HEMP 1,000 x’s cheaper than Graphene Supercapacitors to replace batteries

A new day has dawned on Benzene and his prehistoric fossil fuel friends...bye bye...see ya..don’t wanna breathe ya.

A new day has dawned on Benzene and his prehistoric fossil fuel friends…bye bye…see ya..don’t wanna breathe ya.


UPDATE July 5 2016 A few months ago an invention to gel perserve the wires makes for endless? recharging although this application is for lithium batteries but MAY be applicable to graphine/hemp supercapacitators? I may not be talking apples to apples on this one so best to let the scientists respond….

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Subject: is gel plasticizer applicable to graphine or hemp supercapacitors?


UPDATE MAY 2015   http://www.greenenergyjubilation.com/super-capacitors-provide-green-energy-storage/  So Canada will be the first to get to buy these Edison Graphine Super Capacitors…thats better than fossil fuels…but just remember that HEMP can? replace expensive Graphine.


UPDATE August 20, 2014… Instead of expensive Graphine material as carbon based capacitor, HEMP is 1,000 times cheaper to manufacture into capacitors. Read about HEMP’s new use here …. http://science.slashdot.org/story/14/08/14/2226248/hemp-fibers-make-better-supercapacitors-than-graphene.

Below are excerpts from http://www.bnl.gov/newsroom/news.php?a=11275

“…. new form of carbon particularly attractive for meeting electrical energy storage needs that also require a quick release of energy — for instance, in electric vehicles or to smooth out power availability from intermittent energy sources, such as wind and solar power,” said Brookhaven materials scientist Eric Stach, a co-author on a paper…..images show that the material is composed of single sheets of crystalline carbon, which are highly curved to form a three-dimensional porous network…. most supercapacitors can’t hold nearly as much charge as batteries, their use has been limited to applications where smaller amounts of energy are needed quickly, or where long life cycle is essential, such as in mobile electronic devices…………new material developed by the UT-Austin researchers may change that. Supercapacitors made from it have an energy-storage capacity, or energy density, that is approaching the energy density of lead-acid batteries……… scientists say the processing techniques used to create the new form of carbon are readily scalable to industrial production….material — being so easily manufactured from one of the most abundant elements in the universe — will have a broad range impacts on research and technology in both energy storage and energy conversion…”

This link has info on micro supercapacitors…http://cleantechnica.com/2013/03/12/a-breakthrough-in-energy-storage-graphene-micro-supercapacitors/.

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