Bye Bye Chesapeake from the Barnett Shale

Photo on 2011-05-12 at 20.51

“what….. no more Chesapeake?

Update 9/23/16  If you’ve been following my blog-thank you. If you are wondering why I no longer blog it is because I have been working for a water generating company. Lets just say that municipal drinking water cannot be trusted..and if they mess up…they have to notify you by law albeit even AFTER the frack you drank it.

My next phase of fractivism rocks da house cause all this time I was trying to protect our drinking water and air/food shed but now we have the ocean above our heads we can tap since we can’t stop the frack. —end update—-

Chesapeake was Arlington’s predominant operator, as the baton of our urban drilling operator passes to a second tier driller.

Update 9/9/11 A French company named Total (who already owned 25% of Chesapeake) now plans to own the Barnett Shale Assets.  Our 55+ pad sites in Arlington and their aging infrastructures make them more dangerous by the months and by the blowdowns. We are the guinea pigs of Camel cig deniers that all is well in urban drilling hell.

Update 8/16/16: DallasNews reported  of the natural gas pipeline/transporter …“Williams said its new customer guaranteed spending $40 million a year on drilling through 2018 plus an unspecified amount on well connections and other projects”.

Listen here to Episode 80 podcast of Chesapeake’s exit from the Barnett Shale….there is mention of emissions in urban areas and lawsuits over royalties issues.

On 8/1/16 Barrons reported “Saddle Operating LLC is comprised of former Exco Resources executives including former CEO, Doug Miller and CFO, Doug Ramsey”.

Saddle is owned by First Reserve. who owns interests in solar & wind farms, so there is hope in the world*…whenever financials drive it.

On 8/10/16 press releases reported that Chesapaeake’s Barnett Shale  assets were “transferred” per the Star Telegram. Hah…so there was no cash for these clunkers.

And as for the employees still working in the Barnett shale, the Chk CEO said… “Chesapeake still has about 170 employees working in the Barnett Shale, and Lawler said they hopefully will transition to Saddle Barnett Resources”.

Bloomberg reported that Williams Partners plan to revitalize drilling in the Barnett Shale by a conditional gas gathering arrangement in “tying the monthly fees it charges for gathering and delivering fuel to the price of gas traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange”.

“Williams said it will receive $754 million in cash that’ll be used to pay down debt”.

It was reported that Chesapeake left the Barnett Shale to “escape almost $2 billion in onerous pipeline contracts”…..”The company will receive no proceeds from Saddle for handing over the Barnett assets, which in late July were estimated to be worth as much as $1 billion”. 

Chesapeake is giving away ONE BILLION value in Barnett assets?…hmmm thats the same amount they want to spend (throw away) to build a new Ranger Stadium. How ironic that at least one of the Ranger’s owners made their billions with big oil & gas interests. I guess times R tuff in oily land and so the Arlington residents get to get fracked by these oily men twice: 1) urban drilling exposures 2) corporate welfare for private biz stadium upgrade

Now Chesapeake has to pay hundreds of millions to get out of the (bad deal) midstream/pipeline contracts. (Digressing) And so will the Texas Rangers baseball owners do a similar move to get out of the current Rangers contract with the City of Arlington that has 8 years left?  DOUBT IT….Councilman Rivera responded to my question if Texas LIVE would go forward regardless of the vote…so Rangers have skin in Arlington to stay in.

Back to the Chesapeake story….

The details from the financial carnage Chk endured over the years is dizzying. Now the City of  Arlington made out like a bandit (for now) as they got in when the natural gas payouts were high…but the pendulum swings both ways as having industrialized our town and with ever growing aging infrastructure time will be our enemy.

Our best hope is that Chesapeake’s new owners will pony up to plug and abandon and restore these padsites to as best its original state, but the well bores will always be there leak-lurking.

It is hard to wrap your mind around the info below that Saddle has ONE EMPLOYEE???!!!

Second Tier drilling=Arlington frack wells!

saddle chesapeake

*Here is my love letter to First Reserve who owns Saddle….“In the new Barnett dry gas padsite acquisition from Chesapeake, please assure me that after the hyperbolic decline curve is exhausted on existing wells that you will plug & abandon these sites and add solar panels? Urban drilling has been hell for us…I have had nose bleeds when those lift compressors came in by the ATT Stadium….I sued CHK in small claims but failed…and really have done my all to protect my residential rights to not have industrial intrusions…please help me know your intentions with these urban padsites, thank you”.

