Urban Drilling The Arlington Experience by City Water Director of Utilities

Update the “Arlington Experience” as a water director in an urban drilling town must not have been that great as his position is needing to now be filled and he said he is moving to a different position.

buzz leaving

career link for City of Arlington

Walter Pishkur attended and obviously did a presentation in 2015 at a frack lovers convention…the blue dots in the map below represents Arlington’s high impact industrial processes (fracking) to your neighborhood’s air, groundwater, and soil sheds.

https://tmlwaterandoil.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/915am-Traditional-and-Emerging-Conservation-Technologies-and-Tactics-Pishkur.pdfarlington buzz frack map 1arlington buzz frack map 2arlington buzz frack map 3city of arlington smog pic (2)NOW LOOK AT THE LATERALS UNDER OUR DRINKING WATER SUPPLY, LAKE ARLINGTON!  Too bad his presentation has a  concentration on what the residents have to do to conserve water and not what the frackers need to do to protect our drinking water resources!!buzz lateral arlington highlights 1buzz lateral arlington highlights 2buzz lateral arlington highlights 3arlington revenue highlights buzz fracking

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Short-Term Rentals & Urban Drilling = Arlington Nuisance Land Texas

city of arlington smog pic (2)

Division St pic near ATT Stadium 2013 note this is not a FLIR pic that shows invisible VOCS

A ban on bans started with Big Oil & Gas (HB40) having the heavy weight…..Arlington Voice wrote, “Senate Bill 451, which would have prevented Texas cities from banning short-term rentals and writing ordinances regulating the market. Middleton said. ‘The bill never even made it out of committee, because so many people testified so strongly against it.”


Heads up on local regulations to regulate the short term home rental market in Arlington Gasland Texas….I agree that having spaces that can sleep 30 invite t r o u b l e for quiet neighborhoods…two to a bedroom is not asking for much….we are a City of Entertainment and a Urban Drilling Town…both can disrupt neighborhoods………one can cause cancer though.

One thing I have not seen is the City to hand out nuisance charges to the frackers…looks like they haven’t been good at nuisance charges to short term rental abusers too…our town has NOT been able or WILLING to execute our nuisance ordinance…OR maybe IT IS NOT WELL WRITTEN?

I have blogged on nuisance issues and our sorry, ineffective ordinance…here..take your pick.

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Arlington TX FAIL Entertainment/Downtown Development Districts & Neighborhoods in preventing Urban Drilling Nuisance Odors

Arlington we have a problem (no provisions for Urban Drilling Nuisance odors)! —– Forwarded Message —– From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net> To: Trey Yelverton <trey.yelverton@arlingtontx.gov>; Jim Parajon <jim.parajon@arlingtontx.gov>; Robert Rivera <robert.rivera@arlingtontx.gov>; Lana Wolff <lana.wolff@arlingtontx.gov>; Charlie Parker <charlie.parker@arlingtontx.gov>; Jimmy Bennett <jimmy.bennett@arlingtontx.gov>; Michael … Continue reading 

NUISANCE when we drank frack water = Lake Arlington residents July 2010

Now that our first fracking nuisance suit was won recently….I’d like to go back in time to revisit what a nuisance it was when frack water went into Lake Arlington (our drinking water reservoir) over night. One of the Quick Silver … Continue reading 

Nuisance Ordinance not being enforced- Chesapeake odor event two miles strong in Arlington Entertainment District

UPDATE Less than a year later the Truman drill site by the ATT Cowboys Stadium had an odor event that stank up the Entertainment District in Arlington, yet NO NUSIANCE VIOLATION was found!… And here is the map from Harwell … Continue reading 

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Pictures of Lake Arlington Flooding

UPDATE: Bluestone withdrew its request for injection well near Lake Arlington. —————— Here is the proposed location of the BlueStone Resources Injection Well where the red flag is. Note the lines under the lake, our drinking water source, is littered … Continue reading 

Arlington TX honored at US Conference of Mayors but NOT for water protection from fracking

Here is the link to the conference video, and while an Arlington AFD proactive in home health program received an Outstanding Achievement Award, water worries was second on the conference agenda. Arlington has allowed frack wells dangerously close to the shores of … Continue reading 

Going Long on Chesapeake=short it HAH! Arlington Fractivist comments to EPA SAB

Playing the stock market with Global Warming up the scene takes guts because…dang it there’s no future in Global Warming! http://seekingalpha.com/article/3981134-global-warming-jeremy-granthams-highest-conviction-long-term-trade#alt2 I sent two messages to our city council and staff: my Arlington related comments to the EPA SAB fracking … Continue reading 

Arlington looks 2 improve gaswell decibel related rules but NOT odors?

