Could a known spill kill a cow 25 miles away?

That depends on if it was a surface spill (not likely then), or if it was a ground water, migratory, toxic water tresspass.

I collect citizen reports on…

dead cows….my newest story dated May 2014 is how a cow is being blamed for bumping a tank valve and causing a spill.

dead deer ….

dead birds….and

…dead people.

The common theme is that they occur near fracking sites….

UPDATE>>>Arkansas complaint posted in facebook in May 2013


Facebook quote says ….“This photo is from a complaint filed in Van Buren County with ADEQ. The people were concerned because they’ve already lost one cow & the black water coming out of this culvert feeds into their pond. ADEQ inspector said conductivity readings in their pond ran as high as 60.2. In another ponded area near the culvert the inspector noted bubbles escaping from the water but didn’t think the nearby XTO (owned by Exxon) gas pad was the cause of the problem. What do you think?”

It was too bad that the other pond was happily bubbling away without the state further determining if this is biogenic or themogenic gases. The ADEQ rep reported…

“In conclusion, my conductivity measurements were not indicitive of the presence of produced or flow back water from gas operations, and no leakage of fluids were found at the nearest upstream gas well pad. Also, there was no evidence or circumstance where runoff of dust suppresent from the county road was seen. The large ponded area by the culvert appeared to have been there for some time and was stagnant as was the smaller ponded area upstream. Bubbles were seen escaping from the water. This could be methane from rotting vegetation. I told Mr. Chwalinski that I believed that the water in the culvert and ponds was colored black from stagnant/rotting vegetation. Per his request, I will send Mr. Chwalinski a list of companys that can test the water in his ponds.”


Here is the full report – click here .

Three months earlier and 25 miles away was a (hopefully unrelated) document I found of an XTO surface spill that they self reported. The document has about 5 pages to it with pictures…please view those.


McCabe, Kerri

From: Sent: To: Cc: Subject:

Parette, Michael Saturday, February 16, 2013 8:55 AM McCabe, Kerri ‘Oil & Gas Ft Smith’; Schaeffer, Karla Van Buren-Waste-Bee Branch

02‐15‐13 / 2350 Van Buren‐Waste‐Bee Branch Material: Produced Water ‐ 100 barrels

XTO Energy reported a release of produced water from well pad Deltic 4‐18H7 off Black Hill Road between Quitman and Bee Branch. The release occurred at 1741 due to a tubing failure during a drill out. 62‐80 barrels were released on location and 20 barrels migrated approximately 500 feet off site. Remediation is provided by JM Oilfield.

ADEM reported that the OEM Coordinator was unable to locate the site at the time it was reported to ADEQ. Also, the ADEM HazMat Coordinator will be following up on the incident on Tuesday but the reason was unknown.

Occurred: 1721 / ADEM: 2321 Incident # 12487 Hazardous Materials – Fixed Facility Van Buren County


Black, bubbling water happens…cows die…..fracking’s near by..

Spills happen …………………………..some above ground…some below…..ground water feeds spring water acquifers…..Arkansas is known for their wonderful spring waters…..

About Kim Triolo Feil

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