CBSDFW: North Texas Should Prepare for a Possible 6.5 Earthquake

On 9/25/17 I had CBSDFW channel 11 on and saw coverage on a recent Southern Methodist University study of earthquake risk. Here is the The Dallas Morning News coverage of the study too,

With the 8.1 and 6.1 magnitude in Mexico recently, I do not doubt we could be in for a rough fracking ride.

cbsdfw footage of VOCs wafting from storage tanks during flow back

So BE PREPARED and have your:

Once prepared…


Benzene in duck and cover position

….then think about all the underground and aboveground (now aged) Urban Drilling infrastructures and piping….not to mention all those petroleum storage tanks north of the Arlington Viridian…

Now one can only wonder why Urban Drilling was so important as we sat on that

$weet $pot of free fracking money called the Barnett Shale.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Peter H Hennings <>
Cc: TXsharon <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 10:29 AM
Subject: Re: largest fault in Barnett Shale said to be near petroleum storage tanks…
If I were to rephrase this for clarity, would this be correct? …..“In fact, in almost all of the areas where induced seismicity has occurred in the last decade in the southern midcontinent of the US, these induced seismic events have NOT occurred on ‘known’ larger fault lines, but rather has been occurring on previously unrecognized faults”
Thanks for the clarification.

From: Peter H Hennings <>
To: kim feil <> 
Cc: TXsharon <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 1:37 PM
Subject: RE: largest fault in Barnett Shale said to be near petroleum storage tanks…

Yes, there is a large fault in the subsurface of that area and it is included in our study.  Where or not it’s the largest one depends on the measure chosen.  There are lots of faults in the region.  But, just because a fault might be big doesn’t make it any more likely to slip and cause an earthquake than smaller faults.  In fact, in almost all of the areas in the southern midcontinent of the US where induced seismicity has occurred in the last decade, it has been on previously unrecognized faults, not on the known larger ones.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 11:25 AM
Subject: Q on if largest fault in Barnett Shale said to be near petroleum storage tanks included in your study

Near cemetery road on the Arlington Euless line, see pic attached, there was said to be the largest fault line in the Barnett Shale…was that included in your study if indeed it exists?

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Peter H Hennings <>
To: TXsharon <>
Cc: kim feil <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 9:48 AM
Subject: RE: largest fault in Barnett Shale said to be near petroleum storage tanks…


In our research we typically do not track individual wells  – we mainly work regional trends.  Like everybody, we get our data from the TX-RRC and, by their reporting and rules and operational lag times, means that injection data is always about 14 months out of date.  As a region I can say with confidence that injection rates have declined year-on-year for the past 5 years but I don’t know anything about the most recent 14 months.
Regards – Peter
Peter Hennings
Principal Investigator, Center for Integrated Seismicity Research
The University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
512-471-0156 (o)
832-270-4312 (m)
From: TXsharon []
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 9:35 AM
To: Peter H Hennings <>
Cc: kim feil <>
Subject: Re: largest fault in Barnett Shale said to be near petroleum storage tanks…
Hello, I was copied on this email so I would like to find out how we know that the injection is decreasing? People who live by the injection well at the airport report that activity has picked up quite a bit with many trucks coming and going.
Sharon Wilson, Senior Organizer
EARTHWORKS’ Oil and Gas Accountability Project
Certified Optical Gas Imaging Thermographer
Certification #79568
twitter: earthworks, txsharon
Read about the very real health risks from oil and gas extraction in our reports  Reckless Endangerment, Gas Patch Roulette and Flowback.
On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 9:22 AM, Peter H Hennings <> wrote:
Thanks for writing.  I share your concerns about the potential impact of seismicity in the Dallas-Ft Worth area but thus far in all the areas in the south-central US being impacted by induced seismicity the ground-surface shaking intensities have been well-under what might be necessary to cause damage to critical infrastructure.  That could change due to things we don’t understand but given that the rate of injection is quickly decreasing in the DFW area means we should be ultimately headed for less risk overall.
Thanks – Peter
Peter Hennings
Principal Investigator, Center for Integrated Seismicity Research
The University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
From: kim feil []
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2017 9:25 PM
To: Peter H Hennings <>
Cc: TXsharon <>
Subject: largest fault in Barnett Shale said to be near petroleum storage tanks…
I found your  name in the story,  and wanted to show you what I blogged about years ago where it was said there was the largest fault line…..
The potential flammable/explosive storage tanks are problematic then being so close to this fault line?
Things that do not go well with co-existing: fracking and storage tanks....pic is north of Viridian