Tuesday, 6/7/16 select Arlington city council members Rivera, Galspie, Parker, & Wilemon met for a (continued) gas well committee meeting presented by gas well coordinator, Collin Gregory.I have a PIR for any prior communications on gas well policy discussions and … Continue reading 

Demand BACT from Arlington TX officials

Live in a state like Texas where they banned fracking bans? Worried drilling may start or come back to frack your town? Then copy this petition add or delete, whatever just get this to your city council and get this conversation going … Continue reading 

Urban Drilling correlates w/almost TRIPLE TTHM in Arlington TX drink’n water + 2009 anomaly (spill ?)

Update July 27 2017 Regis my cat is home from ICU (see below) and he is NOW out of the woods.  Days after posting his illness after he was drinking tap instead of his usual Arlington filtered, The Environmental Working … Continue reading 


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Plague Outbreak Coinciding with Bone Turning Ritual Parallels Human Quest to Self Exterminate Unearthing Fossil Fuels

There is a horrifying Pneumonic Plague happening right now in Madagascar! “The World Health Organization has announced the death toll has reached 171 in the country and another 2,119 are infected…..’If a person dies of pneumonic plague (600 a year on average) and is then interred in a tomb that is subsequently opened for a Famadihana, the bacteria can still be transmitted and contaminate whoever handles the body,” The Famadihana ritual (of re-shrouding the body…uuum bones) occurs during plague season too! That these infected people are afraid of hospitals and fleeing before getting treated is unfathomable but …here’s a thought….. so to do we keep burning fossil fuels at the warming plague peril of this planet…. humans are wired to self exterminate? Maybe I should restate that we elect leaders and allow corporations to do this for us.

Read more snippets of “events” in my plague diary going back to 2013

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Recently acquired Baker Hughes at risk of GE disposal to focus on RENEWABLES!

In July 2017 GE was the proud owner (well 62.5%) of one of the world’s largest oil services company,  Baker Hughes, which is headquartered in Houston. GE thought they were getting a good deal in merging Baker Hughes with “their” oil and gas division.

Per the Houston Chronicle GE wanted “…to create an energy services giant to rival Halliburton for the position as the world’s second-largest services company after Schlumberger. Not coincidentally, the deal came after Halliburton’s planned takeover of Baker Hughes collapsed last year amid antitrust concerns. GE swooped in when that merger fell apart“.

Because GE has lost $100B in market value in 2017, they are focusing in on ….

ge fracks Baker Hughes

…three of its core businesses: aviation, healthcare, and….(not DEEPFRAC) power.

ge power

Sure looks like wind turbines to me?

So how good of a deal will the fire sale (pun intended) for Baker Hughes be for the next swooper-upper? My prediction is it will be a foreign (Egyptian? or Total/French?) based company owning them….aahhm, U.S.


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Enchilada Fire Pain in the Hess ….for Gulf Seafood Lovers

Thank you SkyTruth for the above post last week.

Not only is Hess disappointed in the loss of 30 boe/day production for Royal Dutch Shell in OUR Gulf of Mexico, but those that love-to-eat-seafood-not-affected-by-gulf-fracking too find these mishaps hard to stomach! Hess/Shell have shut in three Gulf of Mexico infrastructures/fields because of a recent fire and loss of platform assets  $$$….what about the loss of our environmental assets?

Hess Gulf of Mexico Operations

Hess Gulf of Mexico Operations near Houston, Baton Rouge & New Orleans click here

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BEWARE buying a D.R. Horton Home due to: Reverse Setback Issues & Withheld Minerals in Urban Drilling Towns, plus Defective Construction Claims

The City of Arlington proudly blogged about a new business making it’s headquarters home in Arlington……

dr horton

City link

….and I commented,“This would be the same company in the news in Denton that was able to get around city setback limits from frack sites’ “reverse setback”  in building near ‘existing’ frack sites…sux”. http://www.texassharon.com/2016/03/16/eagleridge-gashole-endangers-denton-children/

And D.R. Horton has also been in the news for hoarding mineral rights…https://search.yahoo.com/search?p=D.R.+Horton+mineral+rights+&fr=yset_chr_syc_hp&fp=1&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8

Back in 2012, D.R. Horton was in the news for lending concerns……

dr horton lending


But most notable is THIS story explains the reverse setback issue…


“Before closing the deal, Alyse, an electrical engineer in her 20s, asked the salesperson about storage tanks she’d noticed in the field several hundred feet behind the house. The salesperson said they were water tanks, Alyse recalls. She took this to mean the tanks had something to do with the drinking-water supply. 

