RSOE Bubonic PLAGUE diary 7% death rate of ave 1,300 annual infection rate

11/20/2017 horrifying Pneumonic Plague Madagascar update: “The World Health Organization has announced the death toll has reached 171 in the country and another 2,119 are infected…..’If a person dies of pneumonic plague and is then interred in a tomb that is subsequently opened for a Famadihana, the bacteria can still be transmitted and contaminate whoever handles the body,” The Famadihana ritual occurs during Plague season too! That these infected people are afraid of hospitals and fleeing before getting treated is unfathomable but …here’s a thought….. we keep burning fossil fuels at the warming plague peril of this planet….so humans are wired to self exterminate?

Update Russia July 2016: Ten yr old Siberian boy infected. “According to the World Health Organization, more than 13,000 people contracted bubonic plague in Asia, Africa and America between 2004 and 2013. Roughly 900 of them died from the disease”. 

Update 6/8/16 (haven’t been keeping up but popped in today’s RSOE ) PLAGUE positive on flea of chipmunk in Lake Tahoe California.

1/2/16 Mesquite TX distemper outbreak (19 possible cases of recent).

1/2016 Sante Fe NM Dog Park confirmation

11/19/15. Madagascar…Two people from 2 different municipalities of the Miarinarivo district died on 31 Oct 2015,

10/29/15 Laramie Wyoming house cat w/plague pneumatic form can spread to humans through air.

10/16/15 Oregon teen believed to be bit by flea during hunting trip recovering from Bubonic Plague

9/24/15 Another Sante Fe woman got the Plague

8/13/15 La Plata County  Colorado “The San Juan Basin Health Department announced late Wednesday evening that the plague has arrived in La Plata County. Rodents in the Trappers Crossing Subdivision in southwest La Plata County tested positive..’

8/6/15 Boulder Colorado : “the first case in Boulder County in more than 20 years – after finding a dead chipmunk on his property. According to Boulder County Public Health, the 58-year-old man went to the doctor several days after finding the dead chipmunk and experiencing fever, chills, muscle pain, weakness, loss of appetite and confusion”.

8/5/2015 “Pueblo City-County Health Department says a person has died of plague in Pueblo County. It says the victim was an adult,…”

July 31 2015  Cat from Grand County Colorado has plague”.

July 2015 woman very likely dead from plague New Mexico…”When the bacteria progressed into her lungs, it caused pneumonic plague, which presented the very low-probability but real possibility it could spread to another person, Landen said. Consequently, “people who had very close contact with the patient are receiving preventive antibiotic therapy.” The last time plague spread from one person to another in New Mexico was in 1924, he said. State records show there were two human plague cases in 2014; four cases in 2013, with one fatality; one case in 2012; two in 2011; and none in 2010.”

July 10 2015 San Diego County plague found in squirrel

June 27 2015 “Jefferson County (Colorado) Public Health has confirmed the presence of plague in one of the prairie dog colonies..”

June 21 2015 Larimer County Colorado “The individual died on June 8. This is the first Larimer County resident confirmed to have contracted plague since 1999.”

June 1 2015 Nebraska-Prairie Dogs (Generally 20 cases a year-curious to see if uptick in recent time)

May 23 2015 Idaho squirrel plague

May 16 recap and update

May 14, 2015 not sure if this is plague related but until then I’ll post it here…Luanda, Angola, R investigating undiagnosed disease- killed 21 in a few days between the ages of 9-12 yrs.

Here is more info-maybe malaria? A flood corresponds with the timeframe so if anybody drank contaminated water….

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 8.30.01 AM

May 12, 2015 a FB friend sent me this related news source…

May 12, 2015  Sick cat in Arizona

May 1 2015

March 4 2015 Arizona fleas found to be plague carrier…yikes…

April 2015 update NOT related to plague but I need to post this somewhere that 2 out of 16 people in one Bangladesh area died from a similar symptom to Cichen Pox…thats a 13% die rate…OMG has Chicken Pox evolved to a more deadly form?

July 2014 – whew-

March 24 2015 BRACE yourself for this…..Pakistan…RSOE reports..

“With regard to a number of plague cases which recently occurred in the Mayo Hospital, Lahore, enquiries made have elicited the following details. Dr Narayan Das, sub-assistant surgeon in charge of civil dispensary Sharkpur, came to Lahore with his wife on March 9 and stayed in a house near the Sheranwala gate. Six members of the family had died of pneumonic plague in the village before Dr Narayan Das came to Lahore. Falling ill, Dr Narayan Das got himself admitted to the Mayo Hospital without mentioning the previous history or that he was suffering from pneumonic plague. He died in the hospital on the 12th. Kharka, the ward-sweeper, next followed and died on the 18th. A medical student Lala Chuni Lal, and a nurse Miss Moore, who had been attending the patient in the hospital, died on the 19th. The wife of Dr Narayan Das, who fell ill on 14th, died in the city on the 19th of pneumonic plague.”

