McClendon’s holy grail derailed – how CNG won’t work for average joe drivers

UPDATE 8/21/2014 CNG powered vehicle explosion under investigation …

UPDATE March 2012 Cummins NG engine recall…oops in freezing temps


The Star Telegram reported two years ago that “The ‘holy grail’ for the U.S. natural gas industry would be the development and widespread use of (natural) gas as a liquid motor fuel, Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon told a packed crowd at the World Shale Gas Conference & Exhibition…”

But read the comment from Bill Bell who says:

“I like the idea of using CNG to fuel vehicles. It really makes sense for vehicles that drive a lot of miles locally each year like taxis, buses, delivery and other fleet vehicles. For me I just don’t drive enough, 15,000 miles/year, to make it payback. To convert a vehicle to CNG costs a minimum of $8,000 and more typically $10,000 to $12,000. GM offers a CNG bi-fuel truck for $11,000 for fleet owners. Consumers cannot buy it. Honda has the Civic CNG for around $28,000 versus a non-CNG vehicle of similar size that can be purchased for under $20,000. Assume you get 25mpg and you can save $1.50/gge (gallon) and you drive 15,000 miles a year. It will take you 9 years to make the initial cost payback. The CNG tanks expire after 15 years essentially making the car worthless. Now you can do home fueling and get the savings per gallon higher, maybe $2.50/gge. But a home fueling station costs $5,000 plus about $2,000 to install. It hardly pays to do home fueling especially considering the maintenance costs of the unit. There are… « collapsed

…around 500 public CNG fueling stations across the US. vs. 180,000+ public gasoline stations. This makes cross country travel on dedicated CNG vehicles impractical.

In summary, I like CNG. It makes a lot of sense for high mileage/low mpg vehicles. For the average consumer the upfront cost create a payback that is too long especially considering the tanks expire after 15 years making the car essentially worthless.”

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