Things that do not go well with co-existing: fracking and storage tanks….pic is north of Viridian

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Video of TX Oil & Gas Regulators Having a Pissing Contest

Said “terminate or resign” choice given to our Texas Lead Commissioner of Operations, Veteran Oil and Gas Executive, Kimberly Corley.
You must read my love letter to our Arlington water director, Buzz Pishkur, on this……

Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017 9:12 AM
Subject: So was both the open meetings act and the personnel handling violated?
So check out this exchange by the regulators of Oil & Gas in Texas #SampleOfHowWeSuck #christicraddick #ryansitton
THEN check out this video of alleged 37% cancer rate near an abandoned well…how long before aged Urban Drilling infrastructures affect how we source our water that is treated Buzz?
Saddle driller had agenda items recently for expansion drill zone requests in Arlington at two different pad sites spoke of shut in wells and how one’s piping was in pieces when they acquired it from Enervest (who acquired it from Carrizo) aka third tier driller and how it cost them $1.3 million to replace….what others need to be checked?
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How one of five survived the Dupont DEATH BY METHYL mercaptan

Four workers died in a (now closed) Dupont pesticide manufacturing plant four years ago. Two of the deceased were brothers; one of the brothers died giving up his respirator to his downed brother.  I have cut & paste portions of the transcript / narrative by Rachel Maddow as to HOW one of the survivors did NOT succumb to the death chamber filled with 23,000 lbs of methyl mercaptan of which the Houston Chronicle Houston Chronicle said resulted in 200 citizen odor complaints in the area.

“But this time the woman opened up that vent line, she knew it was 
wrong. She called for help. It was too late. She had breathed in a fatal 
dose of methyl mercaptan, which is an active ingredient in a heavy duty 
pesticide. When she called for help, nobody knew exactly what had 

There were no detection systems that went off to let anybody know 
about that chemical leak. There weren`t any in that part of the plant. 
There were big fans installed in the ceiling that were supposed to clear 
the air in case something like that happened. But you know what? Those 
fans hadn`t actually worked in months. 

The woman`s supervisor and another worker ran in to try to help her 
when they heard her cries for help. But because they didn`t know what had 
hurt her and in fact killed her, they ran in trying to save her, wearing no 
protective equipment of their own. And so, they too breathed in the fatal 
chemical and they, too, were killed. 

And then another employee working in the control room, he knew that 
one of the people who had rushed in to help was his brother. And when he 
couldn`t raise anybody from the accident site on the radio, he decided from 
the control room that he would grab some masks, grab some ventilation masks 
and then he would run in there, too, to try to save his brother and the 
other workers, but he died, too”.

“MADDOW: So, one worker who was exposed to that poison leak that day 
… and survived, seems to have only survived because when he inhaled the gas in that room, he passed out. And when he passed out, he happened to fall out of the room where the leak was. He fell down a flight of stairs because he passed out. That`s why he 

“… For four dead people. A $60 billion company fined $99,000 total”.

Here is a link to some pictures of that plant in LaPorte….—update

In an unrelated story, one lady claims her mental illness stems from a work exposure to old Methyl….

“She thinks she was exposed to high levels of methymercaptan in a natural gas leak at a former place of employment years ago, and that caused her disease. She blames everything on her ‘poison gas’ exposure. In plain speak, she’s fucking NUTS”. 

———–so maybe the guy who fell down the stairs is having some mental illness issues?


Yet another reason natural gas needs to be a thing of the past...switch to renewables and encourage your elected leaders to actually “lead”, not follow the frackers down a fracking rabbit hole.

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Just Stop Denying song by Kim Triolo Feil

Kimfeilgood's Blog

kim song pestilence songHere are the lyrics to youtube video:

SPEED THIS UP 1X FOR CORRECT TEMPO written 9/19/2017 by Kim Triolo Feil aka BarnettShaleHell fractivist blogger. I was inspired to write this in thinking of the hurricane cat 5’s activity in our Climate of Deniers time.
Just Stop Denying by Kim Triolo Feil 9/19/2017
Flooding in the towns
Fires burning down
Evacuate they say
Mother Natures pissed today
Waters on the rise
Fires in the skies
Heartlands in a drought
Futures filled with doubt
Just stop denying its global warming
La la la la de, la la la la da
Don’t tel me its not real
Fossil fuels sealed the deal in unborn dying
Maniac, misogynistic, capitalistic fools
Brainwashed to excessively consume
Keeping up with The Jones’
We’ll end up a pile of bones
And no one left inheriting this mess
Mother Natures quite incensed
We are her pestilence
Permafrost a-melt