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Additional Ranger game goers lured by A/C would be valued @NEGATIVE $500 per seat per game over 37 years


link to 1,000 person heart story

Look at this (bad deal) in simplistic terms of just ticket sales….

Anytime you do an upgrade to your business, you expect the payoff to…well pay off…but in the Rangers’ owners case, the CITY would be REMOVING half to 80% of the upgrade costs OUT of the Rangers’ owners pocket books and into our laps…NO WONDER they want this.

And after the bonds are paid off, the $2M annual rent the Rangers pay the city (possibly going down to $1M rent?) will go towards maintenance and not our budget….hmmn!

WFAA reported of the newly built A/C stadium in Miami Florida that the average additional attendance was only 1,000 more game goers. That is an additional 2 million people over the next 37 years over a billion dollar deal which equates to a $500 liability per seat per game!*

The average number of Rangers home game attendees over the last 21 years is 33,000 people. Attendance would pick up a whopping 3% ….tisk

Screen shot 2016-08-10 at 12.40.16 PM

link to chart

(just) T I C K E T   S A L E S   A N A LY S I S

1,000 extra seats sold per game that the A/C attracts:

So if the average ticket is say $25 a ticket times 1,000 extra tickets sold times an average of 54 home games per season = $1.4 million per year ($1,350,000) x 37 years of commitment has an overall additional revenue created of about $50 million in ticket sales for the Rangers owners…. it would take 740 years to pay off that billion dollar debt WITHOUT counting interest for the bonds! 

$50 million over 37 years is only 5% of one billion dollars (in misguided investment) just to bring in an additional 1,000 people per game.

—————frowney face here——–OK now lets take ALL ticket sales (and not count any expenses or concessions income) and look at the annual ticket sales revenues to see if we can get that 740 year pay back on bad investment thang down————————

ALL seats sold per game with current stadium:

Ave ticket price of $25 times 33,000 seats times 54 home games =$45 million per year the Rangers owners make in ticket sales. AAh thats better now…so at $45M per year it would take 22 years (not counting ANY expenses, salaries, RENT to the city, utility bills, being offset with concessions etc.) to pay off a billion dollar investment.

In 22 years we will have another “old” stadium and the city could have possibly LOTS of bond debt (INCLUDING INTEREST) risk!

I’ve come to think with this ticket sales analysis that the Rangers don’t think they can make more money with a new A/C stadium…they just want us to incur most of the costs for an upgrade!


vote no to future parking lot


*1,000 additional people per game times 54 games per year for 37 years is 2 million people in total. Divide one billion dollars by 2 million people = one thousand seats would have a $500 per person seat ticket liability per game over the next 37 years to justify the A/C upgrade.


This is by Warren Norred about the operational expenses…..

“In the (well-named) Master Agreement, the utility costs are mentioned specifically as part of the Operations and Maintenance Costs (capitalized because it is a defined term). The Agreement obviously gives a lot of direction about the flow of money. First, the Rangers pay an initial amount, up to $50M, to get the project going. Arlington then sells a bunch of bonds, which is limited to $500M, and is used to pay for construction.

To pay for the debt service payments, the sales/hotel/car rental taxes are collected into an account, and that account pays for the bond payments. When the bond payments are current, excess funds collected go into a Reimbursement Account, and that account can pay the Operations and Maintenance Costs, i.e., the electricity for the a/c.

Summarizing into one sentence – once the city has collected what it needs to pay on the bond service, the extra money can be used to pay the utilities, along with all other maintenance costs.

We can make this a “real answer” – it tends to reveal to me that a major reason for doing this deal for the Rangers is the non-trivial costs of getting someone else to pay the bills, because they are paying all this now. Over time, this is a good number I suspect”.

update 9/14/16

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-49-38-pmscreen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-52-53-pmscreen-shot-2016-09-14-at-10-03-05-pmHere is the link to the US taxpayer article


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Did Rangers employees think jobs R at risk or just want A/C? They showed up in white tees!

UPDATE one person commented on this post ...”Where did this erroneous information come from? We NEVER heard that the Rangers would leave if they didn’t get an air conditioned stadium. This is to have more seating and air conditioning for EVERYONE’s comfort. The Texas heat can be unbearable at times!!!”

