?



7/14/2011 TCEQ SIP public hearing 10 am first two speakers….Ed Ireland presented this morning that the Phase 2 emissions equipment inventory shows that TCEQ has overstated the projected VOC emissions 5 times more than what the seven leaders of drilling in the Barnett Shale say they emit, that DFW traffic emissions are 6 times more than the almost 11,000 Barnett Shale wells emit in the 9 county area. I (Kim Feil being the second speaker) questioned him that this equipment inventory does not account for what the Permit By Rule application also does not require them to report which is emissions from start up (site set up, truck traffic, drilling, fracking and flow back), maintenance (blowdowns for compressor stations), and shut down emissions. Once the wells are in production, then it’s up to the infrared cameras to detect the invisible hydrocarbons. And so counting inventory equipment emissions is understating (currently unregulated or grandfathered in), real emissions to mothers and breathers.

In attacking ozone should TCEQ go after VOC’s or NOX? North Central Texas Council of Governments Air Quality Steering Committee brought in Dr David Allen from Univ of TX who explained that the (MIR) Maximum Incremental Reactivity scale for ozone from methane is low at .014 compared to xylene at 9.75. In 2007 Toxic risk dot com reported that the GM plant, which is just a mile from here, spewed 85 tons of xylene. TCEQ would do well to limit the xylene at the GM plant, the gas wells at the GM plant, and the numerous gas factories in this nonattainment area.

A new study released Monday from the Global Community Monitor, found 22 toxic chemicals, including four known carcinogens, in air sampled in Colorado and New Mexico near natural-gas production facilities. Acrylonitrile, (used in fracking formulas) was detected in five samples at 3 to 15 times above the EPA long term limit. One family from Garfield County in Colorado that lived about a half-mile from six natural gas rigs had to flee their home after developing rashes and nose bleeds.
Acrylonitrile flow back is highly flammable and toxic. It undergoes explosive polymerization. Haliburton has patents for this chemical to coat the fracking sand. The MSDS says to avoid heat but fracking at these depths cannot escape the intense heat. If you burn this at the evaporization test pilot site at the Arc Park Ft Worth Compressor Station, the burning of this material releases fumes of hydrogen cyanide and oxides of nitrogen (NOX) . The EPA says Acrylonitrile can contribute to the formation of photochemical smog when it reacts with other volatile substances in the air.

Peak summer emissions from Barnett Shale oil and condensate tanks VOC’s increase 375%, methane and carbon dioxide increase at least 250%, and the HAP’s increase almost 1,800%. In the preliminary Ft Worth air study, xylene isomers had the highest HAP’s. Not only is Xylene a HAP, it is an extremely reactive VOC.
So whether you look for your biggest bang in reducing ozone by reducing NOX like acrylonitrile verses VOC’s with high MIR’s like xylene, you cannot control mother nature’s peak summer temperatures, but you can control the exponential emissions by mandating vapor recovery systems.

If I’m not able to speak tonight, I am sending written public comment asking for TCEQ to include in their air testing… formaldehye, carbon disulfide, glycol (glycol ethers) and acrylonitrile. I will also remind them of the public risk in faulty Effect Screening Levels due to a recent finding of mice being fed an “ EPA safe” dose of bisphenol and the result being a generation of male, obese, feminine, unhealthy-endocrine disrupted mice. Drilling for natural gas near humans makes us like mice in a lab. I have coined the MICE acronym phrase to stand for “Multiple Inputs Cumulative Effects” for which there is no state or federal regulation.

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Good Fracking Mourning message on FB to share = Arlington HEALTH ALERT !

Screen shot 2015-06-24 at 7.47.33 AMScreen shot 2015-06-24 at 7.48.08 AMAnd it is worth mentioning that Daniel is one of two members of an Arlington grassroots group of concerned residents regarding Urban Drilling risks whose health is questionably affected by a compromised airshed. The other member is fighting a resurgence of her leukemia in Houston as I type this. I try not to drink my tap water even though its filtered….I know too much about what is NOT tested for.

