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Got H2S ? Got H-9 reporting?… only if in a known sour field…NUTHN’ 4 man-made H2S on soured gas wells

UPDATE a year ago to the day: Guess you can die of car battery H2S exposure too!   end update—– Someone was wanting to know what areas had the highest Hydrogen Sulfide content … Do you trust the RRC? Here … Continue reading

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Presby #EBOLA retrospect to #Fracking HOW DO WE STOP THIS CYCLE STUCK ON STUPID?….“WE followed CDC guidelines”.….wanh wanh wanh! Excuses=same for urban drilling as the fracking drillers say “we were in compliance to the ordinance/TCEQ/RRC/EPA”…when the masses look back at where they live and why they are sick/loved ones died….thus this blog with … Continue reading

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Arlington (gasland) TX 10/2/14 storm pics-will update as more comes in

Autozone at Collins on Division end Autozone pics … click here for the 6/23/14 flood photos in Arlington Here is a pic of my neighbor at Collins and Elm. My home is one door down. Here is pic of roof of … Continue reading

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