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Arlington Revising GW Ordinance as More Stringent is a Lip Mover

UPDATE 3/26/2019 ! So during the day session today Councilwoman Capehart summarized the effectiveness of her meeting last night…now if you saw the videos I posted on my blog as mentioned in the below comment, I kind of disagree. Then … Continue reading

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Study Finding Fracking Could Permanently Damage Children’s Brains = Arlington Gasland TX #FamilyFriendlyFail

US scientists looking into the presence of chemicals near babies & children at fracking sites (like the Urban Drilling experiment in Arlington TX) say pollutants could permanently affect their neurodevelopment. “The team focused on five major groups of pollutants including heavy … Continue reading

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Particulates Matter!

Here is a link to the largest collection I’ve ever seen of health studies……don’t forget to use your Cntrl F feature to type in keywords of interest should they appear in the titles.

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