3/22/2015 Q Fever Brazil outbreak 1-2% die/can give heart disease, aerosol spread or through CattleCatsDogs… NOT COMFIRMED

END UPDATE>>below is posts related to Bubonic plague…

Feb 1 2015 119 cases-over 40 deaths…the fleas on the rats have become resistant to the insecticides.

Jan 2015 update Gansu (China) death

Endemic is a word folks have come to learn about with the Ebola crisis. In learning that the Plague is affecting Madagascar, it was troubling to know that the plague is also endemic to the United States.  The most recent was in 2012  when a man from Oregan was bitten by his pet cat . “Charlie” went missing in the mountains and returned choking on a mouse when he accidentally bit his owner. The man developed all three forms of the plague (bubonic, pneumatic, & septicaemic) but remarkably recovered. He is now missing fingers and part of a foot.

The ASTMH reported in a 2013 abstract“In the United States, 56 persons were reported to have the disease, of which seven died. Worldwide, 21,725 persons were affected with 1,612 deaths, for a case-fatality rate of 7.4%.”   The ASTMH also reported the death of a lab worker handling the virus in Chicago in 2009.

Nov 30 2014 video here  speaks of rats spreading the plague.  I’ve blogged about the rat problem RSOE continues to report. Marry the rat problem with the issues of humans being resistant to antibodics (which is how you treat the afflicted) with the problem of rats becoming resistant to our insecticides and you DON’T  NEED to worry about the “human to human airborne (pneumatic) strain” that is said to be about 2% of those being affected in the current Madagascar cases.

Nov 27 2014  RSOE reports…“This week, the World Health Organization warned of the quick spread of bubonic plague in Madagascar‘s densely populated capital city, Antananarivo. According to Madagascar’s health ministry, the plague in Madagascar has already infected a suspected 138 people this year – 47 of whom have died. Infamous for decimating the European population during the Middle Ages in what became known as the Black Death, the bubonic plague is caused by a bacteria endemic to rodents and can spread to humans through flea bites. Today, the disease is treatable with antibiotics if caught early enough. The first case was identified in a rural village on August 31, and the plague has since spread through the country and into the overcrowded capital. Citing the lack of a highly developed health system in Madagascar and the flea population’s growing resistance to a popular insecticide, WHO cautioned that the disease outbreak could accelerate if not controlled. In the more common bubonic form of plague, the infected patients experience painful swellings of the lymph nodes called bubo. This version of the disease has a slower onset and responds to antibiotics. But the WHO is also worried about the spread of a second plague – pneumonic plague, one of the most deadly infectious diseases. When the plague bacteria reaches the lungs, people develop pneumonia-like symptoms and can die within 24 hours of infection. They can also spread the disease to others by coughing alone, which increases the likelihood of passing on the bacteria. Only two percent of Madagascar’s plague cases identified so far are pneumonic, according to WHO.”Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 11.03.45 AM

Nov 25 RSOE situation update (key word pneumonic strain-more deadlier)

“A plague has killed 47 people and infected 138 others in Madagascar. Health Ministry’s general secretary Tafangy Philemon said at a press conference Monday that of the total, 27 are probable cases, 51 confirmed cases, 34 suspected cases and another 26 are awaiting results of analysis. A total of 241 cases and 48 deaths were reported between Aug 1 and Nov 24 this year. Between 300 and 600 suspected cases are reported every year with 30 cases of pulmonary plague and 10 to 70 deaths.”

RSOE update three of Dec 2013 says...”Pneumonic plague can be transmitted from human to human without any involvement of fleas or animals. It is also the least common and most virulent form of plague, which can kill in less than 24 hours.”

RSOE update of 12/11/13 was that only 2% of reported cases are of the pneumonic form.

on Facebook…. (btw nice church dance video)

Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 10.35.39 AM

Below is a N O T  V E R I F I E D  post on the Facebook …

Nonye Maduabuchi:

Bubonic Virus Outbreak
A new Virus outbreak spreading like never before is spreading across the continent of Africa through Madagascar. This Virus has already killed over 80 people within two days of its outbreak.
Bubonic plague as it is called is more dangerous as it can be contracted by mere coughing, WHO confirmed
Already, WHO has dispatched their health workers to Madagascar to forestall Further spread and carry out researches.
Though it has been confirmed that the Virus can be treated with antibiotics if diagnosed earlier”

Now that you’re HERE go learn about how fracking harms our health….

Screen shot 2014-10-18 at 1.39.41 PM

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