Intersex & Endocrine Disruptions – Can pollution change YOU?

Screen shot 2016-03-20 at 11.03.37 PMIn the news recently has been how to figure out WHICH bathroom trans-gendered teens need to use. I have to ask if  intersex  (endocrine disruption) gender confusion (?) issues have increased and become mainSTREAM for HUMANS because of pollution getting downstream into our drinking water?

I’m betting the short answer is hell fracking YES! UPDATE someone else agrees…….“….polar bears have been left with stumps instead of penises, panthers have atrophied testicles and fish are intersex. This is tantamount to seeing canaries in coal mines keel over“.

NCBI wrote a quote of vom Saal who published papers in the Journal of Animal Science throughout 1989,“We found that a difference of about a part per billion of testosterone and about twenty parts per trillion of estradiol [endogenous estrogen] actually predict entirely different brain structures, behavioral traits, enzyme levels, and receptor levels in tissues, hormonal levels in the blood…”

This Washington Post story speaks of a West Virginia watershed downstream from a fracking related injection well having detected low level endocrine disrupting chemicals (Barium,bromide,chloride,sodium,strontium) that can affect the food chain. They mention how “In the Chesapeake Bay watershed that includes bays, rivers, streams and creeks in six states and the District of Columbia, scientists have determined that endocrine disruptors have switched the testes of male smallmouth bass to ovaries“.

Still not convinced? Here is a 2014 LATimes article where intersex fish (male fish carrying eggs) were found by a U.S. Geological Survey in three Pennsylvania rivers: Susquehanna, Delaware and Ohio river basins.

I have blogged about Atrazine-the-sex-change-queen where Rapper, Tyrone Hayes, ( studied an African frog. A Mother Jones article  wrote of Tyrone’s frog …

“He’s female.

Genetically, Darnell is male. But after being raised in water contaminated with the herbicide atrazine at a level of 2.5 parts per billion—slightly less than what’s allowed in our drinking water—he developed a female body, inside and out. He is also the mother of his children, having successfully mated with other males and spawned clutches of eggs.”

One of the papers that this Harvard summa cum laude and Phd Berkeley graduate is working on will “show that male frogs exposed to atrazine early in life have feminized brains and tend to assume the bottom position when copulating…”

A 2013 CBS article says the higher the fracking area, the higher the EDC’s (endocrine disruption chemicals) found.

Arlington TX had from 1996 through the first quarter of 1998 (how old were your children then?-mine were still in elementary school)… to have detected 10 times at a minimum of .15 ppb to a maximum of 1.8 ppb. Dallas had similar readings, and Ft Worth had 16 detections with a minimum of .56 ppb to a maximum of 3.1 ppb.

….dang it if I knew I wasn’t done blogging about this topic….oh frack!

I predict that it is feasible to say the new birth control will be how humans will be unable to become impregnated in heavily polluted areas….now thats one smart Mother Fracking Natured Bitch!



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