I responded….
Who told you there would be more seating? It is actually less and the new stadium will only bring in about 1,000 more people per game if you look at the Miami experience that cost the mayor his job. That is good to hear that you NEVER heard that the Rangers would leave if they didn’t get an air conditioned stadium. We even have a video of the mayor admitting Rangers never said that, however on the city’s press release video back in May the mayor is sitting at the table and announced “The Texas Rangers have chosen to stay in Arlington Texas”. To me the number of seats is a nonissue as the nosebleed was never full anyway and the average attendance over the last 21 years is about 33,000 per game. But please read this to see my math on those extra 1,000 seats how uneconomical it would be…baseball is intended to be outside…

—end update—–

Two things about what Ranger employees must be thinking about with the Nov 8 Proposition 1 now secured on the ballot:

  1. Gee working in the A/C by the year 2021 would be nice, and or
  2. Is my job really at risk if the Rangers leave Arlington because they want A/C?

Here is a cell phone print screen of an email directing the communications for Ranger employees to pick up tee shirts, where to meet, not to speak etc….

Screen shot 2016-08-10 at 10.22.05 AMLast night WFAA covered the unanimous vote to put this (bad deal) Proposition 1 on the ballot in November, it was reported that the proponents far outnumbered the opponents at the meeting….seeing this email shows how active the PAC? must be in communicating their propaganda ridden message that in order to “Keep the Rangers” we have to vote YES.

keep rangers white tees

Here is the FB link to the photo

In WFAA’s coverage, they also showed our mayor in raw video footage admitting that the Rangers have not officially said they would leave if we don’t give them $500 million of Arlington funding.

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Arlington Field of Schemes trick ticket makes the Nov ballot

UPDATE trick ticket to hell as propaganda “Keep the Rangers” is all over the PAC’s signs, bill-boards, etc. …..without evidence that the Rangers WILL leave…..the video of mayor admitting they never said they would leave is HERE.
kim rangers meeting

Arlington City Council Special Meeting Vote 8/9/16 ended with unanimous vote to put funding of “bad deal” on Nov ballot for new Ranger Stadium

 Last night was a media feast…here is WFAA’s coverage which mentions how the proponents far outnumbered the opponents, but here is evidence as to how/who some (most?) of these folks ended up at the meeting in the white tee shirts…

Screen shot 2016-08-10 at 10.22.05 AM


The Rangers and Arlington officials want our residents to foot HALF of a billion dollar baseball stadium with retractable roof, less seating and A/C….of course my biggest beef is at least one of the Ranger billionaire owners made his cash with fossil fuel interests (that worsen the very climate change that is making ever increasingly outdoor events unsustainable EVERYWHERE!)…#construction #workers #suffer TOO!


Dallas news update Also, $2 million annual rent would help pay off the debt and eventually go toward stadium improvements when the bonds were retired. None of the Rangers rent would end up in the city’s general fund”.
Today council will be having the final vote (with public comment) at around 3:45 today to put the 50/50 deal on the November ballot to build a new Ranger Stadium BUT very good questions blogger Neil deMause and his correspondents have just HAVE to be answered!
Here is a cut and paste of the fieldofschemes blogsite…..
  • The stadium would now cost $1 billion, with Arlington taxpayers’ share at $500 million. No idea why the price tag is $100 million higher than it was on Friday morning, though the conspiracy-minded will note that even if the actual cost estimate is the same, upping the target price means the Rangers owners’ responsibility to pay for all cost overruns won’t kick in as soon now.
  • For the Rangers owners’ share, they would get to use personal seat license fees plus parking and ticket tax money, which would pay off bonds sold by the city — meaning if PSL sales fell short, say, the city could end up on the hook for more than $500 million. This, you’ll recall, was the initial concern with the San Francisco 49ers stadium in Santa Clara, and though that worked out okay in the end when the PSLs sold out, it’s still an added risk for Arlington.
  • The public’s base $500 million will come from the 0.5% sales tax surcharge, 2% hotel tax surcharge, and 5% car rental tax surcharge currently being used to pay off the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium, which the Dallas Star-Telegram calls “no new taxes.” Except that the Cowboys stadium was set to be paid off in 2021, at which point those taxes could either have been eliminated or redirected toward something else — so really this is a new extension of existing taxes for as much as an additional 30 years.
  • The Rangers will continue to pay the same $2 million a year rent to the city that they pay on their current stadium.
  • The city council will vote on a stadium agreement tomorrow — apparently Texas doesn’t believe in things like public hearings — and if approved, the project will then go before voters in November, something that the Dallas Morning News entirely left out of its ten-point rundown of the proposal, which stated the stadium plans entirely in the simple future tense (“It will be open by April 2021”). Way to go, writers on the fait accompli beat.
  • While most of the existing Globe Life Park would be torn down to make way for parking lots (the new stadium would be built on existing parking lots), there could be attempts to save “parts of the facade and other historic features” at the ballpark, which is younger than all but one player on the Rangers’ current roster.