View original post 24 more words

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Upscale Arlington Commons Uncommonly Close to VOC Corroded Storage Tanks

comons arlingont 100 ft

By law 100ft separation from an ignitable source…they just cut it…Councilman Shepard made sure that we did away with a more protective set back

commons arlington 88 feet from storage tanksIMG_0131 (2) Arlington commons

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Robert Shepard <>
Cc: Charlie Parker <>; John Dugan <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Victoria Myers <>; Lana Wolff <>; Jeff Williams <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Jim Parajon <>; Brett Shipp <>; Jay Warren <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 12:41 PM
Subject: Councilman Shepard: Didn’t you make motion to reduce storage tank setbacks to 100ft?
Councilman Shepard, didn’t you make the motion to reduce storage tank setbacks to 100ft? Yep I think they got it in at Arlington Commons just a hair under 100 feet? Someone go measure how bout? See attached pics…for corrosive color on tanks from VOC exposures….can someone go test the air during a blowdown? It sure gets loud during one of those maintenance events. I have a video of a blowdown there too, just saving that for later PR.
Just wanting to make sure I got that right.
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Jim Parajon <>; “” <>; “” <>
Cc: Jeff Matthews <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Robert Rivera <>; Lana Wolff <>; Charlie Parker <>; Jimmy Bennett <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Collin Gregory <>; Brett Shipp <>
Sent: Thursday, February 25, 2016 7:54 PM
Subject: Pic of Rolling HIills Enervest rig is NOT electric Rusty Ward said….
Mr Ward said that it was hard to get an electric rig. He also mention how tight the space was…but because the city has conflicting directives in their ordinance, will you enforce #6 or #23?Inline image
6. Dust, Vibration, Odors. All drilling and production operations shall be conducted in such a manner as to minimize, so far as practicable, dust, vibration, or noxious odors, and shall be in accordance with the best accepted practices incident to drilling for the production of gas and other hydrocarbon substances in urban areas. All equipment used shall be so constructed and operated so that vibrations, dust, odor or other harmful or GAS DRILLING AND PRODUCTION 7.01 ARTICLE VII – 2 (Amend Ord 11-068, 12/6/11) annoying substances or effect will be minimized by the operations carried on at any drilling or production site or from anything incident thereto, to the injury or annoyance of persons living in the vicinity; nor shall the site or structures thereon be permitted to become dilapidated, unsightly or unsafe. Proven technological improvements in industry standards of drilling and production in this area shall be adopted as they become available if capable of reducing factors of dust, vibration and odor. Watering, wetting or other methods or materials must be used to control dust adjacent to residential property.
23. Rigs. Electric or diesel-electric hybrid rigs must be utilized for drilling a well located within four hundred fifty (450) feet of a protected use. The CD&P Director may authorize the use of alternative rigs in specific cases if it is determined that the project is in substantial compliance with this Chapter.
I also recall the ERG air study representative explaining that if someone is not using the clutch right on a diesel drilling rig that they make unnecessary diesel emissions.
This is a pathetic example of Urban Drilling.
IMG_0116 regis pooping commons

Storing your poop close to where you live is gross….VOC corroded storage tanks tell the story that you are also breathing poop too! Don’t live close to where the frackers poop. aka UrbanDrillingFAIL

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Metal Organic Framework to store Methane

Since this blog is mostly about fracking and in Arlington Gasland TX we frack for Methane, I want to add this to my file since it is related to methane storage using Metal Organic Frameworks.

After working for a startup water generator company using a desiccant (water attraction/storage) to attract humidity and then applying the (heavy solar footprint) solar panels to bake the water out, I have an interest in studying the emerging technologies in desiccants and in solar panels (as well as Geothermal Deep Direct Use).

In this purely voluntary research, I ran across MOF’s aka Metal Organic Frameworks at which I found MOF’s and hybrid Perovskite. Read my previous blog to learn about Perovskite crystals.

