Arlington Variance avail for Fracking Hydrant use during drought restrictions

Those tan squares are padsites with storage tanks along Lake Arlington-our drinking water reservoir.

Those tan squares are padsites with storage tanks along Lake Arlington-our drinking water reservoir.

Public comment was taken April 22, 2014 for the five year review for ordinance changes in the Arlington Drought Contingency and Water Waste Compliance Plan. Councilman Riveria motioned to table it in light of my informing council of a testamony from our former Water Director, Julie Hunt, being concerned with drillers being noncompliant. The motion died for a lack of a second and the first reading was approved.

Here is the info on Hunt’s presentation at that meeting….

pg 14 Topic 2: Surface Activities

“Julie Hunt of Arlington Water Utilities began with an overview of major industries and attractions in the City of Arlington, the size of the utility (100,000 accounts serving over 370,000 people), and its location in the Barnett Shale region. Major issues for the utility are water supply management, surface water protection, disposal of flowback water, and storm water runoff related to natural gas development. Additional demands on the water resources are not necessarily a concern because the overall consumptive use is relatively minor. However, there are challenges that arise from drilling in close proximity to water supplies and critical infrastructure. One example presented was a notification from a driller that an overflowing tank had released frac water into the adjacent water supply lake. The incident required mobilization of a significant response on the part of the utility to address the spill.

Because drilling occurs in the city limits, Arlington Water Utilities allows drillers to hook up to the public distribution system for water withdrawals, conditional on the use of backflow preventers and an agreement to limit the maximum rate of withdrawal. In order to plan for withdrawals the utility models the distribution system to set the withdrawal rate to prevent pressure loss for other customers. One driller bypassed the controls limiting the rate of withdrawal, which resulted in the city’s primary water tank being drawn down rapidly and unexpectedly. The utility mobilized its staff and local police to search the area, thinking there was a major water line break, before discovering the actual cause. The water utility participates in the planning process for drilling permits within the city and has the authority to impose permit conditions and inspect operations but becomes frustrated when the plans and agreements are not properly followed.

The water utility has concerns of vibrations from drilling and fracturing near its water tank and has been working with drillers to analyze the risk prior to allowing drilling to commence nearby.

Because drilling occurs within the city limits and on the shore of Lake Arlington, a drinking water supply reservoir, the utility is very concerned about public perception issues. Another concern is that the state regulatory agencies for the utility (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) and the gas drillers (Texas Railroad Commission) do not always coordinate effectively to assist the utility in protecting drinking water supplies.

In general there is more of a concern about impacts during the well drilling phase of development than the long term operations of the wells. However, ponds constructed by drillers to hold fresh water for fracing, though identified as “temporary,” may remain for years. These semi-permanent ponds can be an aesthetic issue and a safety hazard for residents.”

pg 293 “Commercial and industrial water users may be required to reduce water use by a set percentage determined by the Water Utilities Director.  Use of water from hydrants for any purpose other than firefighting related activities or other activities necessary to maintain public health, safety and welfare requires a variance issued by the Water Utilities Director. Fire hydrant use may be limited to only designated hydrants. All holders or applicants of a Water Fire Hydrant Meter Agreement are required to apply for a variance as set forth in this plan. The use of water from hydrants may continue until the Water Utilities Director or his/her official designee issues a determination on the petition for variance.”

L O V E L Y !

pg 281 shows map of where our water sources being piped into Lake Arlington originate…if you look at that map and then click to my blog here showing similar maps where a spill happened last Halloween, you can see how spills and unreported spills yadda yadda… may be risking our drinking water in being such a drill baby drill area…drink up…and don’t forget to conserve water-we have to make sure the frackers have enough!

fossil fool fuels R water hogs

fossil fool fuels R water hogs

AISD Board Member John Hibbs responded….

—- Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: John Hibbs <>; Buzz Pishkur <>
Cc: Robert Rivera <>; Robert Cluck <>; Robert Shepard <>; Jimmy Bennett <>; Charlie Parker <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Lana Wolff <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Cynthia Simmons <>; cindy powell <>; “” <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 1:59 PM
Subject: Re: go to page 14 for Julie Hunt’s presentation/Arlington set to be drilled again w/LNG exports says Ireland

John thanks for your feedback…I hit and miss copying new people cause I  N E V ER hear from my council or AISD people..

1) Our council needs to mandate closed hatch pressurized (ventless) flowback tanks (for mud cuttings too)…the technology is there, the drillers just like to do things old skool rural style…they don’t want to spend the cash to be protective of public health.

2) The radioactive frack sand still blows around even with the frack socks…Atmos gas should be used for the fracking engines…Catepillar has these hybrid engines that go back to diesel when on idle mode.

3) The storage tanks still vent and need vapor recovery devices

4) Electric lift compressors and our Midstream Compressor Station at Eden and Harris still have blowdown events and no one has done any air monitoring when blowdowns occur…blowdown hydrocarons need to be directed to the storage tanks where vapor recovery devices capture venting.