That tells us a lot more than we knew Friday morning, but there are still a bunch of unanswered questions:

  • Nobody knows how the first few years of construction bond payments will be paid off, since the taxes involved still need to keep being used for Cowboys stadium debt through 2021.
  • Will the Rangers owners pay any property taxes on the place? Who will pay maintenance and operations costs? Will Arlington get any share at all of stadium revenues like naming rights, or will the public have to pay off its share entirely from tax revenue while the Rangers get to use actual stadium income for theirs?
  • What do Arlington residents think of the deal? (The Star-Telegram ran an article headlined “What fans, Arlington officials are saying” but then apparently forgot to interview any actual fans, since the only quotes (aside from one local sports bar owner) were from current and former elected officials who supported the deal.)
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Charlie Parker <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Robert Rivera <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Jim Parajon <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Lana Wolff <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Robert Shepard <>; Jeff Williams <>; Victoria Myers <>
Cc: Brett Shipp <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 9, 2016 11:36 AM
Subject: Please table Arlington council Ranger ballot vote until Q’s R answered
Here is a letter I sent Professor Roger Noll, I’ll share his response. In the meantime please consider the questions on
And also please read the last two comments for this article….
Pat on  May 25, 2016 at 2:52 pm  said:
There’s a rail system maybe 500 yards from the stadium if they want more revunue build an extension for the TRE that circles the stadiums and six flags. tax the mess out of the people who ride not the good citizens of Arlington
Rpdx1on  May 27, 2016 at 11:00 am  said:
Pat….they just may do that. Or bring in a private firm (like PDX did with Bectel to build the MAX extension) to construct a spur, the cost of which will be passed on to the public. That done by a ‘slight’ fare increase.
As for the roof…from those wonderful renderings, it looks like a collapsible cup type of design. Which is going to be all so wonderful, except for some possible sealing issues so the AC can work. Let alone the possible issues with the translucent glass in same being scratched (when it is opened and retracted), so it will look like a modern art masterpiece…but may cause the folks in Arlington to be on the hook for a replacement. Gee…the cost of that alone would be that for another ballpark….how about that!!!

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 9, 2016 11:26 AM
Subject: Arlington council vote today notes I need


Jerry Jones’ ATT Stadium would benefit from the Rangers/Cordish owned planned TexasLIVE complex  where the city of Arlington is pitching in $50million and other incentives worth about another $50million. Since the Rangers want air conditioning I have been suggesting that we work with Jerry Jones to use ATT Stadium during the hottest summer months. So my question is can a football stadium be retrofitted for baseball? 
In using Oakland A’s & the Oakland Raiders as the example of two teams sharing the same coliseum, it is obvious that the Raiders ARE indeed no longer happy with this arrangement. Per the East Bay Times (TNS)
Fri, Jul 15, 2016 (10:30 a.m.)
Last year there was the idea to build a new Oakland A’s baseball stadium nearby and have the old coliseum be updated for Raiders football games only. In this time of ever increasing hotter temperatures along with more sustainable activities, I believe in not throwing away good stuff such as the Rangers Globe life Park. I believe we should reuse, repurpose, renew, and extend the life of buildings unless they are unsustainable.
The Ranger’s open top stadium may be unsustainable to our hotter temperatures, and the costs of climate change by fossil fuel use that made at least one of the Ranger’s owners so filthy rich need to not look to Arlington citizens to pay that burden to have the games in air conditioning.
Thank you for your work that uncovers the UNeconomics of stadiums. I will send council this link to your article….
If you have any quick thoughts for me to give me our council? Otherwise, I will read some of these questions and ask council to table the vote until the questions are answered…. Rangers stadium to cost Arlington taxpayers at least $500m, many questions remain unanswered
In reading comments from residents on the Ranger proposals news coverage, they have ideas such as…
  • “Give Arlington residents free Ranger tickets”…I think 1/2 price tickets is more appropriate and at least the stadium could look full.
  • Tie the $500 million vote to include a high speed rail commitment
  • and more on my blog about a Litmus Test if after the voters vote NO and Texas LIVE doesn’t break ground by year end as promised….

In my blog I post a video of the mayor of Arlington admitting the Rangers have NOT “said” they were leaving.

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NAACP Briggs & Stratton help Raising Men Lawncare mow breathably !


click here to see TORO electric mower info & here for reviewer video

Air North Texas featured a company that does lawns sustainably. Their website (I boldfaced says they use clean electric and biodiesel powered lawn care equipment that runs on renewable energy. Our electric equipment is charged by solar panels mounted on our trucks, reducing our net emissions to zero and letting us recharge our equipment even while we work”.

