“Yes, the planet got destroyed. But for a beautiful moment in time we created value for shareholders” via @NewYorker

I will refer to this blog post cave man pic when uninformed ass wipes friendly-2-fracking comment on articles. Some say us greenies want to go and live in caves again, but the joke could be on them!

They like to say




unsympathetic to

souls who

see that

we HAVE to move off of fossil fuels

so we can survive as a species

on this ever increasing hostile planet.

Yep these commenters say cowardly, short sighted comments below such as

“you like your cell phone?” – I’ll only show the relevant FB comments….


“Right now firefighters, the sheriff’s office and emergency officials are standing by as fire continues to burn from a gas line explosion in Brooke County.
READ MORE: http://ow.ly/HYHnu

Thanks to a neighbor with an ATV, our Sara Yingling WTRF was able to feel the heat of this massive blaze. When can we expect this “fireball” to settle? Sara has the updated timetable tonight at 5 p.m. and again at 6 p.m.”

  • Joan DeSimone but your family could have been hurt ………. and what about the trees, animals, air you breath…….. makes me sick that you all cannot see what is in front of you … your children are not going to have a future when all the clean water is gone and poisoned on the earth. ……..WAKE UP
  • Mamo Dobro Kristy Hercules they forget how these men and women are just like them trying to support their families and pay for a home to go home too, not to mention all the money they spend in the local restaurants, retail stores and such, furthermore how the roadways and Interstates are getting fixed and the job opportunities they bring into the valley for all people who will be too busy working to stop and criticize these great companies and good men and women who are just trying to make a buck and raise their families!
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    • Lorraine DeSouza Oh well if you put it that way, then sure, lace my backyard with exploding gas lines because I really want to do my part for the economy.
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    • Kelli Yates The only people who have a problem with us is the ones who didn’t get any money from it! I’m a single mother of 3 and as of 2yrs ago when I started pipelining, I’m completely off welfare and doing my part to pay back in and share the wealth and help the economy!!! Keep crying bout it people, Im hoping for another 5yrs around here
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    • Frank Slider Mamo Dobro, straight from the mouths of the Marcellus shale gas PR people. I have lived in this valley for 60 years and see little, if any, change for the better that’s been brought on by gas development. That being said, I could post a laundry list of negatives….
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    • Mary.Ann Mastri pipelining? what is that? smoking crack? 5 years to lay a pipeline? lol. Now I KNOW you are smoking crack. Pipelines don’t take that long to lay if you knew ANYTHING about laying pipe — which you don’t.
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    • Eric Greathouse And you do?
      Like · 1 · 7 hrs
    • Mamo Dobro We’ll Frank I have lived in the valley for 50 years and I am seeing a lot of change for the better and I work for a local tobacco company!
    • Kim Triolo Feil
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  • Ed Dillon Some of the comments are not true this is my farm it happen at there was no injuries from this and the ppl from the gas line are goin above n beyond , I have a lot of damage to my house the siding melted windows broke steel doors warp shingles melted the ppl from the gas line have already been here and promised that repairs will b done to my satisfaction. Accident do happen , I am so thankful my son and grandson are safe, this was a very intense fire , I would like to thank all the fire departments that responded Larry Rea
    Like · Reply · 10 · 9 hrs
    • Nancy Mitchell Amen Ed Dillon…material items can be replaced….lives can not!!! People need to settle down. Years ago we had a gas line blow… A family loss there home a member of there family. So thankful you and your family are OK. Praying they get fire under control soon.
    • Jan Lawrence The oil companies promised to clean up the gulf too. We’re still waiting as tar balls still wah up on the beaches in the Gulf of Mexico. I wouldn’t sing the praises of the gas company until they actually keep their promises!!
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  • L Kayla Bancroft If WV approved industrial hemp production there would be plenty of work available to “raise your families” go spending your money, etc……..” There are cleaner ways of producing energy that don’t disrupt lives, environment ,health, safety, forests and wildlife. Just too much deregulation is there, no mandatory observance of environmental law….WV is being used by these corporations and they are going to spit you out when they are done with you.
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    • Kim Triolo Feil
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  • Wayde Chase No injuries? I’ve been at WMC all day & they brought 5 guys into the emergency room from there! Someone is fibbing somewhere!
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  • Kristy Hercules Why’s ppl so quick to jump on outta town guys that’s ridiculous
    Like · Reply · 6 · 18 hrs
  • Lynn Crawford God be with them…
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  • Ed Brown Local employees would have done it rite
    Like · Reply · 4 · 18 hrs
  • Penny McUmar Lahr No injuries
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  • Mary Boniey Casini Also, I am a landlord and No I do not rent to them, I would rather rent to local people who are going to stay there and I am not jacking my rent up where locals can not afford the rent.
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  • Kevin Burch This is what we can look forward to in the valley mean while those who made the money will be gone.
    Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs
  • Duane Joseph Wade Dam Wells. one of these days they are gonna blow us all up.
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  • Karen Slonaker One day luck is going to run out and there will be injuries!!!
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  • Brandon Jones May I say again gas is a safer choice than coal
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  • Mary Boniey Casini Let them dwell on their own property and for the people who excepted the money to let them drill shame on you. These situations are going to continue and we as a community are going to lose good people. They may give a few of us jobs but for the most part they are bringing up from Louisiana their convicts and paying them minimum wages and all they are doing is causing problems here example: the two guys who killed the local man in Wheeling bar fight, I believe the woman who is MIA (who lived in Wellsburg) who may have killed a local man and please remember the teen last year who died in her home (I truly believe this was cause from the drilling) I was offered a job for them and turned it down. If this would have been in the summer the situation would have been a lot worse, the fires would have spread and only God knows how long it would have taken them to get it out.
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  • Billie Fields They need to stop.
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  • Joe Sodder Is there not a shut off valve anywhere?
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  • Becca McCort was this line buried in the ground or from a section above ground? I ask because i’m surrounded by new lines
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    • Jim Ferrell Need to be worried about old lines not new ones
      Like · 5 · 19 hrs
    • Chelsea Kearns This was a new line and it was right behind my paps house! They just put it in over the spring and it was burried.
    • Becca McCort Well crap! When they were putting in the lines one of the pipe line workers said we didn’t even know anyone was living here till we saw you come out I wouldn’t live here any more if it was me.. Our reply ha how are we supposed to leave when we didn’t get anything for them doing the lines. The gas and oil don’t care we asked how safe it was since we have kids and they said oh it’s fine.. Ha now how they explain this?
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  • Rick Harlow Hope they are circulating those pumps or they will be frozen
  • Lee Donahue can’t they just shut the gas off ??
    • Joe Kafton Wrong. Isolation was approx. 7 miles away and has closer to 1000 psi. It takes time for the line to depressurize.
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  • John Parcell Joshua Hamann it’s not one of our lines it’s enterprises line
  • Penny McUmar Lahr Highland hills, Follansbee, WV
  • Dave Rowan Causing a lot of global warming
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  • Monica Devault more (accidents) to come
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