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PEROVSkite a kite dream rewarding Impact Investment

I accidentally acquired Tesla stock when they aquired SolarCity. Albeit it was an impulse/impact investment buy and of negligible value, (at which I lost about 30% the day after I bought it), I follow stories related to my stock picks. I like to put my money where my mouth is (correction … our money….well my husband is the breadwinner…so correction-his money). I have been blogging about fracking risks w/o income since we got fracked in #ArlingtonGaslandTX and have been touting renewable energy CHOICES (including battery advances). So in following, I noticed they were using a trap video (they make U watch the whole video only to not get the name of what you should invest in). They talked about this super crystal that could replace traditional silicon solar panels as a potential “solar-coating” for roof tops and such. Forbes, however, recently tweeted about (said?) crystal using a traditional solar panel pic. In google searching for a super crystal, I believe they were talking about Perovskite that already has 2.9 million search results on Google as well as having well established twitter discussions.

Of note is that as I blog about this there is a Perovskite conference happening NOT in the United States of course….pff…

However, here is a Stanford tweet on #Perovskite,

Having briefly worked for a startup company for water generators, I learned that not all fantastic earth changing technologies can afford to be sustained past four or five years even with free media coverage enlisting new potential investors. So when a new technology/material-use etc. is emerging, I like to read white papers and blog about it as my contribution to my tenancy on this precious, fragile planet to help out mankind from its own fossil fuel addiction extinction trajectory…..and if I make some stock income from my research to help pay for my exorbitant medical insurance premiums, so be it.

Professor Michael Grätzel is the founder and inventor of Perovskite Solar Cell
technology per a perovskite rebranding document.

There are those investors that are sheerly driven by the economics of a stock rather than the common good of the “impact investment”….aka my impulse buy of SolarCity being in the technology stock segment. Note that renewables (ex. S&P 500 Fossil Fuel Free Index, Green ETFs -exchange traded funds) are not in the fossil fuel energy sector.

Some of the challenging issues for Perosvkite per this most recent 2017 publication,!divAbstract,  are instability issues and (the need for) lead-free perovskite.

This tweet speaks of the Perovskite raw materials (interactions) peroxide damages,

Oxford’s Department of Physics and lead author of a Perovskite study, Dr Nakita Noel, said: “At the moment, there are three main solvents used in the manufacture of perovskite solar cells, and they are all toxic,…”. He goes on to say (by combining methylamine & acetonitrile) We have now developed the first clean, low-boiling-point, low-viscosity solvent for this purpose”.   I also learned that “Perovskites also have the shortest ‘energy payback time’ – the time taken for a material to save the same amount of energy that was expended in its production”. 

On another promising note, wrote,

“New world efficiency record with perovskite solar cells

July 25, 2017
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST)
Scientists have developed a new cost-efficient way to produce inorganic-organic hybrid perovskite solar cells (PSCs) which sets a new world-record efficiency performance of 22.1 percent”


In closing, evidently for a price you can buy a Perovskite stock buying guide entitled “Global Perovskite Solar Cell Market 2017 :Solaronix, *Dyesol, 3G Solar, Fujikura, Sharp Solar, Solar Print, BASF”  at this link:

Good luck and may the impact investing bug reward you as if our very existence on this planet hinges on it.


Disclaimer: I do not currently own any stock related to Perovskite

*DYEsol is now in the Australian Stock Exchange as ticker symbol, GSL (Greatcell Solar Ltd)

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Hurricanes R Strategic Boons for Natural Gas Growth / Perry & POTUS Ignorant of Energy Balance for Methane


qlr3Good news = bad news in that the Natural Gas & Electric Sector facilities are not as vulnerable to storm damages than our petroleum, COASTAL facilities/refineries. However, fracking for NG to replace petroleum energy sources is bad news as the cradle-to-grave methane pollution in extracting natural gas releases methane speeding up global warming.

Secretary of Energy, Perry, and POTUS need to “get the memos” (and their heads out of Big Oil & Gas’s ass) albeit there was a move to erase any Climate Change wording off of scientist’s work on the heels of this new administration.

Perry & POTUS just need a basic understanding that methane absorbs the sun’s heat warming up OUR Earth’s atmosphere (aka Green House Gas).

Perry & POTUS would be further enlightened and strive to understand the concept of  what an ********“Energy Balance for Methane” is and take the lead in creating new jobs and a new economy in providing renewable energy choices.

Here are the memo’s they likely missed AND was unsuccessful in removing the CC words (hah hah):

2015 government study,  entitled…

Climate Change and Energy Infrastructure Exposure to Storm Surge and Sea-Level Rise

2014 assessment entitled….

