How one of five survived the Dupont DEATH BY METHYL mercaptan

Four workers died in a (now closed) Dupont pesticide manufacturing plant four years ago. Two of the deceased were brothers; one of the brothers died giving up his respirator to his downed brother.  I have cut & paste portions of the transcript / narrative by Rachel Maddow as to HOW one of the survivors did NOT succumb to the death chamber filled with 23,000 lbs of methyl mercaptan of which the Houston Chronicle Houston Chronicle said resulted in 200 citizen odor complaints in the area.

“But this time the woman opened up that vent line, she knew it was 
wrong. She called for help. It was too late. She had breathed in a fatal 
dose of methyl mercaptan, which is an active ingredient in a heavy duty 
pesticide. When she called for help, nobody knew exactly what had 

There were no detection systems that went off to let anybody know 
about that chemical leak. There weren`t any in that part of the plant. 
There were big fans installed in the ceiling that were supposed to clear 
the air in case something like that happened. But you know what? Those 
fans hadn`t actually worked in months. 

The woman`s supervisor and another worker ran in to try to help her 
when they heard her cries for help. But because they didn`t know what had 
hurt her and in fact killed her, they ran in trying to save her, wearing no 
protective equipment of their own. And so, they too breathed in the fatal 
chemical and they, too, were killed. 

And then another employee working in the control room, he knew that 
one of the people who had rushed in to help was his brother. And when he 
couldn`t raise anybody from the accident site on the radio, he decided from 
the control room that he would grab some masks, grab some ventilation masks 
and then he would run in there, too, to try to save his brother and the 
other workers, but he died, too”.

“MADDOW: So, one worker who was exposed to that poison leak that day 
… and survived, seems to have only survived because when he inhaled the gas in that room, he passed out. And when he passed out, he happened to fall out of the room where the leak was. He fell down a flight of stairs because he passed out. That`s why he 

“… For four dead people. A $60 billion company fined $99,000 total”.

Here is a link to some pictures of that plant in LaPorte….—update

In an unrelated story, one lady claims her mental illness stems from a work exposure to old Methyl….

“She thinks she was exposed to high levels of methymercaptan in a natural gas leak at a former place of employment years ago, and that caused her disease. She blames everything on her ‘poison gas’ exposure. In plain speak, she’s fucking NUTS”. 

———–so maybe the guy who fell down the stairs is having some mental illness issues?


Yet another reason natural gas needs to be a thing of the past...switch to renewables and encourage your elected leaders to actually “lead”, not follow the frackers down a fracking rabbit hole.

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