Stickland SB 575 Fracking Nightmare 4 Women Carrying Deformed Baby

Screen shot 2015-05-26 at 10.04.00 AMTexas and their legislative moves-*underhanded…FORCED a bill (SB 575 that would outlaw insurance covering abortion on defective babies) that initially did not pass…

* The Texas Tribune reported “But after the House recessed for the evening, the Calendars Committee reconvened, and Riddle made a motion to reconsider the vote. The vote to move the bill to the full House was 8-0, with seven members absent. The absent members included all of the committee’s Democrats, Harless and Davis.”

Here was my response….

Dear Mr. Stickland, it is too bad your mother didn’t abort you because you are messed up in the head*…I am embarrassed to be a Christian if that is your religion…yours is a small c christian. Those babies *born without a brain etc. should be placed on YOUR doorstep to care for. You love fracking too so don’t say U R not part of the problem with defective babies…Colorado Investigates a Spike in Fetal Abnormalities Near Natural Gas Drilling Site #fracking…

The frack loving men need to understand that they are making more deformed babies fracking near pregnant women…those like Stickland who want to ban the insurance companies from covering the abortions need to rot in hell.


About Kim Triolo Feil

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