I have more info and links…have you seen the Lake Arlington Emissions video? Click here to view it. No wonder why people are claiming cancer clusters on that side of town….synergistic effects are unknown and unregulated when you mix power plant, airplane, GM, & water treatment plant emissions with gaswells and or compressor stations….that is a huge one!

Kim Feil

TEX LG. CODE ANN. A§ 253.005 : Texas Statutes – Section 253.005: LEASE OF OIL, GAS, OR MINERAL LAND
“(c) A well may not be drilled in the thickly settled part of the municipality..”

Texas Administrative Code, Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 101, Subchapter A,
Rule 101.4, Environmental Quality, Nuisance

No person shall discharge from any source whatsoever one or more
air contaminants or combinations thereof, in such concentration and
of such duration as are or may tend to be injurious to or to adversely
affect human health or welfare, animal life, vegetation, or property, or
as to interfere with the normal use and enjoyment of animal life, vegetation,
or property.
To op-out from blind copied emails, hit the reply button and request on the subject line or in the subject text. Feedback is encouraged.

From: John Hibbs <>
To: Buzz Pishkur <>
Cc: kim feil <>; Robert Rivera <>; Robert Cluck <>; Robert Shepard <>; Jimmy Bennett <>; Charlie Parker <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Lana Wolff <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Cynthia Simmons <>; cindy powell <>; “” <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 1:34 PM
Subject: Re: go to page 14 for Julie Hunt’s presentation/Arlington set to be drilled again w/LNG exports says Ireland

I appreciate the email. I reviewed Ms. Hunt’s report on page 14 (also read out to page 20 on NY and PA). it was interesting to learn that Ohio and West Virginia have active drilling. I Followed up by reading the Outlined Procedures to monitor drilling in Arlington. It seems that there is a well outlined plan in place.
I was not quite sure why I was copied in on this email but, I am glad that the City has done a good job in continually monitoring the drill sites. Keep up the good work!


John Hibbs
On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 10:29 AM, Buzz Pishkur <> wrote:
Kim: Thanks for the info. The testimony is actually on page 34 of the total report. Hope that helps save some time in referencing!

From: kim feil []
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 8:31 AM
To: Buzz Pishkur; Robert Rivera
Cc: Robert Cluck; Robert Shepard; Jimmy Bennett; Charlie Parker; Sheri Capehart; Lana Wolff; Kathryn Wilemon; Michael Glaspie; Trey Yelverton; Cynthia Simmons;; cindy powell;
Subject: go to page 14 for Julie Hunt’s presentation/Arlington set to be drilled again w/LNG exports says Ireland

Again I ask why would someone as Hunt so young “retire”?



About Kim Triolo Feil

Since TX Statute 253.005 forbids drilling in heavily settled municipalities, I unsuccessfully ran for City Council Seat to try to enforce this. Since Urban Drilling, our drinking water has almost tripled for TTHM's. Before moving to Arlington in 1990, I lived in Norco’s “cancer alley”, a refinery town. It was only after Urban Drilling in Arlington did I start having health effects. After our drill site was established closest to my home, the chronic nosebleeds started. I know there are more canaries here in Arlington having reactions to our industrialized airshed (we have 55-60 padsites of gas wells). Come forward and report to me those having health issues especially if you live to the north/northwest of a drill site so I can map your health effects on this blog. My youtube account is KimFeilGood. FAIR USE NOTICE: THIS SITE MAY CONTAIN COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL THE USE OF WHICH HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN SPECIFICALLY AUTHORIZED BY THE COPYRIGHT OWNER. MATERIAL FROM DIVERSE AND SOMETIMES TEMPORARY SOURCES IS BEING MADE AVAILABLE IN A PERMANENT UNIFIED MANNER, AS PART OF AN EFFORT TO ADVANCE UNDERSTANDING OF THE SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH EMINENT DOMAIN AND THE PRIVATIZATION OF PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE (AMONG OTHER THINGS). IT IS BELIEVED THAT THIS IS A 'FAIR USE' OF THE INFORMATION AS ALLOWED UNDER SECTION 107 OF THE US COPYRIGHT LAW. IN ACCORDANCE WITH TITLE 17 USC SECTION 107, THE SITE IS MAINTAINED WITHOUT PROFIT FOR THOSE WHO ACCESS IT FOR RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. FOR MORE INFORMATION, SEE: HTTP://WWW.LAW.CORNELL.EDU/ TO USE MATERIAL REPRODUCED ON THIS SITE FOR PURPOSES THAT GO BEYOND 'FAIR USE', PERMISSION IS REQUIRED FROM THE COPYRIGHT OWNER INDICATED WITH A NAME AND INTERNET LINK AT THE END OF EACH ITEM. (NOTE: THE TEXT OF THIS NOTICE WAS ALSO LIFTED FROM CORRIDORNEWS.BLOGSPOT.COM)
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2 Responses to Arlington Variance avail for Fracking Hydrant use during drought restrictions

  1. veraduerga says:

    thanks, for doing all you do and alerting your area and the rest of our country; wish more would come on board and yell about the Industry abuses and expose them….

  2. Me and you both sleep good at night!

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