“Climate Change and Infrastructure, Urban Systems, and Vulnerabilities”

2013 Testimony to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee entitled,

“The Vulnerability of Energy Infrastructure to Sea-Level Rise and Climate Variability and Change”

2011 study entitled, “The surface energy balance of a polygonal tundra site in northern Siberia – Part 2: Winter”

But it is very possible Perry & POTUS are onboard with geoengineering technologies like… This 2016 video of John Brennan speaks of Strategic Aerial Injection (SAI) that seeds (sprays from airplanes) the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun’s heat (similar to how volcanoes eruptions do this). SAI can offset/limit/reverse the warming effects of Climate Change from burning fossil fuel to give us (and our economy) more time to switch to renewables. He said it can be done affordably at about $10 billion yearly but does not take care of the acidification of the oceans…listen here… or on youtube,


********Below is information garnered from NOAA satellite imagery,


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Energy Transfer Partners Dallas Dance Protest

In Dallas on Friday, 9/8/17, there was a protest at Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) that grew tense after local police & security guards “tried to shut down an Indigenous drum ceremony. Activists later marched to the home of ETP CEO, Kelcy Warren, at a gated mansion.


Truthout coverage,, “For Foytlin, there is a direct correlation between leaders in Washington and problems faced by residents of the Gulf coast. The same pollution Houston faces in the wake of Harvey occurs when storms hit refineries and chemicals plants near New Orleans, Mobile and other cities along the Gulf Coast.
Foytlin lives in Rayne, Louisiana, and her house has flooded twice in the past year: once during a 1,000-year flood that devastated central Louisiana last summer, and again during heavy rains this spring.
“It’s a situation where our leaders are intentionally putting our lives in danger … especially the Trump administration,” Foytlin said.
Foytlin said it’s clear that climate disruption is causing unusually strong storms and heavy rains, and oil and gas development has damaged wetlands that soak up excess water and prevent flooding. That’s one reason why Foytlin has become a central figure in the fight to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.
‘Who keeps building [oil] infrastructure on a coastline that keeps melting away and keeps being hit by storms?’ Foytlin said”.

HERE is the Facebook snapshots of Warrior Foytlin dancing,

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Meth(ane) Arlington Addiction / Fannin & Swappo Drillzones violate 600 ft setback

update: We need answers!

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: John Dugan <>
Cc: Charlie Parker <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 9:07 AM
Subject: Why did Enervest owe the City $126K? The Commons and subsurface, “pipe in pieces inspections”
The Saddle rep spoke at last council meeting of “covering that $126K” what did they owe the city for?
Plus how can the city make “other” subsurface inspections happen to see what other “shut in” wells have “pipes in pieces” as described as $1.3 million cost to replace by that Saddle rep. at our last council meeting. Was there an environmental review to see if there was contamination?
Lastly, how can the city make the drillers replace corroded tanks like at the ones at The Commons by the Rolling Hills Drill Site? see attached pics.
IMG_0128 (2)
Thanks for your responses or feedback. 
Kim Feil
 —————–end update————-

My comment on this article reads: At the local city council level the meth hit home here too in Arlington Texas as a former councilman admitted to his meth addiction and resigned (albeit AFTER the town became an URBAN DRILLING nightmare in a densely populated 100 sq mile area). All the cheerleading he did (he even had his own website as a consultant to “council” other towns on how to get fracked)! All his YES to fracking votes and all of his influence upon other council persons to make us an industrialized town needs a re-do vote(s). But alas HB40 now says Texans cannot ban fracking so why are we allowing fracking agenda items if the frackers can sue us if they don’t like how our councilpersons voted?. Last Tuesday’s council meeting had TWO fracking agenda items on it…one passed unanimously and the other is continued until a neighborhood meeting is held. Gee all those lavish royalty checks (note sarcasm) wasn’t worth the risks of bad air,water, devalued homes, subsidence/frackquakes, & warming of the earth increasing these monster storms. Rant over……/e7fb…/how-the-cocaine-and-meth.html…@