So I contacted who is the founder of Raising Men Lawncare, Huntsville LA to start a crowdfunding to be able to afford sustainable lawn care equipment so the young men do not get exposed to so much benzene and other harmful emissions with traditional lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc.

Briggs & Stratton donated lawn equipment to Raising Men Lawncare. The VIDEO of this honorable program for our youth to mow lawns of the elderly and disabled can be viewed here…

BUT we can do better and so can Briggs & Stratton. Impressive emissions reductions information can be found on their website as they claim albeit riddled with typos…“Emission  from briggs&stratton engines manufactured today average 75% less than 1995 models,In addtion up to half of emission from outdoor power equipment is preventable”

I’m asking Briggs & Stratton to begin to OFFER solar powered lawn equipment.

And so I’m also asking the NAACP to help assist in the idea to give these young men a ZERO EMISSIONS “thank you” in their work by helping with the crowd funding marketing efforts.

That safer lawn equipment exists and that minorities do not have access to the clean air technologies is quite bluntly…a sin and an environmental injustice.

They even have renewable robot mowers that the military uses which is obviously not viable for Raising Men Lawncare work.

We depend on powerful companies such as Briggs & Stratton to be leaders of REAL sustainable change for our youth’s future and we need NAACP to be more involved in resolving environmental injustices like fracking near minorities.


From: kim feil <>
To: Chris Klaus <>
Cc: Robert Rivera <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Jim Parajon <>; Charlie Parker <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Lana Wolff <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Robert Shepard <>; Jeff Williams <>; John Dugan <>; Victoria Myers <>
Sent: Monday, August 8, 2016 9:50 AM
Subject: 5% pollution=lawn equipment
Are there any retirement incentive programs of old lawn equipment? The newer engines have cut emissions by 75% from the 1995 models…also we could add incentives for municipalities golf courses to employ electric robot mowers….
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BREAKING! EPA: potential 4 induced fractures 2 directly reach protected ground water resource is high, if…..

“….IF the protected ground water resources is present at that depth”. The five year plus EPA frac water FINAL study results was published July 28 2016.

The AAAS conference held earlier this year came up with this abstract of the EPA’s study…


Hydraulically fractured oil and gas production wells are designed, constructed, and completed to access and extract hydrocarbons from targeted geologic formations. Well components, such as casing and cement used to construct production wells, can block pathways for unintended subsurface gas and liquid movement to ground water resources. To help understand the role of well design and construction practices in preventing pathways for subsurface fluid movement, the EPA conducted a statistical survey of oil and gas production wells hydraulically fractured by nine oil and gas service companies in the United States during 2009 and 2010. Drilling, construction, and completion information from the study wells was collected from nine well operators and summarized. Data provided by the well operators were used to describe, for these wells: (1) well design and construction characteristics of hydraulically fractured oil and gas production wells, (2) the relationship of well design and construction characteristics to drinking water resources, and (3) the number and relative location of casing and cement barriers that can prevent subsurface fluid movement. This presentation reports the findings from the first survey of onshore oil and gas production wells hydraulically fractured in the continental United States, using data provided by well operators. These findings highlight important factors that should be considered when assessing the potential impacts of hydraulically fractured oil and gas production wells on drinking water resources. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this presentation are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency”.

Here are the troubling highlights released by EPA recently…..


This federal level  (in my opinion I N C O N C L U S I V E )  attempt to understand the risks to our drinking water from hydraulic fracturing creates even more of an urgency for lower levels of governments such as TCEQ, TRA, NCTCOG, & local water municipalities as well as universities and water testing entities affiliated with universities like UTACLEAR who found  Indirect evidence of pollutant migration via microannular fissures in well casing”.  Currently our state and local governments have the appearance of having political ties to the oil & gas industry which is in my opinion dangerous when trying TO DEVELOP SCREENING PROTOCOLS (can’t find what you don’t look for).

We have to be ever vigilant in detecting fracking effluents that risk our precious drinking water resources especially with climate change intensifying the risks from drought and deluges.


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Just add more sand sand and even more fracking sand…got subsidence risks?



Benzene tries to hide but Sid Subsidence will eventually find him!

Dallas News reported “On a per-well basis, sand use has doubled since 2011, climbing to nearly 8 million pounds, according to consulting firm IHS Inc.”

“Increase the amount of sand, fracking outfits have found, and you increase the amount of fractures that stay open”.

