Things you don’t see every day… TCEQ finding a fracking nuisance

Things You don’t see every day….In the seven years I’ve looked at TCEQ complaints/investigations….finally…fracking finally… I get to see an actual admittance of a nuisance violation! This one had a TVA reading of 2,500 ppm during a nitro lift operation for the infamous Parr toxic tort suit.

I KNOW OF an investigation taken DURING a nitro lift (near my son’s old junior high school) that was almost half the TVA reading that was found for the Parrs nitro lift….Reference on ACL #914402 the TVA reading near Bailey Junior High was 1,140 ppm (no health effects reported by inspector). Maybe 1/2 a violation was in order? Nah the inspector didn’t experience health effects.

BUT WAIT!…..Note I have two examples where TCEQ inspectors went out to the DWG Compressor Station where they had two stuck dump valve emission events. BOTH inspectors were sickened, yet no violations were found after the suma’s were deployed… Reference ACL #1108073 TVA 1,229 ppm, and ACL #1108078 (TVA ppm being PIR’d).

QUESTION: So how high does the TVA have to read or how sick does the inspector have to get before TCEQ finds a nuisance? In the Parr case the Suma canisters found exceedances.

I contend that the Suma canisters are only as good as the sample snapshot at that moment in time and the meteorological conditions can be a factor (like winds can dilute/disperse).

Read here how Dr Olaguer compares conventional air monitoring methods to (obsolete) landline like technologies when smart phone like technologies in real air time monitoring exist! Too bad they exist at a price we cannot afford ($250,000 for a project est.).


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Screen shot 2016-02-10 at 10.51.18 AM

TCEQ issuing a nuisance finding (Perr family)

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