I live by the ATT Cowboy Stadium and I begged council not to approve this drill site because we already had the emissions from the all the local paint shops, General Motors (and their onsite gas wells) and the stuff coming off the UT Arlington drill sites …in addition to all the vehicle traffic emissions from the Entertainment District. But they wouldn’t even enforce their own 600 ft setback in our ordinance…this site did NOT have to happen…I blame council 100%.

How fitting that God prayer in the background is also captured on my print screen of Daniel’s message……in Texas we have been forsaken by our leaders… we hang on the cross’ burden of corporate abuse….we’ve nothing left but the wait…for more messages like this to come across our Facebook…or move away…but to where? We were here first!

Here is an 111 page medical list of emails from Open Records Requests in Pennsylvania.

Here is a video of worker near my drill site by the stadium sharing her health issues…she didn’t know I had the recorder on.

Here are some more related to Arlington health effects videos…

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2016 Election money forecasts American Petroleum Institute to spend > $70 million in ads


Newly formed group of ‘Liveable Arlington’ members (I’m in the middle) attended EPA hearing on air quality. We have grass roots efforts all over the United States that exist to keep our populations healthy via clean air, soil, food, & water. We must fight big corporations throwing around insane amounts of money to buy elections and politician’s votes.

It was reported by Climate Investigations that “American Petroleum Institute paid two PR firms $411 million 2008-2013.  ($355 million 2008-2012)”…that averages out to about $70 million per year. 

Earlier this year, one of those PR firms, Edelman, has called it quits with the API… read about it here. Back in 2010 the Edelman contract was for $63 million and in 2008, the oil lobby paid Edelman $75 million.

While this headline might be an overstatement based on more recent spending info…

…it looks like the go-ahead to spend big has been given. Oil & Gas Journal reported on June 23 2015 of API President, Gerard…“We must demand that those who represent us reject the outdated anti-energy political orthodoxy of those who advocate for a regressive energy policy that keeps fossil fuels in the ground, and demands and expects our society to embrace a substantially lower standard of living to satisfy their ‘off-fossil fuel’ agenda”.

I will submit to a lower standard of living if it is the only way my grandchildren can live in a habitable planet, but scare tactics like Gerard uses isn’t necessary. So much economic opportunity for jobs await in building renewable energy installations. The lower standard of living Gerard doesn’t admit to is when we cannot enjoy our “trinkets” if we are too sick from diseases caused by fossil fuel environmental contamination. So many cancers and lung ailments can be avoided…if we can just find and elect the right representation.

So it looks like Blue Advertising, a subsidiary of Edelman who will continue on with API, will be getting the mother load of profracking cash to attempt to brainwash Americans in the 2016 elections. Get ready to see a bunch of #Vote4Energy messages on social media.

OK so we each have a vote in this upcoming election, but I believe the hard part will be to find those who will run that want to leave fossil fuels in the ground so we can have a liveable planet and healthy people.

The way we can fight big oil and gas from buying an election is an idea I have to implement a way to easily vote using our social security number through the SSI system and mandate that each citizen vote or face a penalty.

This government voting website would be the ONLY forum for each candidate in the form of pre-recorded videos, debates, & opponent comparisons with each candidate’s position on policies.

The government healthcare website was a disaster, and so this voting website I’m proposing would be a challenge but not impossible. It would also be subject to hackers I’m sure, but an accompanying mail-in scantron vote can serve to verify it matches the electronic vote.

We have the technology to simplify elections that give equal voice to breathers not corporations…voting reform needs to happen before this next election.

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Texas 5,880 GL spilled failed pump & in Oklahoma 18,144 GL in tanks floated away

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 12.32.01 PMJune 19, 2015 In Texas, west of San Antonio

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 12.54.49 PMJune 19 2015 In Oklahoma, east of Admore

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 1.49.32 PMAnd Washita River terminates into our Lake Texoma….any questions?

One teaspoon of Benzene contaminates about 261,000 gallons of water.

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 1.58.11 PM

All the Texas and Oklahoma padsites are at storm water risk…and the frackers will call them floating and spilling tanks acts of God, yet they won’t go and shut in all the wells and remove the liquids and replace with clean water so they don’t risk spilling into the environment…too much work …..I say too much risk when you are talking about our eventual drinking water.

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