What the Ogletrees didn’t realize was that they were purchasing a home in a neighborhood near several of Denton’s more than 270 gas wells. …….

In January of 2013, the city council approved new rules that, at first glance, seemed like a victory for fracking opponents. For instance, new wells could not be drilled within 1,200 feet of houses. But there were two important loopholes: The rule didn’t apply to existing wells, many of which were vertical and could be redrilled horizontally and fracked much closer than 1,200 feet to homes. Secondly, housing developers, like D.R. Horton, which built the Meadows, could proceed to build homes they had already planned as close as 250 feet to existing wells. Because Denton has so many existing wells, those loopholes essentially rendered the 1,200-foot rule irrelevant, fracking opponents say”. 

But if co-existing near fracking doesn’t bother you, maybe defective construction does as this case claims….http://caselaw.findlaw.com/nv-supreme-court/1875501.html

Here is a link to other similar construction defect claims/suits.

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Spill near Greenbelt Rd with Fracking in the Ft Worth/Arlington Area


cimcool drilling use

Metal working fluid for use that includes DRILLING -Ajax link 

Here is a map of that location. See red balloon as posted “approximate from street” address….

greenbelt rd spill

Spill reported for 2598 Greenbelt Rd Rd -see tan squares are fracking padsites

And how close is one of those frack sites to the Trinity River?….

trinity greenbelt padsite

And what happens when it rains in this area?….


euless flooded padsite

Greenbelt Rd blog post

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <kimfeil@sbcglobal.net>
To: Trey Yelverton <trey.yelverton@arlingtontx.gov>; Jeff Williams <jeff.williams@arlingtontx.gov>; Charlie Parker <charlie.parker@arlingtontx.gov>; Michael Glaspie <michael.glaspie@arlingtontx.gov>; Kathryn Wilemon <kathryn.wilemon@arlingtontx.gov>; Sheri Capehart <sheri.capehart@arlingtontx.gov>; Victoria Myers <victoria.farrar-myers@arlingtontx.gov>; Lana Wolff <lana.wolff@arlingtontx.gov>; Robert Shepard <robert.shepard@arlingtontx.gov>; Jim Parajon <jim.parajon@arlingtontx.gov>; Brett Shipp <bshipp@wfaa.com>; Buzz Pishkur <buzz.pishkur@arlingtontx.gov>; “roxanne.thalman@arlingtontx.gov” <roxanne.thalman@arlingtontx.gov>
Cc: Cynthia Simmons <cynthia.simmons@arlingtontx.gov>
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2017 8:23 AM
Subject: Spill near Greenbelt Rd
While technically Ft Worth, just like at Lake Arlington on the Ft Worth side, their spills are our problems too….so who at the City is looking at these spill reports to help supplement third party testing to make sure TCEQ is doing their job? 
A L S O Cynthia Simmons may be interested in this…
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Study Finding Fracking Could Permanently Damage Children’s Brains = Arlington Gasland TX #FamilyFriendlyFail


My sweet baby, Graham Allen Feil, back in 1999 before fracking took over our City

trending gram pic brain damage fracking

twitter trending link

US scientists looking into the presence of chemicals near babies & children at fracking sites (like the Urban Drilling experiment in Arlington TX) say pollutants could permanently affect their neurodevelopment.

“The team focused on five major groups of pollutants including heavy metals, chemicals that disrupt hormone systems and particulates. These substances have been linked to effects ranging from memory, learning and IQ deficits to disorders including anxiety and schizophrenia, as well as behavioural problems including hyperactivity and aggression”.


The lead author has been quoted that the research on children’s health near oil and gas sites is “slowly emerging” but that ‘it’s only reasonable to conclude that young children with frequent exposure to these pollutants would be at high risk for neurological diseases.’

In blogging about this topic over, https://barnettshalehell.wordpress.com/2015/06/28/autopsy-on-children-from-mexicos-brain-revealed-air-brain-damage-from-air-pollution/ and over, https://barnettshalehell.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/intersex-bathrooms-endocrine-disruptions-the-chesapeake-bay-way/ again, I wonder if a whole generation of low IQ and aggressive/suicidal teens in the near future will be labeled in court with the defense of being disadvantaged in co-existing with frack wells in their developing years?