Got a water shortage?  add more fracking sand!!! So how much heavier is all that wet sand down there to cause subsidence* or seismic events?

*pg 11 “Sediment collects….., the weight causing subsidence”



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Subscribe 2 Arlington Water Alerts at

Interested in boil notices, broken mains, water restrictions due to drought, etc? This is what you’ve missed so far……

  1. Road closure and 360. Valve repair so please be patient while water crews work. awu#

  2. Sewer work will have Mansfield Webb down to 1 lane at Grindstone Ct. We appreciate your patience as crew work.

  3. (2/2) Southbound traffic will become two way starting at 9am this morning. The barricade plan should be in place until early next week.

  4. (1/2) Repairs continue this morning in the 4600 block of Park Springs Blvd due to a main break. Northbound traffic will be diverted.

  5. . crews have the road down to 1 lane each way at 1305 W Randol Mill Rd between Davis Dr & Woodland Dr

  6. All northbound traffic is being converted over to the southbound lane until the break is fixed.

  7. Both northbound lanes in the 2600 block of Perkins between Highgate Dr. & Earle St. are closed due to a water main break.

  8. . Crews Repairing Six Water Main Breaks, Some Outages Expected. Learn more:

  9. There is a water main break located at 4140 W. Pioneer Parkway. Crews are out to make repairs.

  10. City of Arlington Water Utility crews are currently performing an emergency water main repair at 1819 Kent Drive at New York Avenue

  11. 500 block of Great Southwest Blvd closed to North bound traffic due to an emergency water main break. Crews will replace a small section

  12. Partial Lane closure on westbound Division between Fielder & Parker Roads. Crews are replacing a large valve.

  13. In reply to

    Hi there, . We are still at a Stage 1 water restriction. You can find more information here:

  14. (2/2) The City of will be relocating a fire hydrant out of the sidewalk to accommodate project.

  15. (1/2) Lane closure will be set up at 8 am to 4 pm tom. Will affect right hand turn lane on Cooper going northbound as you approach Mitchell.

  16. Our offices are closed today and tomorrow, but you can reach us at 817-459-5900 with water/sewer emergencies.

  17. A water main break at 1704 S Cooper has two southbound lanes shut down this morning as we try and clear debris from the road.

  18. Water off for E Abram St (Stadium to Circle), Stadium (Abram to Division), Parkview, Oriole, Bird, Terry, & Elder 5 PM tonight-noon tomorrow

  19. Water is off at 5400 Spring Meadows Dr until 5 PM because a contractor accidentally dug up the line. Repairs are underway!

  20. Water is off at the 4000 block of Carol Ln for a water main repair.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving! Our offices are closed today, but you can call 817-459-5900 if you have a water/sewer emergency.

  22. Water will be off for 2-3 hours in the 7600-7700 block of Southbridge Ln for a service line repair.

  23. We are repairing a fire hydrant at the 4600 block of Woodstone Ct today, and the water will be off there from Noon-4PM.

  24. Water will be off for 4-6 hours for emergency repairs at the 900 block of E Six Flags Dr.

  25. Water is off from 9AM-5PM today from 3600-3900 San Ramon as repairs are underway.

  26. Water will be off for about twenty minutes at 2100 Cloverdale Dr for a repair this morning.

  27. We’re partnering w/ NCTCOG & other cities to collect used cooking oil at the ! Info here:

  28. Water is off for emergency repairs at 4200 Moonlight Ct/6700 Sunshine Valley

  29. Water is off at 500 Meadow Dr until further notice as repairs are underway.

  30. The cold snuck up on us! Are your pipes protected from freezing temps? Check our list here:

  31. The first freeze of the seasaon for Dallas/Fort Worth is coming overnight! FREEZE WARNING is in effect from 2-9AM. RS

  32. Thank you Veterans….

  33. Freeze Watch will be in effect from 2-9AM WED & includes Denton/Collin counties with freezing temps likely. RS

  34. Have a beautification project in ? Reserve the Mobile Litter Unit free of charge!

  35. We’re checking valves this am near Abram/Stadium & Stadium/Division; water may go off for a little while and then come back on in that area.

  36. Water is off this morning at 4208 Worth Forest Dr at W Pleasant Ridge Rd to fix a water main break.

  37. Emergency water main break at 521 N Great Southwest Pkwy will cause some traffic issues in the area; water will be out for a few businesses.

