Sugarcoating THIS as planned flaring….

UPDATE to industry knee-jerk reaction to say it (the upset) was planned….and the media should be ashamed repeating their crap too…their headlines should be more factual and not so forgiving of the industry! Now they are saying it was an accident during a shift change….“Algero added that some liquid found its way into another of the refinery’s flares, one that was designed only to handle gas. That caused that flare to shut down, and all remaining materials were shunted into the one operational flare, causing the fireball” flare

The Advocate NOLA regurgitates sugar coated headline…

“No explosion, just heavy flaring at Chalmette Refinery late Saturday, official says”

NO NO NO…when others thinks it a nuke….

No then it’s NOT a planned maintenance kinda thang…and NO that was NOT a legal discharge….others were commenting it was just them burning off (cheap way to discharge) product in the middle of the night…but if it was an unplanned upset…it “was” the lesser of two evils to not to flare……Chalmette would’ve most likely have been blown off the map if they didn’t let her go through those smoke stacks.

Here is another person’s comment…

AND DON’T let the company PR person lie  “…no impact to the community, Frost said” cause that was an emission event from hell and a release to the environment and there was fall out.

Maybe related or not, here is what Reuters reported as recent activity at this plant…

Here is a poster sent to the surrounding community for a heads up on some “preventative maintenance” planned…oh so that is? pfffh!…

When people this far away start to shelter in place and ask if it’s safe to breathe….

Why do I care about this emission event being downplayed when I live in Texas? To reasons…

  1. I remember living in Chalmette as a baby and wondered when my mom was pregnant for me if we were downwind to the refineries…

kim connie refinery

2. Since my son told me he woke up sick last night and has been puking every ten minutes or so I had to see how the winds were blowing to him on Dante Street by the Mississippi River in New Orleans…dante st to pbf refinery

Charles Frazier of PFB said Saturday nights flare event occurred 3/10/18 around 11pm and meteorological conditions were: winds 180 degrees meaning they originated from the south/southwest and blew to the north/northeast (thank God away from my son) at around 2.5 mph, temp was 64 degrees, no rain (I could hear dispatch radio in the background says that at Gate 27 was a news crew).

This consumed me today…it sux

Sing with me now…..fossil fuels R old SKOOL…makes a few rich and the rest of us fools!


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