CBD Vapor Treatments for Fenceline Shaleacide & Cancer Risk Mgmt.

Dist 1 Arlington Council member, Charlie Parker pro smoking...profracking..great spokesperson for pot toking?

Dist 1 Arlington TX Council member, Charlie Parker, pro smoking…profracker…great spokesperson for pot toking?

Speaking from experience….when your husband gets cancer, your teen has irregular adrenal profile reports with weird rashes AND you live a couple blocks from fracking… and then your 46 yr old neighbor abruptly dies from COPD (1/16/14)*, and three days earlier a 35 yr old** was found to have committed suicide (or shaleacide?) about 1,000 feet north of our Chesapeake Truman/Cowboys Stadium …..its time to either get out or start toking cannabis.

There is an established link in higher rates of suicide with those residing near fenceline pollution in low income neighborhoods …… IF YOU CANNOT MOVE AWAY from Arlington Gasland TX, then might your other plan of action be to begin medicating with the CBD nonpsycotic strain of cannabis?

Click on this link…Cannabidiol: The side of marijuana you don’t know, or read below on the highlights from the article with (my comments in parenthesis)….

“CBD ‘turns off’ the cancer gene found in metastasis.”  (for those living within a 1/2 mile of fracking whose cancer risk is said to go up – I’m convinced antidotally –over 4800 accounts of shale harm– that living near shale gas extraction turns on metastasis!)

“Scientists at California Pacific Medical Center found that CBD turns off a gene that causes cancer cells to metastasize, or spread. This finding adds credibility to the growing evidence that marijuana is one of the best things a cancer patient can consume, whether for symptom relief or actual prevention. It also makes UCLA’s marijuana-doesn’t-cause-lung-cancer study that much more interesting; is it possible the cannabanoids themselves offset the carcinogens found in smoke? Could marijuana truly be anti-cancer?”

“CBD reverses alcohol-induced brain damage.” (for those that began drinking to forget they live near a toxic industrial site in their neighborhood?)

“According to a recent University of Kentucky study, cannabidiol can prompt physiological brain changes that could help offset the damage caused by chronic alcoholism. The study found that administration of CBD resulted in a 48.8% reduction in entorhinal cortex neurodegeneration.”

“CBD is a very effective treatment option for severe social anxiety.” (to eradicate the social stigma and paranoia of being made to co-exist with toxic neighbors like Chesapeake?)

“A study aimed at determining CBD’s impact on social anxiety in public speaking demonstrated that those pretreated with CBD experienced significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort during their speech performance.” 

“CBD is a potent anti-psychotic medicine.” (important for those already mentally ill BEFORE fracking came into their neighborhood?)

A clinical trial in Germany found CBD to be as effective in treating schizophrenia as common antipsychotic medication with far fewer side effects. This further clarifies the yin-yang relationship of marijuana, since THC has been shown to trigger psychosis in high doses. CBD is what offsets the negative mental effects of THC alone, and thus, should be the focus of any marijuana user with a history of mental illness.”

End article..

On the otherhand if you can’t find a good strain of the CBD pot, then puff on a good ol’ (currently illegal in TexASS) regular joint while you set on your porch steps and watch the toxic storage tanks (invisibly) vent and …tssshhhh (inhale-hold it)….. float to a new state of mind….away   from   the   reality    of    being    trapped    in   a   toxic    airshed    in    your    own       damn neighborhood.

*Jan 17, 2014…my FB post…My neighbor died behind me yesterday…COPD…he was 46 and had it for only a year I’m told…they started drilling two blocks from him/us in July of 2012 (six months later he got COPD) and then they drilled the most recent well in Dec 2013…..yeah he drank and smoke too but the gas wells didn’t help at all I’m sure….
Coroners report#1400816 Tarrant Green Randy dob 9/23/1956 57 1/16/2014  White Male
Police Department: Arlington Police Department Police Svc #: 140002781
Deceased Address: 408 Northeast Street , Arlington, Texas 76011
Time Of Death 6:04 PM
Place Of Death Address: 408 Northeast Street , Arlington, Texas
Manner Of Death: NATURAL
** Deceased David Wilde dob 11/6/1975 Age 38
Death occurred (found) on 1/13/2014 White Male
Arlington Police Department Police Svc #: 140002159
Deceased Address: 708 E. Sanford #274 , Arlington, Texas 76011
Time Of Death 10:57 AM Occurred Location: 708 E. Sanford #274 , Arlington, Texas 76011
Place Of Death: private residence efficiency apartment of 708 E Sanford #274
Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 1.28.12 PM

About Kim Triolo Feil

Since TX Statute 253.005 forbids drilling in heavily settled municipalities, I unsuccessfully ran for City Council Seat to try to enforce this. Since Urban Drilling, our drinking water has almost tripled for TTHM's. Before moving to Arlington in 1990, I lived in Norco’s “cancer alley”, a refinery town. It was only after Urban Drilling in Arlington did I start having health effects. After our drill site was established closest to my home, the chronic nosebleeds started. I know there are more canaries here in Arlington having reactions to our industrialized airshed (we have 55-60 padsites of gas wells). Come forward and report to me those having health issues especially if you live to the north/northwest of a drill site so I can map your health effects on this blog. My youtube account is KimFeilGood. FAIR USE NOTICE: THIS SITE MAY CONTAIN COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL THE USE OF WHICH HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN SPECIFICALLY AUTHORIZED BY THE COPYRIGHT OWNER. MATERIAL FROM DIVERSE AND SOMETIMES TEMPORARY SOURCES IS BEING MADE AVAILABLE IN A PERMANENT UNIFIED MANNER, AS PART OF AN EFFORT TO ADVANCE UNDERSTANDING OF THE SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH EMINENT DOMAIN AND THE PRIVATIZATION OF PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE (AMONG OTHER THINGS). IT IS BELIEVED THAT THIS IS A 'FAIR USE' OF THE INFORMATION AS ALLOWED UNDER SECTION 107 OF THE US COPYRIGHT LAW. IN ACCORDANCE WITH TITLE 17 USC SECTION 107, THE SITE IS MAINTAINED WITHOUT PROFIT FOR THOSE WHO ACCESS IT FOR RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. FOR MORE INFORMATION, SEE: HTTP://WWW.LAW.CORNELL.EDU/ TO USE MATERIAL REPRODUCED ON THIS SITE FOR PURPOSES THAT GO BEYOND 'FAIR USE', PERMISSION IS REQUIRED FROM THE COPYRIGHT OWNER INDICATED WITH A NAME AND INTERNET LINK AT THE END OF EACH ITEM. (NOTE: THE TEXT OF THIS NOTICE WAS ALSO LIFTED FROM CORRIDORNEWS.BLOGSPOT.COM)
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