  38. Another fun fact from today’s valve repair: All four Arlington Water employees on the crew had beards!

  39. Fun fact from today’s valve repair: it was carefully planned to have the water outage in the middle of the day when less folks use water

  40. A crew is out working on a small emergency water main break at 5300 S Collins. Looks like water is out for a few addresses in that area.

  41. Water is officially flowing again for residents near W Sublett/S Bowen who’ve been patiently waiting for crew to replace a valve today!

  42. Crew has worked really hard today to get the valve repair done at W Sublett and S Bowen! Water should be back soon…

  43. The water will be off at the 1800 block of South Seas and the 1800 block of Pitcarin for about 30 minutes as crews work in that area.

  44. Part 3: Streets for outage in S Arlington tomorrow:Queen Elizabeth; Hampton Dr; Prince of Whales; Victoria Stn;Royal Coach Ln; Prince Edward

  45. Part 2: Streets for water outage in S Arlington tomorrow: Autumn Wheat Trl; Terra Dr; Royal Cir; Downing Ct; Princess Anne; Coach Lane

  46. Part 1: Streets for water outage in S Arlington tomorrow:2600-3100 blocks W. Sublett; Wind Drift Trl Dover Gardens Dr; Sterling Green Trl

  47. ATTN SOUTH ARLINGTON RESIDENTS: We’re fixing a 16″ valve tomorrow & some S Arlington folks will be out of water from 9am-4pm.

  48. Lockdown (Arlington) Blanton Elementary School is currently under lockdown for a unknown reason at this time. We…

  49. Fire drill at City Hall this morning! If you’ve been trying to get ahold of us, we’re now back in the building!

  50. Arlington, TX residents–Arlington Water Utilities will begin posting info here about water outages, construction issues, & emergencies.

Who to foll

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Get yer water well tested $10 bring sample to Crowley TX on 8/18/16

Being on the steering committee for the Village Creek-Lake Arlington Watershed Protection Plan has its perks….

  1. register to attend TWON,
  2. pick up a FREE test kit,
  3. watch an online video of how to obtain your sample,
  4. the night before or the day of take your sample and
  5. bring to Crowley Recreation Center on 8/18/16 and pay $10 to have it analyzed for nitrates, total dissolved solids, and bacteria.

One scarey thing I have learned is that the headwaters originate in Johnson County albeit dry and not much flowing going on….the flow goes north FYI.

Here is the email I received, please let others with water wells know about this ….

“Subject: Water Well Owner Workshop – Get your well water tested for $10



Tarrant County AgriLife Extension and Trinity River Authority invite you to attend the Texas Well Owner Network (TWON) Workshop for the Village Creek-Lake Arlington Watershed and surrounding communities. This workshop is for anyone interested in private water well management and for those interested in learning about ways to improve and protect their community’s water resources. The workshop will provide participants with information about groundwater resources, septic system maintenance, water well maintenance/construction, and water quality and treatment. 


August 18, 2016

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Crowley Recreation Center

405 South Oak Street

Crowley, TX 76036

See Map


The event itself is free and open to the public. Participants who would like to have their water tested can pick up a kit containing two sampling containers and collection instructions at one

of the following locations:



Participants may bring their water samples to the workshop. The cost of analysis will be $10, due when the sample is turned in. Samples will be analyzed for nitrates, total dissolved solids, and bacteria. Participants are asked to collect samples within 24 hours before the workshop to ensure accurate results. A short video showing proper sample collection can be found here:


You can register for the training online at Make sure you select the proper course, ‘August 18, 2016 Crowley Training’ from the drop-down box. For more information about the watershed and updates on this and future meetings, check out the project homepage at


See y’all there,


Aaron Hoff

Watershed Coordinator

Village Creek-Lake Arlington

Watershed Protection

Trinity River Authority of Texas

(817) 493-5581 (office)

(979) 255-9793 (mobile)


 ———-end email begin watershed plan map—–


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Litmus test 2 C if Rangers threat 2 leave Arlington is valid AFTER Nov election

chelsea park stadium arlingont 2012

Google Earth snapshot Chelsea Park May 2012


chelsea park stadium arlington

Google Earth snapshot Chelsea Park August 2015

Chronological background….

  • Around 2007 construction began for upscale townhome living at Chelsea Park near the Entertainment District.
  • Three years later Dallas News reported

“With collapse of Hicks’ Glorypark, few luxury townhouses near Cowboys Stadium have sold, but owners have no regrets”. 

This morning the Ebby realtor told me that all 44 of the “built” Chelsea Park units are sold and that from time to time those do come up for sale. He also stated that the cement poured (in the long abandoned 49 unit expansion plan area) is slated to be removed and that land is for sale.

