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Comments needed NOW on TX Horned Shell Mussels as an Endangered Species #fracking #collateral #damage

The US Fish & Wildlife Service has re-opened a public comment opportunity before making a decision as to if the TX Horned Shell Mussels belong on the Endangered Species Act list. MEANWHILE a push by a group called Texans for … Continue reading

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Anatomy pics of Frackquake Aug 13 2017 Snyder TX

Ya think a 2.7 in the middle of frack country a big story? You decide for yourself as we Texans could be seeing the Oklahoma frackquake SWARMS one day soon!  

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Remorseful Robert Rivera in Approving Urban Drilling in Arlington Gasland TX

Robert Rivera is remorseful for voting on our city council for Urban Drilling. Better late than never? Not in this case. For all involved, the do-over cannot be undone and the harm has only just begun. Worse yet, they might … Continue reading

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$11 million cost revealed with new Arlington TX Rangers Stadium

In ramped up times of “811-fail-to-call-before-they-dig”, we hear about excavation accidents during construction. The City of Arlington is building a new baseball stadium and other related entertainment venues and will dig the living hell out of the area installing new … Continue reading

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Deep Direct Use Geothermal SMU successful pilot project derailed w/low NG prices now LNG exports can nail it up

If we start exporting LNG this could drive natural gas prices higher and cause more fracking in our neighborhoods as well as derail other sustainable NON-fossil fuel energy choices that are ripe for the growth such as geothermal Deep Direct … Continue reading

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Misleading viral video on PH in bottled water brands

Don’t confuse PH with alkalinity. PH (power of hydrogen) is about hydrogen concentration. Alkalinity means the ability to buffer acids. Ironically, adding (acidic) lemons to make water more alkaline works internally because the body reacts with the anionic properties of … Continue reading

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NG fracking up plans to expand S Carolina nuke power plant & NRC allows reactors to NOT be aircraft impact resistant?

This article explains the many factors coming into play setting back a South Carolina planned expansion of an existing nuclear facility of which fracked natural gas is affordable now as opposed to when the initial expansion was planned many years … Continue reading

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577 cases of TX groundwater contamination in 2016 were Oil & Gas related

Here are some select cut & paste items I found to be of interest that I boldfaced for emphasis, made comments in (non-italics parentheses), or added links in this Joint Groundwater Monitoring and Contamination Report–2016 “Documented in this report … Continue reading

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Dandelion + Deep Direct Use = Both can make WATER

When I worked for a water generating start-up company I learned all the different ways one can harvest water from our atmosphere. One way is to find the sweet spot (dewpoint) temperature differential to create condensate. This involves adding heat … Continue reading

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Frack on Crack Confirmed….told ya so!

I have been blogging about how treating frack wastewater makes Frack on Crack and now PROOF. “… found that they were contaminated with endocrine-disrupting chemicals called nonylphenol ethoxylates; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are carcinogens; and elevated levels of radium”. … Continue reading

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