From: kim feil <>
To: Jeff Williams <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Charlie Parker <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Victoria Myers <>; Lana Wolff <>; Robert Shepard <>; John Dugan <>; Jim Parajon <>
Cc: Marvin Sutton <>; “” <>
Sent: Thursday, September 7, 2017 7:21 AM
Subject: Former Councilman LeBlanc comes to mind in this meth fracking article
Councilman LeBlanc was a stark cheerleader for fracking, he even had his own website to council other towns how to get fracked too. In reading this headline, I thought you should read this and think about how every vote that may have been made while he was high needs to be recalled and how every padsite in Arlington should undergo a new drilling zone/neighborhood meeting re-do vote. But alas UNDER HB40 YOUR POWER TO VOTE IN OR OUT DRILLING ZONES IS A MOOT POINT SINCE THEY CAN THREATEN TO SUE THE CITY so why you even bother allowing agenda items related to fracking? They say we have above-ground discernment/localrule, but in the end if it stops fracking anywhere and everywhere…they can sue us for hurting their economic engine and then what would we do without all those great (sarcasm) royalty checks?
Kim Feil
Here is my coverage on last Tuesday night’s (9/5/17) Arlington City Council meeting that had two fracking agenda items to approve the drillzones (to add 4 more wells to each padsite). Council also discussed these two items earlier in the day in executive session:
SWAPPO drill zone (SUP08-26R1 at 5408 US HWY 287), while it did NOT have any neighbourhood meeting, it DID have the required 70% waiver approval (from 600 ft setback) to allow it to be reduced down to 313 feet. These waivers usually go for about $500 a signature. It passed council unanimously.  Lovely what money can buy…when unsuspecting neighbors just outside of the 600 ft setback can be affected as well as all the other stakeholders breathing the Arlington airshed.
For the Fannin drill zone (SUP09-3R2 at 2322 Eden Rd by Pump it Up Cheer TX near the compressor station where they already had a 2.3 Benzene reading) in the staff report, the city asked the driller twice to hold a neighborhood meeting but they never did!  
There were two speakers in opposition of which one, Bradley Evans, spoke of how the operator was gerrymandering (shortening the drillzone) to reduce the number of waivers needed from 40 down to 26 (Gee that sounds like a tip from Chesapeake’s play book for the fracksite near ATT Stadium). He clarified that the noise folks were complaining about was during the workover performed on the existing 5 wells recently and how the noise complaints were also outside of the 600ft setback…imagine the nerve of Councilman Parker not caring about those just outside of 600 foot setback…#notSurprised.
Councilman Parker has always taken issue with people taking the money and then turning around (once they realize what they signed for) and objecting to being so close to such high impact industrialization.  
The rebuttal to the speakers, a representative from Saddle Operating, LLC (Limited Liability Corp) spoke of offering the to go into the schools and educate the kiddos on fracking…this after there was conversation of teens in a truck trespassing on the Fannin property. The other Saddle rep earlier mentioned how the last owner, Enervest owed the city $126K, but that THEY paid it…oh golly gee what good neighbors they will be!
We were informed of the subsurface “surprise” Saddle was saddled with to the the tune of $1.3 million spent to get the piping that was in pieces out of the ground and replaced after they acquired the property. In a way he did a disservice to the industry in showing how costly it is to spring for updating corrosive, failed equipment…of course he did not elaborate on any environmental impacts of the failed piping….
Oh and let me remind folks that the owner of these Arlington drill sites was first Carrizo, then Enervest, and now it is Saddle….saddled with debt?…saddled with repairs at other sites? This equipment is old now ….and since they are a limited liability company…oh gee, who pays for repairs they cannot afford to do down the road?
Now without the required 70% waiver approval setback, surprisingly council did NOT move to invoke the backup plan to slam this through (down to 346 feet from protected uses) with a supermajority vote. Instead they kicked the can down the road; Councilwoman Capehart moved to CONTINUE the hearing until they hold a neighborhood meeting. 
So council actions last Tuesday allowing the SWAPPO drill zone show they haven’t learned their lesson that with fracking comes the need to dispose of the waste waters…which brings me to my closing sarcastic question as to why did the City bother to spend taxpayer money to sue to stop a proposed injection well months ago near Lake Arlington when our Gas Drilling Ordinance allows disposal lines so damn close anyways……“2. Salt water disposal lines shall be prohibited within one hundred (100) feet of the flowage easement lands around Lake Arlington. Flowage easement lands are defined as those lands below the elevation contour of 560.0 feet above mean sea level. Salt water disposal lines shall also be prohibited under Lake Arlington”.  But we allowed over 150 fracking laterals under the lake…..
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