  • As of December 2015, the city announced investments ($50 million from ATF) & incentives (ANOTHER estimated $50 million via *tax breaks) for the Texas LIVE , a $200 million mixed-use economic development project.

This Texas LIVE project would kinda take the place of Glory Park and the city wanted to MAKE SURE this plan did not fail. I was kinda wondering though why Jerry Jones wasn’t throwing any money at it since he would benefit from that project too.

But getting back to Chelsea Park….. if having the Rangers and the Cowboys did not solidify the completion of Chelsea Park with the planning of the Texas LIVE project, then that is a good indicator that sporting venues do NOT improve the area and in fact lends to automobile gridlock. Gridlock can explain partly why shops in the area are closing, and then there are other issues such as air quality degradation that make living near sports venues not so desirable. ADDITIONALLY Kelly Canon, former District 1 council candidate said,

When I was block-walking in a 2-block vicinity of AT&T Stadium, the homeowners (and renters) seem to also have another big complaint… Internet connectivity! The AT&T Stadium sucks up all the bandwidth for an area, over about a half a mile radius of the stadium! So for roughly 6 to 8 hours during any home game, with AT&T Stadium using this ginormous “hotspot”, everyone living in that half-mile radius experiences a very annoying Internet blackout”!

I had the understanding back in December (when I spoke against using our ATF funds for Texas LIVE) that the Rangers were not happy that we did not have air conditioning at Globe Life Park and I suggested that we work with Jerry Jones to use ATT Stadium during the hottest summer months. Other cities use the same venue for different sporting events, why waste?

  • Then in May of 2016, we were finding out about a “deal” to build an air conditioned, smaller baseball stadium that would be voted on in November. That “deal” was sharply criticised last night.

L I T M U S   T E S T…..

One thing that folks keep revisiting is how to know IF the Rangers would leave Arlington IF we did not help them build HALF of a new ball park. My response is if you think about the TIMING of the planned ground breaking for Texas LIVE by the end of 2016 (ONE MONTH AFTER THE VOTE), then I predict that IF the 50/50 deal to build a stadium FAILS to pass in the November 2016 election AND the Rangers/Cordish’s Texas LIVE does NOT (or delays like the one in May of 2016) break ground within the following few months, that we would have supporting evidence/Litmus Test that the Ranger’s alleged threat to leave Arlington is real. “Then” we would have many more ***elections to figure out a better deal OR work on alternative solutions to keeping them in Arlington **AND in air conditioning or not in air conditioning…..


And if they DID leave the economic consequences per Andy Prior  who wrote on FB on 8/2/16…

“I spoke with Jeff Mosier, DMN, and provided him with the following information that debunks the myth that 40-50% of Arlington sales tax revenues come from visitors:

In 2014 the CVB claims 10 million visitors spent $669 million in Arlington and generated $91 million in STATE and City sales tax revenues. (Source:…/si…/61/2016/05/Rangers-FAQ.pdf)

City share of $91 million is $19,906,250.

Total City sales tax revenue in 2014 was $95,389,822

Vistor’s share was less than 20.87%

Total Taxable Sales in Arlington in 2014 was $4,152,524,843, thus if visitors spent $669 million, it would be 16.1%”.


If our NO vote in November kills Texas LIVE, at least this would preserve the $50 million fracking related ATF blood money we may need to start plugging Arlington gas wells of possible, future bankrupt fracking operators…..


*tax breaks for Texas LIVE, “If the development proceeds, the city would provide the Texas Rangers performance-based incentives that include retaining income from the following sources: hotel occupancy tax, property tax, sales tax and mixed beverage tax for 30 years from the city and hotel occupancy tax and sales tax from the state for 10 years. The city would kick in $50 million; the development corps — Arlington Ballpark District Entertainment Block, LLC and Arlington Ballpark District Entertainment Block, Inc. — would pick up the rest”.


**Here is a $600 million solution versus the one billion dollar (which doesn’t include perfectly beautiful open roof stadium tear down) proposed project to build a new Ranger Stadium…..



***ELECTIONS for future “better” deal voting

City Elections – May 2017,

Primary Elections – March 2018

City Elections – May 2018

General Election – Nov 2018

City Elections – May 2019

Primary Election – March 2020

City Elections – May 2020

General Election – Nov 2020

City Elections – May 2021

Twice that number if you go until the lease is up in 2024. There is no reason to rush this.

UPDATE 8/8/16….The mayor does not approve of being videotaped in these two related videos…here & here

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