CNN has video/story on this subject http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/30/health/climate-change-report-pollution-dengue-heat-wave/index.html



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Smoky Odors Enveloped DFW Metroplex 10/19/17 & Inversion Made it Noticeable

Update 1/22/18 Usually after you call TCEQ (which I called 911) it takes literally months for the results of the investigative report…this TCEQ report does not exist because…well because they suck at their jobs. http://www.dentonrc.com/news/news/2018/01/20/hazy-day-fuzzy-answers-north-texas-may-never-know-air-bad-back-oct-19

“Satellite images show a bright line of smoke that begins shortly after dawn on Oct. 19. The images were obtained by the Record-Chronicle through an open records request to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The plume appears to begin in Erath County, about 100 miles southwest of Arlington, according to Pinliang Dong, a geography professor at the University of North Texas. Dong noted that subsequent satellite images show the line of smoke dispersing as it moves toward and through southern Tarrant and Dallas counties between 8:15 and 9:45 a.m”.


erath county

Here is my snippet of Erath County on Google Earth…

End update

Update: http://www.downwindersatrisk.org/2017/10/mysterious-catastrophic-air-pollution-episode-is-why-dfw-needs-its-own-air-sensor-network/#comment-273908

Update: Mansfield Fire Dept said the odor did not originate from them, and Midlothian Fire Dept Smitty Smith said the only controlled burn they had today was really small (trashcan size), but did allude to the Bastrop fires south of us.

An hour before Arlington 911 calls started coming in an email from the TCEQ forecast for read (I boldfaced for emphasis): “Thursday 10/19/2017
Winds may be light enough and incoming background levels high enough for ozone to reach “Moderate” or possibly higher on the north and northwest side of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and on the west side of the Houston area; and “Moderate” in parts of the Austin, San Antonio, Tyler-Longview, and Waco-Killeen areas, with highest concentrations in the afternoon and early evening. 

Elevated urban fine particulate background levels associated with continental haze (with contributions from light amounts of patchy smoke from seasonal agricultural burning across the Southeastern United States, including Texas) combined with sufficient local add-on could also be enough to raise the daily PM2.5 AQI to the lower end of the “Moderate” range in parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well. “

———end update—————–

While the 911 operator assured me that the odor was not the natural gas pad site by my home near the ATT Stadium, I still blogged about this due to the INVERSION risk (yet another reason to dread living in an Urban Drilling town).

By 10 am on 10/19/2017 I was closing windows amid the haze outside I was gagging on a smoke smell that reminded me of burning plastic.

In looking at our windmap the winds are coming from the south (SSE) and blowing to the north (NNW).wind mapIn living in Arlington and hearing reports of those south of me also smelling an odor, I alerted DFW Scanner who made a report...”We have received numerous reports of smoke and or a haze of smoke in the Arlington area. Arlington FD has dispatched numerous “smoke investigation” calls, especially on the north side. Others cities are also reporting smoky conditions. We heard it may be related to a controlled burn in the Midlothian area, but 9-1-1 dispatch says it is not them. We will update when we have heard the source”.

From there 300 plus comments ensued of which one that lead to this NBCDFW post…

http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Whats-With-All-the-Smoke-in-North-Texas-Thursday-451621033.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_DFWBrand,“Mansfield police dispatch said the smoke is from a controlled burn at U.S. Highway 287 and Kimble Road”. 

Another commenter said that there a Bastrop controlled burn on Monday, Oct 16…

http://www.statesman.com/news/local/prescribed-burn-ongoing-bastrop-state-park-residents-not-worry/oAqYLS6DE4iWypvZ1DhRlO/“Winds are blowing north to south, and the fire is contained, officials said”.

So those are the 2-3 suspect causes…then the WFAA weather guy just comments that a controlled burn south of the DFW area coupled with an inversion layer is the culprit.

While he did not pinpoint the source weather it was the controlled burn from Hwy287 & Kimble Rd or the controlled burn two days earlier from Bastrop is unclear….but one thing is for sure….people have those California fires on their mind.

One other commenter, Travis Tedford, replied to me with a radar clip saying, “The radar went down nearest to Arlington for maintenance (go figure right?) However, the news did bring attention to several major fires burning up near the panhandle that could potentially be reaching us now”


In utilizing the daily air monitoring station on UTArlington  campus next to the natural gas pad site, here is the not so helpful reading….funny how equipment goes dead just when we are interested in their readings….

So what is a meteorological inversion event? I have blogged about these and the Urban Drilling Emission Event risks….https://barnettshalehell.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/arlinton-had-a-secret-dfw-midstream-compressor-station-on-uta-campus/   (I know my son was sickened during a whiteout playing outside when this compressor station was still in operation-I believe a cooling inversion exposed him-he was lethargic for ten days and had dilated eyes and other BP symptoms)…

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