2016 Taxation values on Chesapeake Tarrant padsite tangibles < $12.5 million

Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 4.30.06 PM

2012 Tax brag rag

Does $12.4 million sound a little low for 2016 taxable valuations of well heads, storage tanks, separators, lift compressors, gathering & flow lines, etc. for

ALL of Tarrant county’s CHESAPEAKE frack sites?


—-Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 12.32.40 PMIn Texas persons who repair, restore, remodel, or maintain tangible personal property belonging to another are providing taxable services.

per our comptroller per this 2010 pdf….


“Generally, if the well servicing activity is performed on the oil and gas producing formation, the activity is subject to the Miscellaneous Gross Receipts Tax. If the activity is performed inside the casing of the well, or on equipment at the well site, the activity is subject to the Limited Sales, Excise and Use Tax. Some activities are not subject to either tax. This manual contains information concerning sales tax.”

In looking at exemptions for Rule 3.292 and pondering how the oil & gas fossil fueling climate change and weather patterns affect us, I saw that TAXES  are due when FIXN’ storm damaged tangible (moveable) personal property if there is no disaster declaration….hmmnn

(1) Labor to repair, restore, remodel, or maintain tangible personal property is exempt if:    (A) the amount of the charge for labor is separately itemized; and    (B) the repair is to property damaged within a disaster area by the condition that caused the area to be declared a disaster area.  (2) The exemption does not apply to tangible personal property transferred as part of the repair.  (3) In this subsection, “disaster area” means:    (A) an area declared a disaster area by the Governor of Texas under Government Code, Chapter 418; or    (B) an area declared a disaster area by the President of the United States under 42 United States Code, §5141.

What are examples of Tangible Fracking Related Property?…….

Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 2.47.05 PMScreen shot 2016-03-26 at 2.47.16 PM

So who really cares if the frackers fixing fracker’s fracked up moveable tangible property is subject to tax if a fracking related climate changing storm hit them and the gub-nor doesn’t declare the event as a disaster? Well what is it’s value and is it under or over valued?

Here is Chesapeake’s TARRANT COUNTY wide Tangible  personal (moveable-not fixed) property tax valuations valued at $12.4 MILLION. This is tax valuations due for MOVEABLE support tangible property to support one thousand plus GASWELLS (as of 2012) here in Tarrant county… does that amount seem low or high?

Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.52.30 PM


Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.55.22 PMScreen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.55.31 PM

In popping in one of these various industrial tax accounts the depreciation?/drops in valuation from year to year is quite astonishing given that these moveable support tangible properties are supposed to be here for decades. At this rate…they won’t be paying taxes on this in the future anyways….but we as a society will be in terms of climate change & health deterioration in co-existing with industrialized mining sites in our neighborhoods…

Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.54.07 PM


Just for kicks you can view here at this link to see what is taxable activities in detail …Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 3.32.17 PM


NOW lets talk about Real Property on the frack sites……

Real property is the land and it’s building/permanent fixtures.

Tarrant County Tax office must be referring to the padsite’s land/permanent fixtures (REAL property) tax valuations as a “COMMERCIAL” category.

Here is ARLINGTON’s Chesapeake city wide TAD snap shots as queried….

This first one is under the dropdown box of Chesapeake “COMMERCIAL” which is REAL property that includes LAND and its buildings/attachments …

Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.35.13 PM

Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.35.25 PM

Arlington commercial tax valuations (not real or tangible personal)

Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.35.41 PMScreen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.35.51 PMScreen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.36.03 PMScreen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.36.14 PM

Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.36.20 PM

end of commercial/Arlington

Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.37.17 PM

Here is the Arlington Chesapeake RESIDENTIAL query….

Screen shot 2016-03-26 at 1.37.33 PM

Here are the four residential owned properties where Chesapeake may house the out of town workers or they could tear down the property and possibly go build a padsite in YOUR neighborhood!!!!  In the past I have asked Roger Venerable from the city real estate department for a sub valuation of the minerals so we can net the loss in surface values at these padsites (the highest and best use at a padsite is just drilling really). But I guess the city is not interested in transparency.

About Kim Triolo Feil

Since TX Statute 253.005 forbids drilling in heavily settled municipalities, I unsuccessfully ran for City Council Seat to try to enforce this. Since Urban Drilling, our drinking water has almost tripled for TTHM's. Before moving to Arlington in 1990, I lived in Norco’s “cancer alley”, a refinery town. It was only after Urban Drilling in Arlington did I start having health effects. After our drill site was established closest to my home, the chronic nosebleeds started. I know there are more canaries here in Arlington having reactions to our industrialized airshed (we have 55-60 padsites of gas wells). Come forward and report to me those having health issues especially if you live to the north/northwest of a drill site so I can map your health effects on this blog. My youtube account is KimFeilGood. FAIR USE NOTICE: THIS SITE MAY CONTAIN COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL THE USE OF WHICH HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN SPECIFICALLY AUTHORIZED BY THE COPYRIGHT OWNER. MATERIAL FROM DIVERSE AND SOMETIMES TEMPORARY SOURCES IS BEING MADE AVAILABLE IN A PERMANENT UNIFIED MANNER, AS PART OF AN EFFORT TO ADVANCE UNDERSTANDING OF THE SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH EMINENT DOMAIN AND THE PRIVATIZATION OF PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE (AMONG OTHER THINGS). IT IS BELIEVED THAT THIS IS A 'FAIR USE' OF THE INFORMATION AS ALLOWED UNDER SECTION 107 OF THE US COPYRIGHT LAW. IN ACCORDANCE WITH TITLE 17 USC SECTION 107, THE SITE IS MAINTAINED WITHOUT PROFIT FOR THOSE WHO ACCESS IT FOR RESEARCH AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. FOR MORE INFORMATION, SEE: HTTP://WWW.LAW.CORNELL.EDU/ TO USE MATERIAL REPRODUCED ON THIS SITE FOR PURPOSES THAT GO BEYOND 'FAIR USE', PERMISSION IS REQUIRED FROM THE COPYRIGHT OWNER INDICATED WITH A NAME AND INTERNET LINK AT THE END OF EACH ITEM. (NOTE: THE TEXT OF THIS NOTICE WAS ALSO LIFTED FROM CORRIDORNEWS.BLOGSPOT.COM)
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