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Remorseful Robert Rivera in Approving Urban Drilling in Arlington Gasland TX

Robert Rivera is remorseful for voting on our city council for Urban Drilling. Better late than never? Not in this case. For all involved, the do-over cannot be undone and the harm has only just begun. Worse yet, they might … Continue reading

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Got H2S ? Got H-9 reporting?… only if in a known sour field…NUTHN’ 4 man-made H2S on soured gas wells

UPDATE a year ago to the day: Guess you can die of car battery H2S exposure too!   end update—– Someone was wanting to know what areas had the highest Hydrogen Sulfide content … Do you trust the RRC? Here … Continue reading

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Presby #EBOLA retrospect to #Fracking HOW DO WE STOP THIS CYCLE STUCK ON STUPID?….“WE followed CDC guidelines”.….wanh wanh wanh! Excuses=same for urban drilling as the fracking drillers say “we were in compliance to the ordinance/TCEQ/RRC/EPA”…when the masses look back at where they live and why they are sick/loved ones died….thus this blog with … Continue reading

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Arlington (gasland) TX 10/2/14 storm pics-will update as more comes in

Autozone at Collins on Division end Autozone pics … click here for the 6/23/14 flood photos in Arlington Here is a pic of my neighbor at Collins and Elm. My home is one door down. Here is pic of roof of … Continue reading

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